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i'm a virgin besides that and i've never had a real bf. i got tricked into it and didn't enjoy it, im still emotionally scared from it to this day, it happened when I was 15.


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I trump (not the president) (means fart)


You need to describe in intimate details what exactly happened during your group sex experience, so we can judge accordingly


They're probably looking up a group sex story to copy and paste off of reddit.



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This is USS Iowa and IJN Yamato. Iowa is taller, faster and more intelligent than Yamato while Yamato is stockier, slower but can pack a stronger punch.

They are both really big ships. I just thought you guys would like to know that.
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Yamato had a displacement of 1/3rd more than Iowa which means she needs to consume quite a bit more food and at the time comparatively, Iowa was also much more efficient with the food she consumed (which was also quite a bit!)

Keeping Yamato fed was quite a task even during the early days of her and the war and she wasn't exercised much. She spent much of her time moored as the "Hotel Yamato".


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Hot springs vs Onsen

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So uh…my uh….my friend got this thing a short time ago like I said. It's a device that is supposedly able to reduce plaque in the veins of the penis that can constrict blood flow and compromise the ability to have uh…normal function. I-..my friend has suffered intimacy issues his entire life and I… he did a lot of secondhand research on acoustic wave therapy for male intimacy issues which has existed for a decade or so, by now. However, because healthcare in the US is in a bad way for wagies these days it wasn't realistic to pursue this treatment. This device is comparable to those used in clinics, just with some safety features to prevent laypeople from injuring themselves.

I've…my friend only used it once so far because despite the fact that he'd bought it back in late December today was the first day my-my friend's parents were both away.

My friend informed me that it was loud and scary at first but an ultimately painless and simple process. He's looking forward to seeing if his results mimic those of the many totally-not-paid testimonials on the website. Thank you for reading this story about my friend's unfortunate problem, he was hoping to start a family some day and he thinks this might be his only shot
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>doesn't think I was
Oh. Yeah. Nobody thinks that.




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I'm sorry, I'm not angry I thought your post was funny ngl


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Yyou too!

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poozil had their discount january 6
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It's a thread about brazil.

How dense are you?


den how cum ur not thin like dem
wat do u even eat each day


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Gisele bunches is still a super model, fuck-tard!

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Can someone bring back 12chan? It's been awhile, but there was hardly any fighting and people genuinely wanted to have fun and help each other... I miss k0w.
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I liked 155chan




is was at one point


I don't remember that but I believe you. Was a great place with good people.


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blog thread
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I hope they find FoKy and rape him until he dies


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File: 1673328196047.gif (1.82 MB, 321x339, 1670004532730.gif)

He'd probably love that, tho.


Calm down


I pised pan

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Even if I were to pretend I don't think I can actually get into the female mindset enough for it to be an accurate gauge of anything. I assume I would have much different tastes and priorities.


If I made close to 200k a year, I'd be living off investments before I was 40.


175,000 AUD doesn't mean shit even if I did make it because this country's cost of living sucks ass; I make 125k AUD. The only way to do what you're saying would be to do it over another decade, or to flip houses, take the profit off of one and THEN invest it in a pool.


I forgot that bogan bucks are quite literally worth about half as much as USD LOL!


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We already told you who that is, idiot!

File: 1672886394114.jpg (79.21 KB, 600x600, this is what happens when ….jpg)


While a raid is disagreeable it's nothing 4chon hasn't endured before (in the 8chan days it was like a weekly occurrence, LOL). I would like to apologize to Smiley for allowing his personal information to be posted here, which is among the worst things that can be done on a site like this knowing that-even were every user here completely reasonable and trustworthy-some outside observers may not be.

The mod responsible has removed himself from his station and we are going our separate ways.

Admittedly, he was a very important person to the welfare of this site leaving us a bit rudderless for the time being. Smiley, having not engaged in any unprecedented mischief, along with others this mods' actions may have affected in recent weeks, will be cautiously allowed to participate again (if I can find what their real ips are heh). Thanks!
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When you stop touching yourself at night


ok we get it the ruse is over




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File: 1674175059906.png (1016.45 KB, 1440x1672, 1674156110490.png)



File: 1674499960538.png (506.25 KB, 1440x1051, Screenshot_20230123-125138.png)


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gurl y u keep posting here despite reaching bump limit

File: 1672915466045.jpg (20.58 KB, 451x705, FB_IMG_1672826704869.jpg)


>Oh no, it's Nikocado's asshole, that'll really shock people!

This board has been spammed into oblivion before. Your bullshit means nothing to me. I literally have all day. I do it for free.
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no, hell has no fresh peaches


File: 1673149630344.png (726.96 KB, 1440x784, Screenshot_20230107-214528.png)


Yeah, there are....

people are born and people die every single second.

Le circle of life.


alrite already i'll get around to adding a delay for making new threads just let me procrastinate a bit more. i'm understanding why joshua moon gave up on adding new features to vichan/infinity and made his "infinity-next" software, and it's not just Not Invented Here (NIH) syndrome or resume padding, michael really made the codebase such a clusterfuck by embracing completely unnecessary cargo cult designs that makes it difficult for anyone else to modify it.


Omg so deep


File: 1673200172552.gif (2.26 MB, 415x310, 167320007862336683.gif)

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Look at this pan faced retard


Shes so ugly guys


I hate all weebs


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File: 1673196403015.png (762.88 KB, 1195x1664, Screenshot_20230107-052927.png)


File: 1673196422714.jpg (36.47 KB, 720x712, 1673091552557.jpg)


File: 1672978271213.jpg (133.44 KB, 979x1161, 324512605_499686602154139_….jpg)


All of these people have one very glaring, very obvious thing in common once you point it out.

I shall reveal after ten unsuccessful guesses.
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File: 1673151904133.jpg (104.5 KB, 1080x1219, no wait. she's serious.jpg)

What do the good countries or the bad countries have in common?


Oh, I know this one, I know this one!


let me explain with examples; phantasm is a peter steele stan, hdv is a twilight sparkle stan and avid is a big fat cock stan

hope this helps!


Avid had a gf retard


>>39512 us v. them huh aaaayea hea we go ageeein yea i know wat u be sayin its be like..

top top has decadent universal literacy, geneva convention, electricity and paved roads for the most part that the "trans-kids" and jewish bankers can safely ride their electric "bi-cycles" on to the "liberal-conservative" instagram-furbaby-owner-couple vegan novelty gourmet cafes powered by solar and wind power generators. below mostly exports malaria, pollution, antibiotics resistant illnesses, strong immune systems, softcore and hardcore cp (trad, ok), natural resources, ladyboys, death and a variety of drugs, in a trad and redpilled, ok way.

how did poles upset the twitter xir though?
also twitter users are outwardly more deranged than even imageboard users, like that's not a person but randomized collection of badges, sort of like religious icon/idol worship voodoo of the now with socially externalized element. it is also outright expresses of unfulfillable of desire for being validated as a perfecthuman, i want to see them progress in that for fun, what will they come up by the next year.

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HONK thread post HONKS
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il iterally have no idea what youre talking about


t. Paedophilic tranny




I transage this thread


File: 1673141665660.png (540.77 KB, 1080x803, Screenshot_20230108_013239….png)

never considered this kek

File: 1652203184944.jpeg (46.1 KB, 475x699, R (10).jpeg)


Christ is king
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>something complex/unlikely happens
>HAS to be by design of some all mighty creator
I'm always baffled by this line of thinking. I even saw christ larpers arguing the Mandelbrot set was proof of God because something as complex couldn't have happened by chance.


File: 1673136174361.mp4 (333.24 KB, 460x344, c3f250a3d15951937a12763784….mp4)


he was a well spoken kind natured man but that is no king trait, kings have been known in history for years to be abhorrant creatures


>kings have been known in history for years to be abhorrant creatures
Nah, they were mostly alright.


Niggers are so stupid.

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