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We did it reddit!!!
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We did it reddit!


oi vey moische... it's like anudda shoa


remember when the news reported on the dogs catching covid? what the piss


You think that's bad? Try >>17892


>births today
all me

File: 1661023888152.jpg (52.14 KB, 508x500, 1660734558866225.jpg)


For discussing software minimalism.
>What is computing minimalism?

>Why is software minimalism good?

- Fewer bugs
- Better performance
- Lower memory footprint
- Better maintainability
- Higher scalability
- Longer software lifetime
- Smaller attack surface

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>they create clunky tiling window manager configurations on linux with anime background controlled by badly written shell scripts
>they don't really program or create anything
Contradicting sentences! Which is it?


it's "creativity" equivalent of changing something in windows control panel or downloading an autohotkey script to assign c+f11 and f12 to volume controls, shit you do when you can't get pussy and won't so you 'administer' your walmart laptop instead


to be honest fiddling with linux shell is a good thing and will give ..some... base understanding for the environment to write scripts and programs in

i dunno, in reality even as a 'self-employed chad' one may wanna do some programming, do some design for client's project, accounting (excel with vba), view and edit document clients and partners send (word, excel) FOR GRANTED and linux finds it's place in a virtual machine or you use the shell provided by macos. i am not saying proprietary 'operating environments' are 'good' or ' ethical' i am saying that it is your time you end up wasting treating computers as a 'hobby' and larp and money you don't make. 'using linux' (as a desktop os) is this internet cargo cult for college undergraduates and neets who think knowledge of shell scripts and vim and some shitty utilities is very sophisticated.


I don't know much about Linux, while it's very user unfriendly to a layman like me, I do appreciate that it was able to basically resuscitate an older laptop from basically being unusable. It still takes a bit to start up and open some programs compared to my Gay Ming laptop but overall it functions quite well.


What distro did you use?

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look at this dude
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File: 1661017785503.jpg (330.51 KB, 1920x1440, 0nLL4eGWg3A.jpg)

meh. I didn't choose the chon lyfe the chon lyfe chose me.


What do I have to do in order to inherit your fortune after you die of AIDs?


u know the answer is obviously be his batty boy


File: 1661054209025.jpg (133.1 KB, 866x1390, 8-year-old-boy-with-a-bott….jpg)

I'm not a sex haver so unlikely to die of aids.
cirrhosis is much more likely but it's gonna take a while.


File: 1653080387181.png (210.03 KB, 854x1006, 91b.png)



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>with my rock hard cock
pics NOW

I aim to get the high score :P


i am foreskinned



sex porn
moaning women earrape
fart porn sim


just had a buritto
had a chocolate milkshake just now, drinking water until tomorrow
nothing, just got done watching an episode of the I.T crowd
nothing, music makes me feel bad now, i have to take a break from the shit


just had some bomb ass fish and chimps
diet arizona tea with ginsing
casino scammer docukino on the youtubes
nothing at the atm
won three out of four games of golf with your frens last night with my internet frens

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Someone just went full I hate the antichrist and tried to suicide by FBI. Keeps getting worse out there, how far are we from civil war?
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File: 1660493703637.jpg (72.42 KB, 707x960, 1660493111725832.jpg)

Makes you think


File: 1660966030423.png (359.92 KB, 1080x719, 1660961297626983.png)


lowkey based tbpqhwymm


lol just got b& xdd


He's got my vote.

File: 1660865970283.webm (2.09 MB, 640x360, 1660858927899459.webm)


This is just elder abuse at this point


still not as retarded as blumpf


what the piss is happening in that webm


Senile decay


of all parts? they all kinda look like they have no idea what the fuck is happening
why is that man so close?

bidens face is also keks, he looks like bush when he got told the towers got hit

File: 1660833278286.webp (54.38 KB, 616x353, 3DXn8RVFJKDpMvUEhaszpOLPi….webp)


Really good idle game if you like them or want to try one. The weeb style isn't that distracting


What is so good about it? Never heard of it tbh


read that as 'Hetero'
freudian slip


>playing video games past the age of 18


heaven forbid that some of us might have interests other than licking nigger erections


this tbfh

File: 1660875894853.jpg (26.92 KB, 640x480, 86f97bf7666b850cf4da59757f….jpg)


I once again have a life-changing esoteric secret to share with you all: I bought a whole 1g of caffeine powder for about 15 dollars. The scooper it comes with is measured for 220mg of caffeine, which purports to be about 100 servings. I can just add it to any drink I want instead of spending money on the inflated prices of KIKE beverages.
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ur rite xir, i read wrong
still, those drops r good for covfefe alternative



The hot beverage and coffee taste is obviously part of the ritual and addiction


File: 1660683816319.jpg (9.94 KB, 398x398, 0f48b4f732b60fdc72122e6f41….jpg)


>try to call up internet provider to see about cheaper options
>enter into automated hell
>end up not getting connected to anybody several times
>try to call up car insurance to get the cheapest deal so they stop jewing me every month
<sorry sir, he's busy, he'll call you back
>hour later, i call again
<oh he was just about to call you i'll patch you in
Yeah right you lying whore.
>dude tries to tell me about all the coverage i'd be missing out on even though i haven't had an accident in 15 years
>tries to tell me he'll get me other options
>tell him multiple times i just want the cheapest
>he finally submits
>tells me he'll call me back tomorrow
<with the options
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oh boi


he's gettin' away! he's gettin' away!


This tbh famalam
At its best, it's an artificial market contrivance that by default causes prices of the services it "covers" (lol) to rise. What happens is the insurance company ends up paying the price of [x] that the consumer should be paying, but they show (You) that they're paying a million bajillion dollars you'd have to be spending if you weren't reliant on them smdh


I'm well aware insurance is a scam but I need a car to get to work and don't feel like risking my license btfo with a side order of kike fines. I can't wait to have to call the agent back again tomorrow right before closing time just to argue yet again that I don't need options, just the cheapest one possible. What a fucking life it must be to live as an insurance salesman, permanently living under the stress of your overlords demanding you to jew anyone who buys a policy.


>drive over to local office
<sorry sir our systems are down i'll call you tomorrow
>today comes
>get call
<sorry sir you're not with our one specific office you'll have to call corporate
>call corporate
>get disconnected
Moments like this are why I believe I'm being specifically targeted. There is no way it's just a coincidence that things are this consistently fucked to this length.

File: 1643109817240.jpg (189.68 KB, 1024x682, Lab-monkeys-escape-recover….jpg)


Driver who stopped to help in monkey accident, feeling bad, CDC urges anyone in contact with the macaques to seek medical attention.
Driver who stopped to help when truck carrying 100 lab monkeys crashed in Pennsylvania and put her hand in one of the cages says she now has a cough and pink eye: CDC urges anyone in contact with the macaques to seek medical attention.


A truck carrying around 100 monkeys that crashed in Pennsylvania is now sparking fears of infection after a woman who came into contact with the primates began to feel unwell.

Michelle Fallon, from Danville near Scranton, was driving directly behind the vehicle when it crashed, throwing animal crates all over the highway and smashing some to pieces.

Four of the animals escaped and were seen sitting among the wreckage before they fled.

Fallon said she got out to help both the driver and the animals in their cages, initially believing them to be cats. When she approached and put her hand on the cage, she says the monkey hissed at her.

The day following the accident, Fallon suddenly developed a cough and pink-eye, which became so bad that she had to visit the emergency room at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

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zoophiles get bashed


gay anal sex must become the most medically safe sexually recreational act

spiritual and scientific and technological and economical and political paradigm must be concentrated around making sure that gay anal sex is known as a completely safe and socially respectable act

we cannot live in a reality were gay anal sex is perpetually medically deemed unsafe for the involved parties

human fecal matter must be made safe to enter the penile cavity and anal tissue must be made safe from tearing and bacterial infections

human shit must be made safe for consumption as well, it may even help with the world hunger


it also relates to consumer growingly unrealistic demands of hedonism https://4chon.me/lounge/res/16833.html#16835

you cannot inflate human body without organ damage, but in vr dreamworld you can


so it's not going to be 'fully automated gay space communism' but a bargain-bin version with vr googles, drugs and electrical nerve stimulation

File: 1660681370490.jpg (39.93 KB, 700x694, 1660678912169864.jpg)


>jump in anon, it's just water!


but woman, i cannot a swim


I preffer brien bcuz I am piicale


why dis bish lookin like an ayy lmao doe frfr nocap


shes my only celeb crush


the international warner brothers watertower of secrets

File: 1660696119083.jpg (22.88 KB, 960x510, 1660692497890860.jpg)


Good evening, fellow gentlemen of /r9k/. Let me tell you a scary story. On election night, I went beyond the black rainbow as we say in the drug culture of the freak kingdom. I got fucked up on Dollar Tree cough medicine, marijuana edibles, & beer & hallucinated that I was Sam Hyde. Believe me when I tell you this: it was hell on earth. One second I was watching the God-Emperor (pbuh) win Florida; the next second, I was Sam in a diaper & my shit-&-cum stained Trex costume pleading with ancient demons to render the election unto Trump (pbuh). I was surrounded by flashing images of snuff films & hardcore gay pornography as well as by giant Sam Hyde heads making retarded faces & sneering at me & taunting me with unfunny quips from MDE Presents: World Peace & screaming that they would murder me. I woke up in a puddle of my own diorrhea & pungent santorum sauce, with Bad Dragon dildoes shoved in both my mouth & my anus. The TV newsman addressed me by name & told me that God-Emperor Trump (pbuh) had lost everything & took his own life in his White House bunker. The whole experience gave me some perspective on what it must feel like to be Sam: a sad, scary, angry, unfunny clown, scam artist, sexual predator, & possible mass murderer trapped in a hall of mirrors. Moral of the story: Don't mix hard drugs with Million Dollar Extreme. You won't only lose your mind, you'll also lose your soul.
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File: 1660698282261.jpg (98.28 KB, 600x600, 1660695739126059.jpg)


File: 1660698308925.jpg (64.44 KB, 500x347, 922103ebc3db05952d971f5902….jpg)


Mr Hyde is rumored to have sucked multiple tranny cocks.


go back



File: 1660174981316.jpg (1.64 MB, 3548x2047, 1660170705941049.jpg)


6 get
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Well, (s)he is a trap so...


wamen are gross. don't give them the time of day.




you cant know that, she could have a fake dick, she could be a terrorist also


#6 doesn't know where she is. I think I'd have to settle for +3.

File: 1660580272807.jpg (249.07 KB, 1080x1167, 1660577418996573.jpg)


his yt channel:

>Pine Bluff had 23 murders in 2020 - a rate of 56.5 murders per 100,000 people. The national average was 6.5 murders per 100,000 people in 2020.
>The racial makeup of the city was 75.6% Black or African American, 21.8% White, 0.2% Native American

this guy is a gold-plated hackernews lolcow courtesy to /g/

the interactions with redneck guy, theft and destruction of property, the obliviousness and retardation, skitzo soyence project ideas and unlimited trustfund money, also people that comment on his videos and his interactions with them are bizarre as well

i just suggest archiving the channel and the comments, because this is a bit special
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>77% black town
they should have paid him to take the land and allowed him to kill any niggers that came near it


whoe coool emojie


he believes he is building a fusion reactor


File: 1660652443953.jpg (2.92 MB, 3600x3405, Z6IS3IIXTNHXJCSZ5OIZV2NQ2A.jpg)

I love how he's not detracting from the poor town experience



File: 1660592957542.jpeg (256.87 KB, 1200x1200, napoleon-on-st-bernhard.jpeg)


was Napoleon redpilled or bluepilled?


That memespeak didn't apply back then.


I hardly know crap about Napoleon tbh, and I'm not even going to pretend to for internet cred


red, white and blue-pilled


He was just an autist that liked to wage war. Said wars caused untold white suffering.
Were he borne in our age he would be the greatest hoi4 player ever


>hey gang this is n-bone coming at you again with another hoi4 mod highlight

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