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File: 1663816200737.jpg (44.83 KB, 600x824, The-Golden-One-600x824.jpg)


Fresh nu Counter Currents radio episode fuckerinos

The Germanic Golden One Offers White Pills on the Swedish Election




wat dis



how is tiktok allowed in america?
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some redditor screencapped one of my greentext stories i posted to r9k

it was truly the wildwest, normies would post their zoom meeting links either unprotected or with passwords shown so every 5mins you could find a good one
was absurdly easy and makes me wonder how many companies got spied upon easily asf by china since they own zoom.



Ive seen that before. That wasn't you


nice bait


holy shit! you're the legendary /u/[deleted]?

I love your work!!!

File: 1658960820321.jpg (85.87 KB, 828x821, x5aqkqzq38u61.jpg)


Me and my family are currently on vacation and I have said to myself that I will try to not masturbate during this trip. Today I went at the hotel (from the beach) earlier than everyone else, with no intentions of masturbating. As I got to the room I stood there watching a movie but I suddenly started masturbating. I was doing it for maybe an hour and was just about to get a tissue, but instead I had already orgasmed and came all over the sheets. Just as this happened I heard a knock on the door. It was my grandparents who I share a room with. I immediately got dressed and opened the door. As soon as I opened it I laid down on the bed with my brand new clean clothes. I was laying on the cum. My underwear and shorts were all covered with it. I then laid on my bed for over an hour and a half and when it was time to go to dinner I said I will come a little a bit later because I was watching a movie. As soon as they left I got up and took a shower. I washed my all my clothes on the sink and dried them with a hairdryer. I then went to the shop and got wet wipes to clean my sheets. Im really disgusted with myslef and think I should stop forever.
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billie is proof that white w*men age like rotten milk


blonde women are prized for their educational merits


billie is proper fit and I would lick her minge


why didn't you just jack off in the bathroom, you retard?


did billie eilish age well?

or past prime


are the different races on earth (white, asian, etc.) alien dna from deep space?

they all seem totally different



Take meds now. [-]

File: 1662370405646.png (232.74 KB, 381x440, dfghdgfhdgfh.png)


No porno posting for at least 3 days please. I'm refraining from masturbation to see if it gives me better visuals when I do DXM.
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It didn't help the visuals, fml


Try nofap


File: 1663816891400.jpg (301.83 KB, 1440x2054, watch-more-porn-goyim.jpg)

you will consume porn and you will be happy


Thats what I was doing lol

Funnily enough jerked off 3 times on Tues, tripped on Weds and the visuals were better



Remember when they said that it was backwards and uneducated to teach abstinence only in schools? Remember when they cried slippery slope fallacy at you for wanting standards about sex ed in schools?
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File: 1663687851444.jpg (194.62 KB, 1392x783, kayla-lemieux.jpg)

Canada: High School Defends Male Teacher Who Comes to Work with Giant Prosthetic Tits



File: 1663780764296-0.webp (70.47 KB, 654x800, 1663776549237395.webp)

File: 1663780764296-1.jpg (88.65 KB, 768x900, tim-tool.jpg)


You tell -em, Tim.


File: 1663809998740.jpg (57.23 KB, 1024x558, 1663809594076545m.jpg)


File: 1663815528868.jpg (164.38 KB, 2048x1152, 1663814898999230.jpg)

File: 1663399122298.gif (220.24 KB, 1114x174, eat shit.gif)



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File: 1663801561468.gif (697.65 KB, 400x267, troll.gif)

oh he seethin
his little neovagina is twitchin in agony from mah trole skillls
gonna need an extra dilation todayy lmao


File: 1663779780324.jpeg (27.25 KB, 578x528, 8wuyvy7j4w981.jpeg)


anyone here a night owl?


I am a 52 yo that has finally come to understand my true nature, thanks in no small part to my darling Mistress. I understand now that I have always been a sissy, I just needed acceptance, so that I could stop fighting. I have the best of both worlds, just one of the guys during the day and a mincing, lingerie wearing, cock craving sissy by night.
Thank you Mistress for your acceptance, understanding and your kinky mind.



File: 1663725339492.png (77.17 KB, 268x169, dsdasasdasd.png)


boatchan is a save haven for all of the cool peeps
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Cool site bruh


it has a board dedicated to a stupid nigger


so does 4chon




File: 1654568144288.jpg (33.12 KB, 345x452, pewds.jpg)


I ain't gay but I'd suck PewDiePie's dick
I just imagine that dong is so nice and thick
he'd pull it out and then I'd lick on the tip
and then he'd slam it down my throat and scream "fukken epic"
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What did avid mean by this?



oh snap!
right in my thread!
it's the avid4channer!
we all thought you wuz dead!

I guess dem nigga erections is da elixir of life
I can see why Donald Trump wants em up in his wife


Best thread on the site


File: 1660422451465.mp4 (1.63 MB, 1152x600, you're a virgin.mp4)


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File: 1663609383433.png (511.88 KB, 580x615, 1663609292805484.png)

Surrender to the Black New World Order


File: 1663611857540.mp4 (371.64 KB, 720x766, aoc.mp4)


doesn't the black mermaid get bleached tho?

File: 1663544078307.jpeg (86.61 KB, 1000x691, 049C482A-034B-4094-ADBA-A….jpeg)


Went to visit a friend (female) I made online about a year ago. We had a good time talking/walking etc. but it's pretty clear she isn't into it (the "it" being me). This is probably my first attempt at meeting somebody in a few years, since the meme flu robbed me of some of my most vulnerable years as an aging millennial. We were laughing and talking together for many hours and spent the days just walking and exploring the city; we probably crossed 50 miles in 2 days, no exaggeration (this is a very educated guess) and it felt great. Whatever happens she's still a good friend and I'm happy for that-really-and I look forward to being her friend for my years to come, but I'm still devastated tbh. It's not her job to pretend to like me lmao...but I don't know. As good as I felt about this I still end up where I've most always been at: alone, and it hurts, lads.
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>hoping for something more

Did you meet up with her and then not make any move, i.e. not get physical with her, at all? Thats been my problem whenever I've tried getting laid. Often when I've actually been aggressive, it does it sexual at least to some degree. Though I think you're cucking out by calling it "hoping for something more". It sounds like you were really passive. Again, thats like what I've been a lot, but I do recognise it for what it is...


Yeah, I knew a guy who got married thst way actually. Some girl he met on WoW.

Sorry it didn't work out this time, but don't give up!


I miss when you could meet people through AOL chat rooms. I don't know how they do it thes3 days.


>in highschool
>play WoW on Maelstrom with internet friends
>my female draenei mage friend turns out to be a 30 year old woman IRL
>she's talking to me about all sorts of stuff
>talking to me about sexual stuff
>in six or so months she's flying down to the town next to mine for work related reasons
>instead of pursuing and smashing this milf I change servers under the pressure of my IRL friends that also play WoW
>now I'm on fucking Frostmane collecting antelope hooves and shit instead of balls deep in this milf's intestines

Fucking hell


I've known people who've met through discord and even irc, relatively recently. They ended up moving in together and having the sex.

File: 1663580959131.png (2.43 KB, 379x486, 1662920162215514.png)


HDV defends pedophilia


Able to bleed, able to breed. Anyone who disagrees with this common sense stance is either a feminist soycuck or a sicko.



Feminist or sicko?



britpol pill me on modern british politics

im out of the loop


i read Liz Truss wiki page and all of her views are super leftist, idk how she slurped her way into top conservative position

her gluckgluck9000 must be good


File: 1663440363837.jpg (321.01 KB, 1756x1556, 1663435832107182.jpg)


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I knew you were FoKy



you're a weird guy, FoKy


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