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File: 1694446511513.jpg (4.93 KB, 128x128, idfgdfg.jpg)


just can't take all these e-Motions
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hey now, HEY now, i'm all AROUND you


File: 1694898070771.jpg (64.78 KB, 594x900, 2165eace744308d9c4f5730fa9….jpg)

have reflected a lot on my iLife lately



Titan sub last moments theme


File: 1695127654004.mp4 (46.02 KB, 640x360, Ba dum tss.mp4)

File: 1694810822596.jpg (122.24 KB, 1200x800, ca-times.brightspotcdn.jpg)


you can tell she loves being handled by strong men


that is every time a zippy tapes is red, every time.


That look on her face is there because she probably feels as though she has unsurfaced an underlying fascist governmental procedure in regards to how environmental activists are treated when alerting the public to their sordid ways and generally upsetting the desired order of operations, lets be honest too, shes probably a lesbian.


i just WNA SUCC on dem lidl tidders an drenk HER MALKIE YUM YUM YUM


I'm incel because I'm not a big tall oily space jam basketball nigger with a comically large gorilla dick hanging from my basketball shorts ready to impregnate prime age fresh white tiktok egirl pussy

File: 1674557910082.png (1.6 MB, 1079x1340, Screenshot_20230124_105807….png)


Shes a pedo plant isnt she
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File: 1694093929081.mp4 (40.22 KB, 446x560, ezgif-2-0fdb114c12.mp4)




<it's okay mein fuhrer she's totally european i swear


she's not jewish, that's all he cared about for non-SS members


Gay AF

File: 1651596337707.jpg (287.3 KB, 720x797, Screenshot_20220503-174428….jpg)


rec me some documentaries or some shit
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File: 1694395618750.jpg (100.71 KB, 880x587, coffin-cubicles-trapped-be….jpg)

hong kong coffin home



File: 1694838494487.jpg (72.58 KB, 1080x363, Screenshot_20230916_052751….jpg)


kind of cozy.


File: 1667939953561.jpg (259.06 KB, 1376x1288, 20221108_142314.jpg)

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I would do something more badass if I felt like I had nothing to lose.


Just keep eating frozen pizza in your mom's basement and leave everyone alone. Thanks.


Fuck off glownigger


I want to die


Literally me

File: 1694901342085.webp (29.61 KB, 800x1015, R.webp)


You ever notice fashion trends always involve looking stupid on purpose? Man buns, ear gauges, ripped jeans, tattoos, ect. If you want to be cool just make yourself look as stupid as possible.
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Full head if hair manbun I meant to say. Manbunsvarent stupid they look good especially when neat. I wear it down or in a ponytail for variation sometimes. It looks cool when I brush it super straight and wear it down but never do.

Tattoos and piercings have an obvious tribal history but yeah they're quite prole and dumb. I like the slick neat conservative look


Don't listen to this imposter.


If you're popular then your haircut looks really stupid. If not, then your manbun doesn't look that stupid. Simple as that.


File: 1695060765159.webp (55.07 KB, 1862x1048, bozo_ap.webp)

I'm sure HDV has some hair growth. He has no excuse not to grow out his hair until he looks like Bozo the clown.


OW! A lion bit my bottom, now my bottoms big

File: 1694869871258.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3088x2320, BA1C16A2-C1C3-48C9-A84A-E….jpeg)


Does anyone wanna be my best friend on discord and we can talk about meditation tecniques and things that makes us feel good and or happy? im uncledogi6737
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File: 1694871087677.webp (111.93 KB, 1440x1357, Screenshot_20230916-08310….webp)


File: 1694879204920.jpeg (7.5 KB, 197x256, images.jpeg)


Huff petrol live on discord Uncledogi



Ban dogisaga

File: 1694987275022.png (305.46 KB, 474x474, Untitled_Project__99_-remo….png)


Come watch King Of The Hill with me. click the wrench to chat if guestposting is disabled




was that a swallow?


Yes. You swallowed all the cum.

File: 1694919893443.jpeg (7.81 KB, 213x320, images (47).jpeg)


Was told the general idea of making good content is to replicate the successful one but there is also avoiding derivativity so what do you do i guess you can build from the ground up to what s the idea and how do you plan enough to know far enough that your content will be good enough to attract million traffic as such since aesthethic is like 70% or whatever.


Is there a video of you shoving that whole thing up your ass? Asking for a friend.


One man. One icicle.


Comfy Vidya Spin-Off Thread: OSTs

In this ITT thread we post video game OST songs that stick in our head and are kino

I'll start

Katana Zero
>Sneaky Driver
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File: 1689985317797.jpg (33.65 KB, 480x640, PYON-MO.jpg)

PYON-MO / Kasahara Tomoo (笠原智緒)


Composer: Abo Takeshi


Composer: Kaori Tsutsui


File: 1689985706692.jpg (15.46 KB, 300x300, 288d97db7.jpg)


PlayStation 2 Music to Chill & Relax to | Calm PS2 6 hour Mega-Mix

This never gets old

File: 1694915637386.gif (115.63 KB, 360x550, GIF-230916_234129.gif)


Need someone to math out animation trajectory smartly but partially of the scene(Use your previous threads)





File: 1673092026435.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20230107_015203.png)


milf thread, because theyre just better
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File: 1694842223563-0.mp4 (2.22 MB, 576x1024, liselotte_blok_72463453846….mp4)

File: 1694842223563-1.mp4 (1.74 MB, 576x1024, eatmeatbehappy1_7185610515….mp4)


File: 1694842245214-0.mp4 (2.17 MB, 576x1024, the_canadian_assassin_6979….mp4)

File: 1694842245214-1.mp4 (2.06 MB, 720x1280, nickimammasol_167596491934….mp4)


THIS CHANEL iz FUKKEN HOTT!!! I'am DUmPAn stikkeh LOADEZ 20 dis FOXXEH laydy♫♀♪


File: 1694895283858-0.mp4 (3.98 MB, 576x1024, love_nitamarie2_7217625593….mp4)

File: 1694895283858-1.mp4 (2 MB, 576x1024, love_nitamarie2_7077242169….mp4)

File: 1693087406590.jpg (89.43 KB, 680x641, 1693079098759789.jpg)


Let's go
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youre totally obsessed with avid


Abandon all reality
God can reset, forget, and even abandon all state of truthfor really, whos here not trivial but the lord itself? The one and only singularities

The self swallowing
The black hole reducing

Eat shit seriously.


You know who else got friends? Jesus. Mohammed. Buddha. None. Or 12. Or 1.
None when alife.and anything after. Also not free. But hey, you are used tool anyway. Perk up, bastard.


Well. It s a fucking book.

Anyone can write. In jail, half dead. Even in deathbed. Maybe even in hell. Yeah. Clearly, you get to fucking write.

But hey. Keep laughing. It s not like you can handle anything else, alone, that is.


But hey, everyone gon grow up anyway.

You can always pretend i m swallowing. Being that desperate you are.

File: 1645967624079.jpg (123.52 KB, 880x880, ..jpg)

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In this thread we will talk about anything related to sleep, dreams, nighttime, etc
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>but then came the zaps/pulses and i knew what it meant so stayed calm and waited for the switch

Took the lucid-dreamingpill I see


I wish I would have remembered this thread a couple weeks ago, I had one of those mortifying dream, a nightmare that was realistic and pedestrian enough to basically have been my reality in that moment. If I'd recalled this thread and made a note of it maybe I could have been able to ruminate on it more, but I guess it'll just remain one of those psychotic terrors I'll have to live with in my subconscious forevermore heh


Had a dream where I was too lazy to go to the store and buy food, so I cut off my dick and cooked it. Fortunately, it was growing back like bamboo. I then somehow ended up taking a test in a classroom, but I couldn't read it for some reason, so I sat there desperately trying to puzzle it together.


Dreamt I was a hitman in a world where some sort of creatures had taken power. Not exactly a freedomfighter because I was being paid to do the work. Most of the dream revolved around a hotel in a city. There was some kind of event aggrandizing the creatures taking control and their human puppets were gathering in a single spot some distant, visible location aways. Before the day, we had to take care of somebody in the hotel. Made nice, shared dinner in the hotel restaurant, then took him up to his room and put one in his head. Some kinda snitch. After we cleaned up I was just gonna lock the door but my partner was all "dude, where are you going, we still have to take care of the body". Chopped him up in the tub, stuffed him in some garbage bags, other guy took care of the rest. Then we prepped for the big day. Went up to the roof. Whole public affair, loads of people down on the ground. Midway through some speech we took aim and sniped the tools. Then we booked it down to collect what else we needed to run but the hotel was zeroed in on almost immediately. So we had to run back up the stairs. Got separated. The hallways I was running up got narrower and narrower until it stopped at a window below a shaft that went vertically up to some unseen height. I broke the window and jumped out to fall to what presumably was my death. Woke up.


Just like you only got so much brains for one thing only, so do i and my fucking shit. Maybe this one too is easy for you. Or not, which means you like that stupid shit.

File: 1694843434206.jpg (28.94 KB, 500x500, 1694769853929.jpg)


How to plan/build aesthetic that will drive organic, natural, million traffic/klout/sales

especially according to market, social media and such. something original too. basically on par with existing cool, like rinotuna or ramonn90, takehiko inoue, but not a copy, but equally as good. as different as possible maybe

>something like building from the ground Up but i have enver seen it but seems theorethically possible or fundamental
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better yet, why dont you delete it


File: 1694851870445.png (122.38 KB, 398x522, image-1008084.png)


ye why dont you delete it >>66254





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