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I am a straight girl, i enjoy recieving oral, fingering and strap on sex from certain types of women, strictly recieving and being submissive. Am I actually bisexual? i dont find woman genitals attractive and could never touch them. I do like to receive dominant kissing in my mouth by woman and I would suck on boobs submissively but other than that I just strictly like to be touched. I’m sick of people calling me gay when it barely is. Can someone please tell me the truth?
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Don't talk about tranny-grandpa-HDV that way! He's a lesbian &a beautiful woman just like the majestic CWC!


No hes not dogcunt


He has erectile dysfunction. HDV feels like a woman-& sometimes larps as a bull-dyke. Be kind to HDV! HE'S GOING THROUGH A CRISIS!


Oh please smilemeth, you ironic cunt


It is I Kenneth. I lost my virginity to a trap! It turns out that I am actually a homosexual in the closet! That 55yr old woman is actually a man and my life is a lie! I am gay in every way. All you 4chonners we're right! I AM KENNETH-I AM A HOMOSEXUAL MAN & I AM PROUD! ...still going to stay in the closet till my parents die or they'll kick me out of their basement tho.

File: 1665960416583.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x1440, 20220216_223156.jpg)


you guys love me dont lie
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... it's the only ball HDV has left-thats why he struggles with erectile-dysfunction.


Leave HDV alone smileMETH


File: 1671297881546.png (138.48 KB, 500x559, Imgur-a5b141.png)

... perhaps HDV should leave his balls in his pants and stop shoving stuff up his butt(he has a prolapsed anus)& putting a suction device on his dick to try and make his micro-cock bigger! IT'S ALL GIVING HIM ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION!


I will help HDV


That's kind of you!

File: 1669242345491.png (521.16 KB, 800x402, B3478D40-A286-42B4-B998-C5….png)


I have this theory that cringewiz is an abusive psychopath who takes pleasure in harming others. Everyday is opposite day with that motherfucker. You tell him that you don't like something and then he purposefully goes out of his way to repeatedly on perpetual loop -do THAT THING that hurts/bothers you. He is a proven compulsive liar. Current example -He still lives at his mom&dads house but says that he's homeless. He is also a narcissist and will step on anyone to get his way. If he doesn't get his way..he throws a temper tantrum.
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File: 1669248421849.jpeg (37.97 KB, 447x297, 166922441251558233 (1).jpeg)


Smiley has always been a shit tier lolcow, hes a demented SPERG who is better off dead, I hope one of the methtards hes mixing with kill him


If cringewiz dies- I won't cry.

He is dumb enough to FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT tho IRL..

& all it'll take is him pissing off the wrong person-

..so in that case IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!


Post your tits please


File: 1671298915586.gif (3.14 MB, 610x361, mrw-my-girlfriend-jokes-ab….gif)

File: 1665678222281.jpg (78.42 KB, 700x704, A8Mp1V1.jpg)


>it doesnt sound like shit
>your just not cool
>like me bruh and got no pussy
>im rollin
>with the nigas
>toke blunts
>hey dont say that
>thats like racis
>wish i was black
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is this the guy who fucked avid's mom?





Trips of bullshit


File: 1671297653043.jpg (81.84 KB, 500x666, 47al5x.jpg)

...when satan appears-you should be polite and say HI!


porn addiction sucks bros

how do you overcome it
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wubba love of christ christ!!!! I'm christian riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!


By npt thinkijging about ot


Works everytime. If you just ignore life's problems-they disappear by themselves!


Are you being sarcastic


File: 1671300031618.jpg (376.45 KB, 2480x3508, yAhVZSa.jpg)

No. I am being 100% serious 100%of the time 365 days a year 24/7.

File: 1657582268320.jpg (80.74 KB, 452x631, Screenshot_20220609-135359….jpg)


you ever just sit there and open and close your hands real fast til its hard to do it anymore shits mad jokes man
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all of the time


I fart and shidd and it smell bad ew




Lol wtf


File: 1669525770936.jpg (162.08 KB, 537x400, 400.jpg)


what's the least jewish search engine
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File: 1669530219014.png (543.29 KB, 800x981, 166949732521947906 (2).png)



wasnt me, ive never touched meth, its all smilegrem, god i hope he overdoses and dies


Ask Jeeves.


Whichever one smiley doesnt use



File: 1666255179005.webm (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, rosemarys baby cute rose.webm)


My Aryan wife when she find out shes pregnant
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File: 1668053726369.jpg (868.1 KB, 2000x2500, 1668021824458175.jpg)



File: 1671296950466.jpeg (188.1 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b27309fe949c5….jpeg)



File: 1673054175177.webm (722.25 KB, 576x1024, 1673053974723893.webm)

Wat she meen by dis


File: 1674164462247.jpg (379.25 KB, 1124x1385, 1674161672598277.jpg)

File: 1664403207943.jpg (207.04 KB, 845x768, CNN0.jpg)


What's the best way of making money on YouTube?
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File: 1664442807389.jpg (219.83 KB, 890x905, 1583889488911.jpg)

That ship has sailed long past dude, every zoomeroid with a soiphone and their grandmother is in on that by this point


this actually sounds like good advice..


>What's the best way of making money on YouTube?

act like a retard and record it



Some nibba claiming that YT vanced on kikedroid brings back the "sort by oldest" option

Gonna hafta try dat out methinks


I don't know


why did usa side with bosnian muslims over christian serbians during the 90s?
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NEL team 6


they sided with the Croatians, which was against the serbs.
It's not like they were on the bosinian's side, there were just against the serbs.


Islam is the truth


they thought the bosnians were innocent brown people that needed saving from the nazi serbs



File: 1667089493196.webm (740.94 KB, 480x480, 0073b7cde41909abd57572f2b….webm)


how do you think you'll die /b/ros?
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File: 1667099013037.png (539 KB, 640x459, 1617172832752.png)

Heart attack, suicide, or shoot out.


Looking like suicide in my mid 40s or early 50s probably


File: 1667105967238.png (219.62 KB, 566x422, 1598767740813.png)

No dont do that heh


File: 1671215551231.jpeg (101.08 KB, 685x800, can art have mistakes.jpeg)

That video is perfect, op. Just accept that!


in your anus?

File: 1671155268380.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, Cyberpunk EDGERUNNERS clip.jpg)


I am high as a kite and watching goyslop anime and enjoying it
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look up misty, may and dawn from pokemon


File: 1671221796462.gif (1.17 MB, 600x1000, ezgif-1-52b8e97cec.gif)



The ultimate off-ice training tool, powered by the patented Flow Motion Technology. Marsblade will make you a better hockey player - Anytime, Anywhere.


> It's on par with alcohol in my experience

Sounds like a very normie thing to say tbh. How on Earth could a hallucinogen be like a stim/depressant like alcohol? Do you just use drugs for funsies? Even if you were doing that (like I largely do) the ways you use can DXM are endless


A single bottle of robitussin feels almost identical to three beers. Obviously it's not exactly the same as there's slight visuals and pure disassociation going on, but it feels very similar

I've never went over a single bottle because I'm not a desperate junkie

File: 1661971023758.gif (131.75 KB, 300x200, 200.gif)


last post, not leaking trip

take is easy everybody
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File: 1671254536819.jpg (296.87 KB, 750x849, 1671213730057542.jpg)

He's still in hells kitchen so...

Unfortunately not the cool reality TV show with Gordon Ramsay BUT WHATEVER


File: 1671254579624.jpg (149.01 KB, 900x635, 1671225074823129.jpg)

>If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen


The whole ded bort has stopped.


File: 1671261718067.jpg (34.91 KB, 442x586, 1671214806061451.jpg)

How soon till 4chon.me shuts down?


File: 1671261854958.png (363.66 KB, 536x531, 1671204966644115.png)

Welp. I am going to go browse 4chan.org/r9k

File: 1669788228892.webp (5.94 KB, 248x204, DeadBart.webp)


hey, /lounge/rinos! where can I watch and/or download dead bart?
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its on youtube




File: 1669880281533.jpg (157.96 KB, 1000x826, Cartoons_MILFs_Teens_porn_….jpg)


spoopy lost simpsons episode where bart dies, it was going to be the finale but they got renewed so it never aired

link meh, d00d






you are VERY RUDE

File: 1667144058154.jpg (33.5 KB, 640x578, lwien36qipmz.jpg)


>4chon - dailystormer links, faggotry, nonce sympathising, samefag skitzo shithole
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What exactly is he trying to slide? Also gotta take moment to respect the sheer autism required to accomplish such a feat. Still though ban his ass please.


Imagine if we had anybody actually moderating this place.


The Soweto Gospel Choir was formed in Soweto, South Africa, by David Mulovhedzi and Beverly Bryer, and producers Andrew Kay, David Vigo and Cliff Hocking in 2002. The more than 30-member ensemble blends elements of African gospel, Negro spirituals, reggae and American popular music. The group performed at the first of the 46664 concerts for Nelson Mandela and has since toured internationally several times.


I am trying to deal with this; he is not the only one, but that doesn't exempt him from his behaviour. We are aware it's an issue.

When the other mod isn't asleep, I'm on.

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