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File: 1647158208338.png (45.31 KB, 1500x1000, the-enneagram-of-personali….png)


What are your thoughts on enneagrams?


Out of all the types of descriptions of human personalities this feels the most accurate to me.
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You have to pay for this garbage, don't do it


File: 1650331179109.jpg (35.85 KB, 720x795, Screenshot_20220418-211649….jpg)

Five and four seem to be the ones.


It's pretty ridiculous that ppl charge big money for some personality quiz. Psychology is a joke and preys on people


Here the basically official website for type descriptions


File: 1650766840405.png (139.15 KB, 630x630, Sign-language-essential-ex….png)


Why is sign language suddenly all the rage? You see in every news conference a sign language person doing throwing up their gang signs and shiet nowadays, did they forget about closed captioning?


have wondered this also
always looks fucking retarded, some guy spazzing out next to whoever is speaking
does real time speech to text not exist


they are obviously all attentionwhores and use sighn language as a means of dopamine that their antidepressants blocked because they are crazy BOD whores who get abortions and wont form close relationships and have no father and cried when trump won


It was a recent phenomenon, I swear it just started in 2020 to further demoralize the npcs during election year.


why do they make stroke magazines for little girls featuring sexy photos of little boys but not the other way around?
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I've considered having this tattooed on me bum :P


I was born this way asshole
god doesn't make mistakes


Mr.God just rolls the dice and doesn't give a fuck.


File: 1650748774194.jpeg (57.62 KB, 800x506, FBCBACFE-76F1-4DE6-91AC-6….jpeg)

"whaaat's the deal with little boys?!?"


I'm so jealous of rich juwes! they get all the best boys!


Smilesperg is a GAMER


i thought this nigger was homeless


When would that have happened? I've been thinking his parents have kept him medicated and locked up at home.

File: 1650665547187.gif (493.48 KB, 480x360, gay mexican eating a snick….gif)


post yfw fatstralia dies of obesity related illnesses
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retarded abos actually tell themselves this while dying of diabetes XD


sEE, THis is the cause.


File: 1650677737244.png (718.72 KB, 721x763, 6ceecd83e4f8516e862560e1a3….png)


seethe, abo nigger


File: 1650701969937.jpg (56.46 KB, 802x840, 1649515484232.jpg)

File: 1650550560820.jpg (45.9 KB, 512x381, men kissing.jpg)


Fartychesty here, just wanted to show my favorite meme heh.

N words kissing!
I love me some N words kissing yep!
Im not gay btw heh
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wow thats schizo as fuck to asume this is dogi


I could smell her through the screen


aids thread


everyone knows ur just a schizo tho


I'd rather see seeping buttholes than niggers kissing tbh fr fam idk my bff jill.

File: 1650672779533.jpeg (11.14 KB, 130x148, 0037127D-E390-45EB-AAD2-5….jpeg)


>Good heavens, child, don’t dawdle
>We can’t keep Derek waiting!



File: 1650600258764.jpg (77.59 KB, 882x1024, pedo rapist.jpg)


Fartychety here.

I just got new glasses, they are like my favorite meme thats totally a joke.
Its called pedophile rapist glasses
I really love pedophile rapist glasses because i think its cool.
I will wear them every day to assert my sexy coolness and meme credentials.

I am not a pedophile rapist by the way.

Im going to masturbate to dead bodies now.

T. Fartychesticles.
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Nobody is asking anything of you schizo


uah… i am in my country, im like the a forever generation australian…


Mu lasik is wesring off so I have to get them again soon but i really don't want to


>fatstralia thread


dubs confirm all fatstralia threads should be hidden


would indians exist in a wn society
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Indo-Aryans would be allowed in an Aryanist society but not a WN society; Dravidians would be banned from both.


Curry-niggers need their numbers curtailed. They'd just be a bunch of hilarious idiots if they weren't numerous and shitting up everywhere they go. At this rate after the information age comes the poo age.


absolutely. the world needs an Indian joker after all


File: 1650621160170.jpg (7.1 KB, 222x227, fmsu.jpg)


Just got done fappening, its so lame.
Im sick of looking at cartoons, it also doesn't show the men enough for the genre im into, i dont think there is a sub genre for my tastes.


Even the real stuff is not what im looking for.
Can the females just be fucking lifeless so i can focus on the cock and man, ffs smh…

I would search for gay homo men but you can tell they are into it and i would rather everyone suffer cuz i hate pornwhores. Its a complected porn relationship….




Stop watching porn you degenerate freak


Stop pretending you don't fap to asians and dead bodies, chesticles.

File: 1650566416873.jpg (35.29 KB, 724x483, fotosearch-k2519628-60.jpg)


I got my blood taken then immediately walked out, got on a bus and almost passed out on the bus. Doc said it was vasovagal. Makes me wonder how soldiers fought on battlefields getting slashed all the time, without fainting.
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It's genetic. Plenty of soldiers would faint too, you just never heard about it.


Are you vaxxed?


I think it's a fairly reasonable response to the sight of your own blood loss. From what I've read vasovagal is psychologically triggered but just from the bit I've read I'm not entirely convinced. It felt more physiological to me. I watched the pathologist take the blood but didn't feel queasy, it was only 1.5 mins later that I felt off.

Yes. And I know soldiers get trained for a lot of stuff but would they actually train for getting slashed or some other blood loss trauma?



try taking a concrete pill op


>Just ignore seeing the loss of your precious bodily fluids

File: 1650458995544.jpg (18.82 KB, 220x293, hidous kike.jpg)


i got b& from 4chan for saying that jews are related to niggers. b& reason was "racism outside /b/" but it didn't specify if i had insulted niggers or jews.
if i was a nigger and someone called me a jew i'd chimp out on them, cause thats what niggers do.
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Woah that image is like fartychestycles if he stole is hot and sexy brothers hair.
Still ugly tho


some NEL


File: 1650505338519.jpg (173.82 KB, 623x1024, 1650401030583.jpg)


i got
>An error has occured.
>Your IP address is listed in dnsbl-1.uceprotect.net
just now when i was trying to post chauvin's challenger via a differnt IP, so appanetly the 4chon isp knows about me already


i have as many ips to post from as i want, i doubt you could keep me out if you wanted to and i somewhat value the list as it is, might contain some info thats useful, but don't go thinking that the sentiment and hospitality in your offer isn't appreciated.

File: 1650467187350.jpg (107.91 KB, 827x1024, 1650377890930.jpg)


>White people are the best, we have invented the most technologies, best civilisations, most high trust societies
>Nooooooo we weren't responsible for genocides! Those were our ANCESTORS, not US!!!!!!!!
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NEL thread


>fatstralia thread


File: 1650589641855.png (117.84 KB, 1056x663, 1568438793463 - Copy.png)

Pol logic thread


>White ethnocentrism has been one of the most powerful and dominate forces in all of human history
When was that?


File: 1650609307808.jpg (12.11 KB, 187x250, soyence kike.jpg)

>noooo you can't genocide and enslave your enemies and then deny responsibility, goy, only us kikes are allowed to do that.

File: 1650450298031.png (528.63 KB, 596x908, dogfucker.png)


Fartychest here.

Because I lost my job, my parents have been giving me an allowance, but i did not have enough this week to pay for groceries AND a fun time with an asian prostitute cuz my parents were at work.
I am so ashamed of myself for doing this, but i brung in my mums dog and had my way with it.
And i tell you, it felt like nothing else, tightest hole I've ever fucked.
The dog was really into it too.
I pretended nothing happened when my parents came back.
But now that i have more allowance money from my parents, I don't want to have sex with asian prostitutes anymore because fucking the dog will save me a lot of money for my political ambitions against the juden scum.
Im so ashamed that i can't stop thinking about all the money i could save… And the hole feels alot better too.


T. Fartychest.
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Where do you wanna meet?

I know an empty hiking space nobody goes where we can fuck and suck eachothers dicks and holes


No, YOU would have to pay ME




I also fuck dogs to save money


Gross, that's slutty, i don't fuck anyone with easily noticeable tattoos(if i can help it) that's gross and and fatherless.


Why cant we have western cartoons like this NOW?

No western cartoons look like this, there were so much good 80s and early 90's western cartoons, now it just looks like fucking shit. I blame the power puff girls(i did like the show growing up, but everyone copied them and everything looks like shit).

Also the guy in the video is hot as fuck.


>Also the guy in the video is hot as fuck.

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