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File: 1683073019625.jpg (35.93 KB, 227x394, rika_.jpg)


What's this website and what's its history?
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you can embed shorts now numbnuts


Didn't know


File: 1683236332864.jpeg (40.61 KB, 471x707, download (3).jpeg)


Shindlers list is how many man's she's fucked
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File: 1683236845894-0.jpeg (35.24 KB, 474x471, download (4).jpeg)

File: 1683236845894-1.jpeg (35.24 KB, 474x471, download (4).jpeg)

File: 1683236845894-2.jpeg (35.24 KB, 474x471, download (4).jpeg)


She's cute but she is Jewish, that shit is cringe, those retarded cunts support the mutilation of children


They are one of the biggest threats to one of the purest forms of life, they should not be allowed to leave israel




File: 1685733028885-0.jpg (30.86 KB, 420x386, b5flo58mjxv01.jpg)

File: 1685733028885-1.jpg (99.9 KB, 600x900, 5927035-Cassandra-Schindle….jpg)

File: 1685733028885-2.jpeg (127.55 KB, 900x900, R.jpeg)

File: 1685733028885-3.jpg (19.16 KB, 320x480, nvxkbwhje9l11.jpg)

Op here I'm sorry I didn't mean it I was just in pain because of my fucked posture (which I'm working on) I hope to make an a positive few posts of this woman as an offering

She is a very beautifully crafted woman and I would do sexual things to her

File: 1682458633930.jpg (107.79 KB, 900x900, 16021534146590.jpg)


This stuff makes me fart once a minute and I'm not joking or trolling
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You're talking about it as if it's a drug which I guess it is. Onset must be a few means. Peaks over hours though



Haha same here bro thought it was just me


probably full of maltitol or the like. sugar alcohols will cause tummy upsets and gas if you get too much.


File: 1679043505177.jpg (59.22 KB, 700x700, um0um022040te-712.jpg)


What underwear do you niggers wear? I'm looking for some full-cotton trunks
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File: 1685666537384.jpg (729.09 KB, 1389x1599, s-l1600.jpg)

Forgot pic


File: 1685682530170.jpeg (66.78 KB, 1200x675, c3ac6d0fde901d0a536e78fc9….jpeg)

yeah fuck cotton
i'll wear it im not doing anything but any physical activity and its awful
synthetic boxer briefs, tshirt, singlet and shorts
they breath, wick and dont hold moisture

do the same thing in cotton and it just fills up like a sponge and never dries, chafing, swamp ass, fuck that


Could you post a link to the product


File: 1685712867111.jpg (31.99 KB, 451x879, 51If5YImcwL._AC_UY879_.jpg)

no fly? how does wiener get out?



File: 1685594936074.png (251.02 KB, 470x340, babybig.png)


ITT: People from your local area you suspect might be Chonners or at least imageboarders.

For me: That mid to late 30s guy who walks his two dogs. If thats you you know who you are.


theirs like 6 PEEPLE on HERE


Hello guys/chonners, this site is just a shitposting thing don't worry, I don't express my thoughts outside because I'm too pussy tbh, I am not racist either, I'm sure I'd love a person from each race, I only use this site because sometimes I don't know what else to do


I hate niggers


File: 1685623038761.jpg (64.27 KB, 510x523, 3ce456a9f7e94cf2dce607dbd1….jpg)

>I am not racist either, I'm sure I'd love a person from each race


I can't hate niggers, even if niggers and nigger-lovers ought to be dealt with for the good of mankind.

File: 1685579832442.png (429.21 KB, 484x657, Screenshot_3.png)


Can anyone especially Aussies recommend a non-stim preworkout? (though I'm not how sure technically one is even possible)

I'm considering it if even just for the placebo effect, which I'm gonna google


half n half


File: 1685601270012.png (538.54 KB, 640x479, xmpalj5mez1b1.png)

some people take lionsmane mushroom and cordyceps




L-cittruline and l-arginine powder. The l-arginine powder smells and tastes bad like fish, so mix in some citric acid, completely kills the taste/smell and makes it taste like sour lemon instead.


I've been taking lion's mane for a couple of months now. For the first two weeks I felt something similar to the afterglow of psychedelic mushrooms

File: 1685387863062.webp (143.23 KB, 1079x989, Screenshot_20230529_20171….webp)

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Don't fall asleep again
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File: 1685514651114.mp3 (934.63 KB, xxTMIbrgaqdLEUT9.mp3)

Audio clip of what azealia banks had to say to mat.

Azealia Banks tells Matty Healy to “wash his dick” and “eat a strong green salad”



File: 1685541734568.png (314.25 KB, 1439x2232, 1685496278768.png)


File: 1685541781748.png (5.23 KB, 275x142, 1685498187281.png)



File: 1685541816544.png (129.81 KB, 1440x864, 1685499934658.png)

Just to catch up people who don't know & need a quick rundown. Shia has herpes.




File: 1685541980042.png (2.03 MB, 720x1931, 1685499601375.png)

If the rumors are true, that taylor is sucking&fucking healy...

OOOOOOoooohhhhh this ain't lookin good.


File: 1650972713875.gif (713 KB, 400x225, tumblr_n07k22ld9m1rkr9muo1….gif)

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requesting a hide ([ - ]) flag
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A new era has begun




I have been SERIOUSLY lacking on sunlight, like I haven't even been in the sun enough to turn red in the past I want to say 20 years, I've just been holed in the house or avoidant of going outside in that time, lately I've been going out with the sole intention of getting a suntan and honestly the exposure has been a godsend, I never thought lack on sunlight was my problem but now I know and I feel great.




I didn't even realise, based

File: 1663465085483.png (1.33 MB, 800x1172, Aubrey_Cottle_(Kirtaner).png)


The internet is quite poor for discussing drugs at the moment, 420chan has been down for months. There is drugs-forum and bluelight but last time I checked their boards are quite slow and underpopulated. Atm r9k is my go-to for any quick questions concerning recreational drugs though the quality of discussion is quite poor. I get the sense it has a lot of niggers. Longecity.org is quite good for neutraceuticals, nootropics, vitamins and related stuff. Some very informed people there. Reddit can be okay, the quality of response varies alot, some really off comments there interspered with some informed ones.

I think it's curious, overall, maybe there are just less conscientious drug users than I thought.
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File: 1672500307544.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2429, Screenshot_20221230-140505.png)

Here's a link to some nostalgia, frens.




Thanks for sharing, bookmarked


I thought about this again recently. Like how there is no PsychWiki page for ginseng. It's ridiculous how little we still know about diet, exercise, drugs etc etc. Ginseng has been used in Asia for 2k years or something.

File: 1684868146154.jpeg (305.41 KB, 2000x1471, R (1).jpeg)


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I don't smoke meth brothermans, Brittany Murphy though yes she is my girlfriend (in my mind)


i could save her


she is a CORPSE, you sickly fuckas!


Yes very sadly she is, I think she is somewhere up there making heaven look good



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washed out samuel hydesteen puts a bunch of cringy imageboard/kiwifarms users like yourself together in one room, closest thing to a live-action 4chon i guess

(use one of those temp throwaway emails)
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Come back



You can run but you can't hide


I'm hiding right now, nigger.


Scambo sucks these days.

File: 1684053519810-0.jpg (37.59 KB, 1301x732, Untitled_2.jpg)

File: 1684053519810-1.jpg (1.65 MB, 1982x1616, b3d13a5f8530_20200826_1618….jpg)


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Probably just the angle m8


File: 1684116879891.mp4 (4.8 MB, 640x480, You're_gonna_have_a_bad_ti….mp4)


File: 1684117271707.png (1.86 MB, 823x2555, second opinion.png)

Jeans add like half an inch of material.


Thnx M8. You can keep her.


Cancer posting

File: 1677719596083.jpg (251.96 KB, 1638x2048, 1677714856399571.jpg)



FUCKING HELL THIS STUDY COMFIRMED MY WORST FEARS! Ever since I was in middle school, normie retards excluded me from their friend groups and left me alone to myself. I was fairly autistic, but I masked to a degree that made it impossible for anyone to tell otherwise before. These faggots would always do this bullshit fake ass nice talk when interacting with me as to look good in front of their friends and other teachers. This shit was only done so that they could look good in front of others and use it as leverage to get school work off me. I was given false hope that things would get better and I would get friends BUT IT ONLY GOT WORSE! THE SYMPTOMES OF SCHIZOPHRENIA ONLY GOT MORE APPARANT AND HARDER TO IGNORE UNTIL I ALMOST KILLED MYSELF! THOSE RETARDS DIDN'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK!

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y- you're alive!?!?!


Avid isn't dead.


call of duty worlds at war


avid farred and it smellsof shit


File: 1665291208878.jpg (99.78 KB, 768x1024, 1665290983371687m.jpg)

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we're back bros

elon buying twitter

kanye tweeting extremely anti jewish stuff and ranting about israeli money jews on fox News

elon defending kanyes free speech (hopefully he doesn't cuck out)
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File: 1678284208133.jpg (15.49 KB, 320x240, 0d04b52e4d208db6a53af08be4….jpg)


File: 1678295920383.png (2.38 MB, 1139x2332, Screenshot_20230308-111815.png)


File: 1685218662085.webp (95.07 KB, 1440x1416, Screenshot_20230527-15144….webp)


Milo is a faggot rapist


File: 1665960416583.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x1440, 20220216_223156.jpg)


you guys love me dont lie
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ALL my freinds ar MANLY MEN, buckow!!



All my female friends are getting fucked by hdv. Omg watch out. Hdv is fucking your moms friend right now. This is crazy. Wtf.


dat HDV schwong got dem bitch's bootys poppin


File: 1685227254674.webm (1.22 MB, 720x720, 1685168052359522.webm)

When u try and play fartnight with smiley but he is actually really mean and verbally abusive tho.



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