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Dwarf did you take the jab?

If so how long ago?

t. need to get an idea of how long it should take you to die from blood clots

If you didn't get the jab, u wanna fuk (assuming you are not fat and still have your tits)?

I'm 10x crazier after taking shrooms and connecting with the Vitosha mycellium network and you know what they say about crazy in bed...

I will vanquish your pussy lol.
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Dwarfykun loves me so much she can never forget me. Even when I forgot her and moved on still she clings onto her love. If only fate did not separate us... I would have a very loyal wife!


Dwarf and Wizard k-i-s-s-i-n-g.


I'm your Kim Jung Un.


Kim Jung Un has people follow him around and write down every single thing he does.

So I'm your Kim Jung Un. Since you follow me around the internet and write down everything I do.

"On this day the Great Leader/Wizard did this and that"


File: 1672936053273.png (6.23 KB, 820x148, 2023-01-05 (11_27_05).png)


ffs you won't let me delete my own posts?
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Ask the mods to delete all your posts, say you will stop talking about me, I will ask the mods likewise delete all my posts, and then I shall refrain from talking about you.

Until you of course break the ceasefire yet again.


You want it to go on, you keep instigating shit, and turn down offers to make it end.

You want to be able to talk shit about me endlessly without me defending myself.


There's a way out but you don't take it.


You're desperate for my loosh in your pussy.


You are touching yourself right now.

File: 1672885749975.jpeg (1.26 MB, 2320x3088, 28D5B2EF-D24C-489F-84D5-1….jpeg)


Does dwarfgirl put out?
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He's so retarded.

I can't...


dwARfyyy,,, my sWEeT SweET chilD,,, yoU arE welCoMe to pOstiEs on thE miNTboaRd, FaThEr iGoR weLcomES yOu,,,,,,,,,,,, he iS a MaN of GReAT pEacE but hE haS neeDs,,


jUst usE hiDELOc in the EMaiL FieLD.

OR uSE ProXIes or TOr.

ComE My SWeEET swEeT ChiLD,,,


File: 1672935715652.png (16.42 KB, 730x543, 2023-01-05 (11_21_40).png)



File: 1672935816550.png (379.52 KB, 1502x1674, 2023-01-05 (11_23_25).png)


File: 1661885496818.jpg (31.63 KB, 323x500, 51sThPW2xXL._AC_SY780_.jpg)


have you been reading any books lately anon?
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Yesh u LOL


rekt again






Today while I was in the middle of a long conference call I noticed a fellow [redacted] by the name of [redacted] (aka "Smiley", "Fringe Wizard") who refuses to get a job, is a degenerate drug addict, and leeches off his parents and the government has spent my tax dollars (which he gets by faking a disability so he doesn't have to work) on purchasing a VPN service for the purpose of spamming this site while I was busy. It's also possible that he paid some of his buddies from mintboard to assist him with the flooding. Thankfully the early 404 system saved the majority of the threads. I have range-banned and mass deleted his VPN IPs but I'm sure he'll be back another day with more.

You cannot post his address, phone number or directly call for any sort of harassment towards him or especially his family but you are now allowed to name and shame him here using publicly available information as there's no law against that. [redacted] is also no longer allowed to post here and I encourage the other mods to ban him on sight. Obviously HIV can overrule all this since he's the owner and I have more important things to do than be a tard wrangler, but I'm here to maintain some order temporarily.

Mods: to do a range-ban of the last octet, when you click to Ban, change the last octect of say to 172.18.10.*. The asterisk will make it so it bans 256 address from (ie.,, ... If the flooding is really getting out of hand and you think it's not enough to ban the last octet (which only covers 256 addresses) you can further ban the last two octets (65536 addresses) by doing 172.18.*. If the flooding is way out of hand and you're too busy to wait until Kenneth has stopped then just ban the last three octets but remember to undo them later and be certain it doesn't match your own IP address (not too big of a deal I can undo it later myself via MySQL). Once the flooding has died down you can check ban appeals and ban list later to see if there are any innocents to appeal. You should only do range-bans (the last octet) for CP and extreme flooders (this does not apply to avid, dwarf or necrobumpers).(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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He's talking about OP you dummy


Because of you talking about me incessantly despite me avoiding this place for literally years.

That is the exact reason why.


You know what would happen if I woke up and checked on this website and found no new posts about me made by you?

Rejoice and be glad and fade into obscurity.

You keep evoking me from my grave.


y do u do reddit spacing




File: 1672875342817.webp (206.67 KB, 1200x900, D2A2BFED-50A7-46FE-A1AF-5….webp)


My mom is somehow watching a Jesse Lee Peterson zoom debate of some sort, the most frustrating thing is the person he's debating is a total self-righteous midwit faggot (he literally keeps saying "citation!?" lol) with easily btfo'd libtard textbook arguments-but Jesse himself is literally too dumb or uninformed to respond properly.

How can anyone stand to watch anything like this it's just awkward heh
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Ah the Hodget Twins I think they're called; Phantasm used to post them


They used to be funny when they were talking about fitness stuff but now they're such hypocrites.
I hate American conservatives so much almost as much as ours; for example, these same coomers were happy to say they lie about their own body counts, etc, (and whatever, it was funny when they were aware of their own hypocrisy) but now they want to be pro-American values?

What even are those anymore? Just leftism 10 years ago?


>What even are those anymore? Just leftism 10 years ago?
Give or take a few years, it always has been.


America had a genuine conservative party prior to the world wars; it was the Democrats.


File: 1672897639986.jpg (28 KB, 550x700, jlp.jpg)


File: 1672835091023.jpg (135.08 KB, 828x980, 82a1b69924c220774413631de3….jpg)


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File: 1672858905721.jpg (26.14 KB, 342x450, 967f36095ae160a3f66247f447….jpg)

I'm cringing already.


File: 1672859090957.jpeg (36.67 KB, 284x208, 1B6D6715-1CC1-4E16-B8CA-6….jpeg)

Oh like this talentless faggot?


File: 1672859153154.jpg (109.65 KB, 736x552, 08370f0e04c8f8f8386f9d61c6….jpg)



What did i miss? Fokster and the wifey having trouble?


File: 1672877095968.jpg (32.75 KB, 273x259, 1418438004065.jpg)

Um, sweetie, MCR was emo, not goth. Like, oof.

File: 1672783536750.webp (58.07 KB, 640x853, l0vh6tuzay891.webp)


pill me on pets
more specifically cats/dogs/small mammals/birds
are they wholesome companions or are they and unnecessary construct pushed onto you by society?
sometimes i think these animals have us round their fingers
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You're correct. Some prefer dogs because they're highly clingy

It's damn hard to find a dog that doesn't want to follow you everywhere. I think only livestock guardian dogs, akita, shiba and chows aren't incredibly clingy


dogs and cats are utilities as pest and degenerate humanoid retardants for a free, rural man owning land and multiple buildings, a large territory where these pets roam mostly freely, this man needs them and deserves their company

if you live in an urbanite wagecuck apartment you don't deserve these pets, they don't belong there, those cramped multistory buildings and rooms were not designed to accommodate them, nor the streets with the traffic, the concrete pathways or the parks


File: 1672867462679.webp (85.53 KB, 640x877, i3mzg70e13aa1.webp)

what is the american obsession with shitbulls?


File: 1672868521925.jpg (153.28 KB, 1024x1024, 1650993413833m.jpg)

Egalitarianism. If a pit-fighting dog can be a loving family pet it proves that genetics aren't real and anyone can become anything


File: 1672873605956.mp4 (2.24 MB, 270x480, DASH_480.mp4)






File: 1672101561042.jpg (102.9 KB, 1080x1080, 07f4cdd665cea2610130876dc2….jpg)


Today's such a wholesome day on the chon. I can't remember the last time it's been so nice here.
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got a seven vertebrae pop upon waking this morning
it was honestly impressive


Did it feel gud?





File: 1672742334881.jpg (173.22 KB, 679x631, 1393573688025.jpg)


Any of you know how to get hentai, preforable uncensored of course, with actual good storylines?

Also a bit of a shot in the dark, anyone remember the one (pretty sure its 2 episodes long) about a girl and guy finding each other over the net and at some point the girl lets the guy fuck her but only do one thrust until she lets him do more? Lol it was hot. And it had a good storyline.
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I read one which was a retelling of Journey to the West once. Was pretty decent.


Ah, so it is.


Generally the less explicitly pornographic a work is the better the story gets. I think the main thing is that people don't want to read through 40 pages of exposition and plot just to have a wank.


File: 1672864155146.jpg (2.04 MB, 3968x1984, IMG_20230104_162926.jpg)

kys tranime faggot(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Why was he banned? He spoke truth

File: 1654980444739.jpg (17.23 KB, 480x360, 1654975825681.jpg)


Redpill me on gnomes
Why are some people afraid to talk about them
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Parkour gnomes terrorize our streets at night. They must be stopped.


File: 1672756619971.jpeg (69.82 KB, 750x430, D4E86B26-6E69-4207-9E6E-1….jpeg)

Went gnome hunting with gramps




thats one cold ass nigga


File: 1672704678575.gif (1.84 MB, 640x640, black-man-falls-off-chair.gif)


Im not drunk you are
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File: 1672714660978.jpeg (7.44 KB, 182x276, images.jpeg)

Whats up nigars


you ruined this thread


I will simply [ - ] the bill Cosby post.


File: 1672717731774.jpg (104.79 KB, 498x1121, acid_picdump_41~2.jpg)

It's okay. He's been taken down. Y'all can breathe.


File: 1672852558704.jpg (239.6 KB, 636x900, 1-transcendental-blue-moon….jpg)

Have a (you).


Do not disturb me, I have to pay my taxes now
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Ssh, taxes now


1 on 1 with the tax authorities




Taxes. In private


File: 1672854134329.jpg (261.52 KB, 570x736, il_570xN.2449940717_2dhj.jpg)

Have a (you).

File: 1672788153776.jpg (385.56 KB, 1080x1129, Screenshot_2023-01-04-10-1….jpg)


Body count Americans will say shit like this about men and then be like 'so what if I've slept with 59 people, the past is the past it says nothing about who I am', or 'why do you keep saying the sexual revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race, what does that have to do with age gaps, sex trafficking and the dehumanisation of women and men in dating apps'.
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File: 1672832806943.jpeg (159.36 KB, 1024x1024, images (2).jpeg)

>women have it made in the western world

Ah. Yes, the life on easy-mode trope.


Cool pic sir


Girl I spoke to at the art gallery said something like (shes 20 im 33ish) "hmm, a 12 year age gap. My parents have 5 years (or something), it's not too bad".


File: 1672852283428.jpeg (117.43 KB, 587x800, images (3).jpeg)

Have a (you).


File: 1672856481929.png (231.48 KB, 833x808, 827afc5d8ad99a6e20b03e52fb….png)


File: 1672706030471.jpg (195.32 KB, 946x2048, FB_IMG_1672705615184.jpg)


New HDV story just dropped
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File: 1672775658099.mp4 (10.99 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (10).mp4)

Ummm... YEA PLS!!!


File: 1672775943776.jpg (11.39 KB, 612x383, istockphoto-872831978-612x….jpg)

Eh. Maybe not. Idk. Hm. Probably not.


File: 1672776062102.jpg (66.21 KB, 770x958, f2e83d0dbfd5483184703f3f0f….jpg)

Yeah. I think I'd leave bert alone.


... just saying!




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