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File: 1643757030001.jpg (324.37 KB, 1080x1069, 024f22d2cbd8dc78650089645a….jpg)


>still not at 10 pages yet

jim, it is nonliving.
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When have they/them ever mentioned being into programming?
Not sure why one would guess they were the one. It's like a nigga picked a tripcode at random heh


Are you going to sit there and tell me liberalfeline doesn't own programmer socks?


ywn spend a snowy day with a depressed japanese gorl


we're at 23 now isn't that cool


the feeling striked me


>we want the code lyoko audience


GitS died with 2nd GiG.
No point in watching anything further.


File: 1650093740601.gif (1.47 MB, 320x240, vocaloid.gif)

woah that horrible music…

everything ended up sucking in the world a little after vocaloid came out, vocaloid was the last little burst of energy of goodness before everything became shit


Wow, it looks awful.

I haven't watched the show in forever. What was the point of GitS? A secret police task force sucked federal dick and killed freedomfighters is all I recall.

File: 1649831848374.png (82.98 KB, 176x234, farty.png)


Woah, fartychestCUNTy be running a podcast!


can I be a guest?


the podcast is cringe

why try to tell random miami whores about interpersonal dynamics

i think anybody wasting time on that is more pathetic than the whores themselves


post link

File: 1649540554159.jpg (386.59 KB, 1000x750, scream.jpg)


I can't taste cock or cum!!!!!!! catching the wu flu on purpose may have been a mistake, lads!
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i hope you lose at everything in life


I was jabbed by many cocks! I thought that was enough!

homophobes like you have lost and will continue to lose


Lmao bump


the maxwell kike


i didnt catch it whore

File: 1647429854299.jpg (73.63 KB, 443x640, 1647361475771.jpg)


Wypipo do dis shit but don't wanna live in a black neighborhood shieet
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is that ice poseidon




File: 1649971947897.png (688.12 KB, 1440x1244, Screenshot_20220414-163118.png)

Weep not for he's protecting heaven as an angel fighting glowing cia niggers now. REJOICE! Hallelujah!


File: 1649973635948.jpeg (34.04 KB, 474x567, 5d053a1bb0e56a2a4f5e95ba0….jpeg)


File: 1649992014781.jpg (49.92 KB, 780x438, coffeezilla-talks-with-den….jpg)

this braindead nigga

File: 1649947614997.png (163.91 KB, 460x480, Emoji_Icon_-_Thinking_larg….png)


Why does some fag keep deleting their posts and threads for seemingly no reason? Fuck that nigger.
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Don't tempt me or ill delete more


ill code in a new feature so threads can't be deleted by non-mods after x amount of hours, i can start w/ 24 hours and hiv can adjust it later in instance-config.php if he wants (or remove it to disable it)


You motherfucker! You'll ruin my plan of owning 50% of all threads in the catalogue then deleting them all (im at 37% now)


>Attempting to control threads





delete them

File: 1645967624079.jpg (123.52 KB, 880x880, ..jpg)


In this thread we will talk about anything related to sleep, dreams, nighttime, etc
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how do you sleep? i tend to sleep with my head down, that causes me to sweat
>sleep with head tilted up
>no waking up sweating 👍


WBTB is almost guaranteed to give you one if you want one soon. Otherwise do reality checks, journaling etc


File: 1647168947790.jpg (52.6 KB, 933x1080, f23cfe0adfcce0aa9c6f99944d….jpg)

Sleep paralysis AGAIN
>start hearing mechanical whir of a large central AC machine as if it was in my room with me
>in the static of my closed eyed vision see two blue partially transparent faceless eyes gazing back at me
>eyes shift in tf2 sniper face looking weird
>think I might see a demon face, panic starts here
>face starts cycling at a super fast rate with a bunch of other faces that I'm not familiar with
>its like a film reel in a projector spinning through images of a billion faces
>shifting and screaming in my throat for what feels like an eternity before I finally snap out of it and wake up


File: 1649929624457.jpg (377.48 KB, 900x900, black-and-white-optical-tu….jpg)

>1.5 hours in decide to put in earbuds to play relaxing sleepymusic to help sleep
>end up passing out half hourish later
>only right earbud in now
>next i know I'm in a german street square inspired location
>my dad is there, tell him I'm gonna go around the corner and buy a beer from the stand
>suddenly alone in the street, but feel like someone is stalking me
>now in a huge office like building
>see someone just turn a corner in front of me
>thats him!
>turn around and see someone step outside a doorway with a hand gun
>he starts opening fire into random people
>panicking I start running to an exit sign leading to a stairwell
>the door and sign are getting further away even though I'm frantically running towards it
>now feels like I'm running underwater
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File: 1649929648996.jpeg (32.51 KB, 600x433, R (8).jpeg)

>can now hear ambient music in my right ear
>falling stops am now a bodiless specter now seeing visions of colors/memories
>trying desperately to move and wakemyself up. Trying to scream
>will occasionally pop into a poorly formed scene and forget where I am but I still hear the music in one ear and so I start freaking out again and am thrown back into the void
>this goes on for like 5 mins when suddenly i wake up in my room
>Its day now
>dont hear music anymore but somehow realize I'm dreaming
>everything is super vivid and not dreamlooking
>try to catch my breath from earlier panicking
>try to tell myself well we're lucid now so let's just enjoy it
>walk around and feel/look at things to appreciate the vividness
>turn around and am very startled to see a woman walk out from a corner
>asian bitch wearing my wife's clothes
>"who are you?"
>she is silent but gives me a small smile
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File: 1649680484435.jpg (80.69 KB, 607x567, 1648711334116.jpg)


i feel the current 4chon is very similar to the first year of sti making the site yet i fear by making this thread i have cursed it into hebrewism
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File: 1649856631104.gif (161.46 KB, 220x168, kimmee-kimmee-twitch.gif)


you can't stop thinking about my cock lol


i said pull up


NO! I will not pull out my bellend for you to suck


it seems the spark is there but we're missing the fuel.

File: 1649886710444.jpg (139.77 KB, 720x1214, 20220413_175124.jpg)


dis nigga aint right


just avin a bubble n squeak mayte


is there a big fat cock channel?

File: 1649655447416.bmp (725.87 KB, 474x392, Smoloko Fucktardery 4.bmp)


How come the only pic I can find of this fag is the one where he looks like a fuckin fruit?


because he is gay


File: 1649873113103.png (1.04 MB, 598x598, 1649795463736.png)

..cuz ur a vegetable.

File: 1648657045412.jpg (186.21 KB, 1286x1241, 1648576456630.jpg)


we're all friends here
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>still no pony flags
ur rong theres 1


I've really gotta try and bring my computer to work so I can finish the flags. I don't want to do them at home because it's so gd time consuming but if I'm at work anyway I could probably get 400 done in a day heh.


File: 1649844918374.jpg (416.03 KB, 1003x1102, Screenshot_20210815-151036….jpg)

>we're all friends here


Good idea. Fuck the boss man!


File: 1649872314552.jpg (228.3 KB, 1080x2143, 527f3aae4a24e7f7a1fe77b400….jpg)

Have a (you), fren!

File: 1649862504213.jpg (455.34 KB, 2079x4032, oie_9Z8lPoI7Wk0Q.jpg)




File: 1649872212441.jpg (51.22 KB, 750x422, hilarious-gay-memes-to-dis….jpg)

F0ky be like…

File: 1649807260620.jpg (560.3 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20220410-190236….jpg)


gay as bored

yall niggas is low T frfr
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ok im back, no fuck dream, was stuck in a high rise while the russians bombed us, inhaled some spectre like vapor too idk what that signifies


oh no, an image to hide, oh the humanity


File: 1649851453978.jpg (83.66 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20220413-130340….jpg)

welp that was easy




File: 1649862566229.jpg (91.5 KB, 800x447, 1649829478703.jpg)

File: 1649492428746.jpg (80 KB, 1201x1600, 03.jpg)


I had a great date but still was rejected. tfw.
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File: 1649805059110.jpg (81.87 KB, 848x1100, cd4.jpg)


it is essentially a digital lobotomy

i knew this one demented foid who was into anime and she was annoying as fuck for no reason whatsoever, she was also not even into anime until a couple years ago, then she proceeded to slap anime related shit everywhere, reference it all of the time and generally, just act like a cringe lobotomite, as anime does, it retards and distorts your mind and outlooks, you begin ti prioritise the absolute cringest of personality traits, saying cutesy shit and watching bleach like an absolute mouthbreathing mong cunt.

I cannot stress this enough, don't watch anime if you want to fully mature, dont play video games either, youll end up never growing up.


File: 1649805514956.png (939.43 KB, 1079x1122, 673.png)

Lobotomy's aren't all that bad, BUCKO!


>youll end up never growing up.
Millenials are all retarded man-children and zoomers are even worse. You and me too. It's a symptom of modernity. The longer you stay in the abyss the more corrupted you become.


what in the absolute fuck are you talking about

File: 1649807140672.webm (2.86 MB, 620x582, 1646535732109.webm)


Can you tell how long you have left to live?
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File: 1649807790111.jpg (191.29 KB, 644x853, Screenshot_20220115-154339….jpg)

shrek doesnt like your thread


slam your dick in a cabinet door repeatedly until you can't bear the pain any longer then take the number of slams and multiply by 12 before subtracting your current age


rules unclear joined ISIS

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