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What's changed on 4chon? I haven't been around since 2010 and the /new/ exodus from 4chan. In 2014 I ended up on krautchan and after that died, kohlchan. Jews keep razing my fucking villages. Whats stee doing these days? Does anyone have the birth copypasta about newsmen and robots?
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Liberal feline transitioned and is now a woman, bigot.


The only thing he transitioned into was guinea pig food.


That's amazing. I remember when he named one of his hamsters smiley and ate it.


File: 1684122545700.webm (1.66 MB, 512x288, LF tests out vr avatar.webm)

We never got to VR with him in a totally non-erp way. What a sad timeline.


I never desired to hang out with that gerbal eating tranny but to each their own.

File: 1684024776352.jpg (46.86 KB, 562x825, Facepalm RPG Karkat Captur….JPG)


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File: 1684122173912.png (174.45 KB, 466x473, 1584391629455.png)

I am the police. Open up.


No cuz then you'll want to have sex with me.




No I won't let you in. I don't want sex.


File: 1684123873577.png (288.8 KB, 433x738, 123163464567.png)

File: 1679619809319.png (1.06 MB, 1200x850, Untitled-design-17-.png)

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Dear 4chon,

My father is moving into an independent living facility and now I'll have to call up social services or whatever to find out what they're going to be able to do for my ass. I have to get my shit figured out in the next 2-3 months before my father and I part ways.


Thanks for reading my blog.

Please like, subscribe and upvote.
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i can fix them


God damn you're retarded.


Avid is getting gang banged 24/7 like sasha grey in those porn movies. Ending up like avid is a dream to some and avid has followed his dreams. How dare you try and use avid as some sort of example of what not to be. Everyone should follow their dreams. You should be proud of avid and not be a sad sack of shit.


Telling mentally ill people not to medicate. Kys.


I believe you.


File: 1683511799097.jpg (187.77 KB, 1152x864, ayumu-azumanga-daioh-great….jpg)


im a nazi tranny, ask me a funny question or die
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I was going to call you cringe till I found out you were a christchad.






Seconding my own comment

I want to say at LEAST an hours worth of farts, at LEAST


File: 1682398719417.png (481.2 KB, 593x504, Screenshot_3.png)


Can you do the ear rumbling thing?


I can do it but can't remember if I could do it before Is started doing DXM
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This shit is a backdoor for Communism but with a corporatist veneer.


I hear the rumbling in the morning, sounds like a plane but dont think it is



File: 1684102928741.gif (1.72 MB, 498x280, ezgif-2-03079a08f2.gif)


Yes I can do it at will heh

File: 1683973092017.jpg (23.94 KB, 255x390, Carrieposter.jpg)


Does straight horror just suck? This was so boring
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>gay horror
I will not Google that CUZ I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!


What does he mean by "straight horror" though? I'm serious. I can't answer this question until I figure that out.


... probably straight sex missionary solely for procreation.



Probably thinking supernatural horror mostly. Best examples would be the Conjuring films. Maybe slashers too but they seem too obviously bad to even watch at all. I find a lot of Carpenter films to be really boring too with the obvious except of The Thing. Carpenter films are often really slow and boring. Ghost of Mars is an exception, and its sci-fi horror/thriller/action.

The boomer films I've watched recently have been very hit or miss but I think I'm understanding why, its because supernatural horror is mostly just boring to me. Carrie was bad, I only started watching it because it starts with a nude scene of a dozen schoolgirls in a locker room, obviously played by older women.

Black Sunday (1960) was really really good - it has some supernatural but its also Italian, drama and black and white so its flavoured in a really distinct way. All the Body Snatchers films are good with the first being by far the best.

The Cabin in the Woods (2011/2012) was good because it was satirical, same with M3gan. The other regular films about scary dolls like Annabelle just put me to sleep.

Maybe these films are for women.


by the time i was old enough to hire movies myself id basically lost interest in them
was deep into movies, especially horror as a tween/early teens and well we didnt hire videos very often and always at my parents discretion and we only had 3 tv channels so i had this big mental catalog of all the films i was gonna watch
used to read empire magazine and home theater magazines thinking of the big setup id eventually have
only later to find i didnt care about them..
ended up getting into more art type and alternative flicks and then basically nothing
was such an autistic tard

File: 1681671025374.mp4 (105.67 KB, 596x442, mr beast.mp4)


mfw I see avid, FoKy, redx and/or Phantasm
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File: 1683946007569.png (26.4 KB, 860x337, nigger.png)


He looks so tense and angry. I bet he jack hammers his long distance twitch streamer gf with his small circumcised dick everytime they meet once a year irl.


>how dare you take away our victimhood
This is why we need euthanasia.


He's tired of the grift, but he presses on. He's still got some soul left, but he's made a faustian bargain.


In the US? I thought you already had that?

File: 1675632930351.jpg (92.93 KB, 1080x810, FB_IMG_1675632831081.jpg)

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Comfy Vidya thread: Wait Till They Find Out About Engines Edition


Low bit
High bit

Soundtracks welcome
see: https://youtu.be/kOd5_j0OTQo

wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materia in the itt thread thread
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I'd say post Halo. Halo really defined modern shooters, especially console ones. If you compare halo to goldeneye you'll immediately see why the game was such a massive hit.


Thinking back I liked Goldeneye a lot as a kid, but games like Turok 2 and Duke Nukem have aged substantially better, so what made Golden eye stand out? For one thing it had nice levels and a lot of options to keep games fresh. Another thing is the jank kind of worked in it's favor and created opportunities for a lot of stupid situations, like crouching down and slapping someone to death by staying in their blind spot.


True, I almost said Halo first, I guess I brought up CoD instead because of the "aim" mechanic but honestly just the twin stick input was the biggest revolution easily-Medal of Honor had something in-between (twin stick input with held position aiming) but never came close to Halo's popularity.


Because rare made it and they were considered a golden goose prior to microsoft destroying them.


File: 1681281658204-0.jpg (132.28 KB, 1200x1168, FhCxFC9XkAMCTu4.jpg)

File: 1681281658204-1.jpg (35.49 KB, 658x501, ac32d6b42cffd0bdefee0d4e07….jpg)


There is a FAKE RETARD going around using my flag!

DO NOT FALL FOR HIM! I am the only true 100% 99.7% White black man around here...
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tripcode my cock up your arse


shit on my dick, gypsy scum


File: 1683837749387.webp (88.34 KB, 1318x1142, Screenshot_20230511-15410….webp)


Do what, fuck cougars?


>Thinking of boofing some DXM up my ass.

Never thought of that. Not sure it would even work.

File: 1683805565553-0.jpg (128 KB, 720x405, AA1b2kGi.jpg)

File: 1683805565553-1.png (942.39 KB, 640x821, Screenshot_2.png)

File: 1683805565553-2.png (350.71 KB, 476x545, Tram driver.png)

File: 1683805565553-3.png (873.08 KB, 564x608, Screenshot_3.png)


Elliot Rodger's sister accidentally died after trying to run between light rail carriages to approach a White man who she thought was giving her an approach invitation

Those on the carriage who saw the event tired to warn the driver but he didn't understand English and kept driving for 200m

Bystanders tried to save the hapa but it was too late

A team of White men pulled the hapa from under the train

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>women will never get themselves killed for the opportunity to speak to me.


She's a ghost now anon. Enjoy your fresh young ghost waifu. Congratulations you guys are now engaged, marriage is just around the corner!


Didn't you think it was funny? :(


File: 1683844264650.webp (42.13 KB, 650x366, Kyra Dulguime family.webp)

This is a normal and healthy family


"At least we aint speakin' German"

File: 1683591585369.png (287.15 KB, 512x512, ai generated naked kelly r….png)


A.I versions of your fave celebs. Post em.
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Can't see her vagina 0/10


my dick is totally soft

you have failed


File: 1683609016974.webp (27.98 KB, 1181x601, Screenshot_20230509-00094….webp)


Shut your fucking mouth


Literally who

File: 1683267324619.webp (508.09 KB, 1040x584, drug-store-sign.webp)


"uh, um, one heroin please"
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File: 1683605817394.jpg (36.99 KB, 600x528, 140.jpg)

I swear I'm gonna be like that one dude who lived to be 90 whilst having 60 cups of coffee a day. I will somehow just keep livin' despite all the drugs. I just have that feeling lol.


these studies seem like a jewish trick, most of the junkies I've encountered were retards


Junkies love to act like drugs are a spiritual experience when really it's the exact opposite. It's cheap pleasure. Stoners tell me that humans are supposed to smoke weed just because cannabinoid receptors exist. When it comes to the herbal Jew they are religious.


File: 1683609329427.webp (78.79 KB, 1440x1063, Screenshot_20230406-23203….webp)

There's a difference between the spiritual-experiencers, the junkies, addicts, casual users and all the above. Don't get it twisted.


I use hallucinogens only pretty much, the philosophers drugs...

Well its both

I'm all of that except a casual user

File: 1683630270857.jpg (426.42 KB, 1079x1424, Screenshot_20230509_120422….jpg)


Who wants a fucking fight niggers
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Smiley only had sex with people in dumpsters after they hit the crack pipe hard.


he got so much loosh from that


You really are retarded.


thanks for the loosh

File: 1674592296662.jpg (318.55 KB, 1254x1857, tumblr_72201d61e745ad20225….jpg)


Check em and welcome your new overlord
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W2c lebsi bells gf


I read on my other phone that Foky does this


Who's this?


File: 1683590760207.jpg (335.92 KB, 684x1024, holly sampson ass.jpg)


Who're you?

File: 1683340373816.png (229.85 KB, 492x534, 1679662085387802.png)


>tfw you realize all the Russian porn you used to watch as a kid was just Russian propaganda to weaken America and the Russian teens who were getting throatfucked weren't human trafficked and forced to do porn by the Russian Mafia but rather brave nationalist heroes defending their glorious homeland
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I am sad that the russian porn twinks are probably all dead now.





File: 1683571467691.png (834.82 KB, 811x985, spider_man_peter_parker_pn….png)

I don't get it



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