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They're doing this to me tomorrow.
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Beautiful /fit/ white monogamous married couple with children together.

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That's all awful and weird. The lip fillers, tan, whatever it is that she's putting into herself. I guess (?) these people unironically think what they're doing is healthy?


File: 1717435943808.webp 70.98 KB, 1159x651, Screenshot_1.webp

I was watching this recently/yesterday. I guess it's inspiring to some but it's really pretty cringe.

Roids... For what? And if you know what drugs do then you know its all drugs. There are so many other things they could do, some of which they still seem to do (hiking/camping/urban exploration), but still. And the girl (Abigail White) broke off with her "Christian"... (hmm) boyfriend Alex Eubank and a few months later had some colon inflammation (iirc) emergency which almost killed her.




File: 1715968753787.jpeg 36.54 KB, 495x436, IMG_0345.jpeg


Remembering TZIF
He was An Hero to Us All


Play stupid games win stupid prizes.


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nu thread

last >>19612
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File: 1717302489737.jpg 51.22 KB, 584x330, kobayashi-maid.jpg

New TV anime is mostly softcore and semi-hardcore pornography filled to the brim with lolicon, incest, rape and slave girls, and this is no exaggeration. Normally that kind of content was limited to OVAs (original video animation, e.g. sold as VHS, DVDs or internet streaming). Starting by the end of the 2000s and early 2010s Japan significantly loosened broadcasting regulations for late-night TV slots, and now every new anime TV show is more sexualized and filled with more "fan service" than ever because that's what the male brain craves (easy dopamine hit, etc.) and it's much easier to satisfy a male by causing his penis to erect with visuals of female body parts rather than to put the effort in coming up with good story and characters, so it's either a "race to the bottom" for those who don't like there being too much pornography in their anime, or viewed as a renaissance for males addicted to pornography (e.g. all of /a/, etc.).


Dragon Maid was pretty good though ngl


File: 1717344881187.webm 270.28 KB, 640x360, peep (online-video-cutter.….webm

Thanks for the update!




File: 1717276801322.gif 99.76 KB, 231x255, 1717264736573852[1].gif


here 4chon you need these


File: 1717284077052.webp 103.77 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20240601-182054.webp


File: 1717296927051.jpg 189.32 KB, 1300x1076, 17844893-vector-cartoon-of-….jpg

Absolutely delicious! Thanks op!

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Never watched this, just downloaded it last night and watched the first ep, after I watched Fishtank, it was actually pretty funny, damn why didn't I watch it earlier
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yeah jet neptune is a normoid and its very easy to see


Pretty funny


Sam has multiple wigger yes man zoomer goons now because his relationships to the original two funny guys are strained.


File: 1717281659767.mp4 2.4 MB, 720x1280, male-beauty-filter.mp4


world peace was the last funny thing he did, since then he's morphed into this awful parody of himself that can only be enjoyed by those who go into the viewing experience thinking "oh man based hyde uploaded... I'm gonna hit like now before I even watch it to support transgressive right wing art"

he is to pewdiepie or mr beast what mr birchum is to family guy

File: 1712709646838.jpg 96.8 KB, 728x999, 1712708232461393.jpg


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I want to feed her


File: 1713317730682.png 1.96 MB, 1462x2000, xtke2895yfp81.png



wtf i love cow udders now


vikki loves burgers, she would turn vegan, but only for the twitter posts she could make to virtue signal


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HDV and dwarf should have sex

like and retweet if you agree
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File: 1717169545023.mp4 13.72 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.mp4


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File: 1717169742808.webp 48.04 KB, 1440x1034, Screenshot_20240531-103423.webp


File: 1717169849217.webp 176.47 KB, 1025x2377, Screenshot_20240531-103701.webp


File: 1717169930390.webp 501.31 KB, 1440x2132, Screenshot_20240531-103814.webp

File: 1712976214865.jpeg 126.38 KB, 959x951, C0B467D9-35F7-45B1-B766-6E….jpeg


>sir the taco is out the bell
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>sir the taco smell imagine the smell


really gay blacks (avid's fav)


i am a fat nigger


File: 1717131867501.png 26.56 KB, 500x250, nigga you gay.png


File: 1717159550673.jpg 197.28 KB, 1290x1280, 1717159480914039.jpg

File: 1686915122589-0.webp 61.51 KB, 640x480, Chrischan.webp


Chonpill me on this guy, who is he and why is he famous? I don't want to watch a 76 part, 40 minute video on him (wtf? why would people go to such lengths?). Isn't he literally just a tranny who did tranny stuff?
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I'd rather hit a nigger erection!

was it a nigger? did CWC lick his erection?


Degenerate fuck


hes famous because like all other lolcows/horrorcows they cant not respond to trolls, its simple supply and demand, i really am not a fan of chris chan, his latest skitzo narc arc of beliving himself to be christ reborn disgusts me


File: 1717115381654.webp 3.38 KB, 168x250, 1714863679609.webp

you are ugly


File: 1717115404648.jpg 13.29 KB, 320x240, oie_UiDZEBUvmmVU.jpg

File: 1669257211561.jpeg 125.62 KB, 1280x720, A9B96F37-3F2D-4767-8073-4A….jpeg


how do you go from this…
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Free Palestine


Ugly Jewish women are HOT! Retard!




File: 1706628441525.jpg Spoiler Image, 122.15 KB, 1200x630, skin_infection_moran.jpg

To this


File: 1717114710554.jpg Spoiler Image, 361.08 KB, 1920x1080, preview.jpg

to this

File: 1716850658852.jpg 5.42 KB, 245x206, 1536078301114.jpg


dam this site slower than shit lol
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i know i do


it's kinda like you in that sense


oh look it's another "lush gag being gay" thread


im not slow
shut up pedophile


tiny stubby legged stuck up weeb retard with small tits and a flat arse

File: 1715283199253.png 1.33 MB, 1080x958, True love.png


>my chicken Rarity finally hatches a baby
>he's broken and just screams at her all the time
>she tries to abandon the baby early, several times, but he just keeps going back to her
>he starts to rape his own mother
>it's been a week now and after perhaps a dozen rapes she seems to have accepted it
>the rapes have made Rarity look weak, and the older teenage boys have began raping her directly in front of her son
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Is Kick h'worth checking out?


so the friendly homeless man in the white shirt was following around the camera guy, just trying to catch up, wanting to give him a cool object (a knife?) he had just found on the ground, but the camera guy used it as an opportunity to kill the poor homeless man instead, just like another gun-toting, coldhearted, power-tripping maniac, obviously citing "a self-defense situation" and "being scared" and "wrong neighborhood" as some sort of an excuse. this is america folx


>70,000 chickens


>I could imagine Avid being a tweaker like that guy and chasing me with a knife.

youre an obsessed faggot



File: 1682746606455-0.jpg 39.89 KB, 500x484, pepe bottles.jpg

File: 1682746606455-1.png 37.21 KB, 213x210, is this real life ape mfw.png


When I was doing DXM the other day I held my breath for a few seconds and my heart rate dropped to zero. Was I on the verge of death? I was so curious lol so I kept trying it and it happened again and again, at least a few times. Fuck me the hallucinations were wild though. Almost unbelievable. Puttitn together a list of films to watch while under this state. Was watching Predadator (the first) and at some point Anrold did something fuck I cant remember lol.
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>But it's also a pain that she seems to make herself hard to pin down to ask out
She's not interested fam. If she was then she would make herself available. People make time and space for their interests

Other fish in the sea


I haven't gone in (on the days i know she works)since that Karen manager went weird on me. But that was like 12pm on a Thursday, it was busy and the girl was running around. Was impossible to ask her out like that unless I saw her in a lane. But my patience has limits honestly, I think I wrote it before but despite the fact she paralyses me I still think I'm more valuable than her. She's a hot smart young girl but I'm a decent looking intelligent manwithaplan.


Abundance mindset is key. You are better


I believe that unironically. One of the main reasons I was interested in this girl was because we had/have such similar faces and would've made very good looking children.



Also when I did those beach approaches like a year ago some of the girls LIKED me right off the bat! I mean they were giving the obvious IOIs like smiling and hair touching and batting their eyes.

I'm critical of this notion of not relying on external validation. Obviously external validation matters, its how and why people are drawn to the incel community - they are ugly and/or they keep getting rejected. Makes sense as to why they stop approaching or don't make any attempt whatsoever. And when I've approached a few women in a row and they all like me or at least are nice and polite it feels GOOD! And vice-versa - I had one time where like 5 women in a row were not interested at all or had boyfriends (sortof the same thing really), and I was trying to suppress the butthurt, but it was a challenge.

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