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File: 1645732646493.jpg (116.92 KB, 628x648, 8f8d75d3b621dca6b76dbfcb98….jpg)


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I want to have gay sex with op now!


if putin bombs the shit out of non trad eastern europe my internet dad joran peterson will bring my tradcath tiktok anime cosplayer tradwife from wheatfields to my basement


File: 1646067785718.jpg (18.04 KB, 250x357, FL_Devastator_Marine.jpg)


as do I… violent anal!

devastator marines can be proper fit especially if they have big willies


youre entitled as fuck lmao

File: 1646249855519.webm (1.94 MB, 1280x720, 1646069084165.webm)


I'm dreading the day my job called us back to full time in office. We've been doing half remote since the pandemic started. I feel like it's coming soon.
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File: 1646254807328.jpg (19.94 KB, 525x490, 24dc64acec752656a70a6f09a1….jpg)

They can't call you back to the office if there's no office. You know what you must do.


this and also
piss in his desk


Its not my bosses fault. He wants wfh too. His boss does too and I'm sure his boss as well. The decision comes from the very top. I fear they're a little old fashion. Freaking b**mers


It's not ever coming back. And with the massive rise in gas prices it's not going to


File: 1646460308864.png (588.96 KB, 640x640, R.c90f0b2fc96768f846f2c897….png)

You WILL go work! You WILL pay for the gas! And you WILL prevent the value of my real estate from plummeting, goy!

File: 1645680250190.png (2.59 MB, 1302x2048, le acceleration faec.png)


Missiles rain down on Kiev and amphibious assault is launched on Odessa after Putin ordered 'special military operation' in Ukraine to 'denazify' it: Biden leads condemnation of 'unprovoked and unjustified' invasion as Ukrainian forces fight back

Vladimir Putin has ordered an invasion of Ukraine, describing it as a 'special military operation' and saying he wants to 'demilitarize', not occupy, the country.

The Russian president told Ukrainian service members to 'lay down their arms and go home' as he declared war on Ukraine in an early morning address to the nation.

Putin said Russia could not exist with a 'constant threat emanating from the territory of Ukraine' and clashes between Russian and Ukrainian solders was 'inevitable'.

Unconfirmed reports said that Russian forces had destroyed or rendered unusable the Ukrainian navy, and taken control of Boryspil Airport in Kiev.

Access to the Black Sea and Azov Sea was cut off.

Unconfirmed reports on Twitter appeared to show a huge seaborne landing by Russian forces in the Black Sea port of Odessa, involving large landing craft and helicopters shortly before 6am local time.

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Fucking commies.


File: 1646231303440.png (164.11 KB, 1440x1117, 1646229924539.png)

Theyre bluffing right


File: 1646246585286.jpg (199.85 KB, 1863x660, frontline-trannies.jpg)


File: 1646264313354.png (249.91 KB, 721x680, ghost-of-kiev.png)


Russia may officially decriminalize software piracy
>Against the backdrop of growing sanctions, the Russian authorities are urgently preparing support measures, among which the abolition of criminal and administrative liability for the use of pirated software "from countries that supported the sanctions" is being discussed. Such a move could temporarily mitigate the departure of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others from Russia, experts admit. But, they warn, most of the significant software from these companies is sold by subscription, which means that access to it will be blocked anyway.

Yandex facing financial problems due to sanctions, warns of bankruptcy

Reddit bans all URLs to .ru domains as well as Russian state-sponsored media outlets including RT

File: 1646203560498.png (762.27 KB, 932x637, Screenshot_2.png)


>Physical effects in movie theatres

Look pretty cool tbh might watch THE BATMAN in one of these theatres.

Not sure how it would actually work out IRL though.
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>Restrictions in my state dropped like a week ago I think
By "get into" I meant "be engaged by".

I haven't been to a movie theatre since I saw the second Silent Hill movie.


oh what a shit movie to end it on, seriously though I cant see the appeal of watching le big skreen tbh, id rather put some headphones on and watch in bed, at least there I can eat cheap food and fap at the sexy scenes


>oh what a shit movie to end it on
Bro, I went to go see that shitty movie on opening day, Halloween. The first movie had its faults but it pulled itself off so well. I had such hopes. I even took somebody with me to go see it. I don't know why she claimed she liked it. Women, amirite?
>fap at the sexy scenes
Jesus is smh'ing in heaven.


the first silent hill is based, bit sad about the police woman and the bitch who got her skin ripped off and the bitch with the long hair and shit


Yeah Anna and Cybil got absolutely btfo hardcore, shit was rough.
>bitch with the long hair
Dahlia? I can't think of who else had long hair. The kid? Making a proper sequel would've been so simple. Have the dad go to Silent Hill to find his family in a reimagined version of James from the second game. Could introduce Eddy and the annoying kid but have them be like followers of Walter, as some kind of cultist looking to harness the town's power and you could leave it open-ended for a third or maybe even fourth movie where Walter almost gets his way or something.

File: 1646339008507.webm (3.06 MB, 496x360, c.webm)


i was doing good for a while but have lost all motivation
fuck this gay earth fuck the antichrist
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File: 1646342011112.png (2.77 MB, 1024x1024, 1645741685203.png)

I fucking wish but alas I still have too much good in my life that I dont want to throw away. Maybe in a few years I'll reach that state


sending good vibes your way


wanna have gay sex




File: 1645574684421.jpg (53.05 KB, 550x366, pepe_time.jpg)


Do you guys still manage to find music and books? I feel like I've run out of shit to consume.
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I have several boxes worth of backlog in reading to go through, still. And there's more books I still want to get. I'm pretty much done with music, though. I'm all into the sound of folk stuff but I don't go out of my way to listen to anything anymore. If music isn't something you're participating with in your locality as a cultural binding, it has no worth.


I just listen to the same shit I listened to when I was 15.


>If music isn't something you're participating with in your locality as a cultural binding, it has no worth.

t. listens to nazi marching music and reminisces about the good old days of dad rock



this shit was p good fam

>find music

i can rec lots of resources but really it depends on what genre ur into
i'm really into finding wide variety of music


find a certain subject and go down the rabbithole of it


File: 1646401497361.webm (3.82 MB, 720x360, enthusiastic honorary ary….webm)

Why yes, my tastes are superior.

File: 1645916031044.png (511.58 KB, 600x446, 19c6483d4c23c2c2d1e6f2bc55….png)


>I fell for the air fryer meme
Pretty good/10. The microwave is obsolete tbh.
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Eating in your bedroom is degenerate, so no.


if FoKy used his dubs to endorse them they must be good


air fried some french fries

p good

i guess i'll try salmon next?

gonna look up what is good to air fry


its a miniature convection oven


And it doesn't take 10 years to cook anything.

File: 1646012208794.jpg (83.5 KB, 1200x675, microfono.jpg)


So… you heard about this "avid" guy? This is- this is just insane! So this guy… calls himself avid4channer… aaaand he apparently wants "a big fat cock to penetrate all [his] orifices and fill them with cum, until [he's] just a nasty cumslut with no self respect" like wow! Seriously! That's what the guy wants! Now I know it's 2022 and gay rights and all that… and I respect that stuff I do- I do but duuuude you lay it on a little thick, right? Like whoa! "No self respect" nah bro have some gay pride! Be the person Mr Rogers knew you could be! He's in this feud with FoKy as well. I know right? As if FoKy is even relevant in 2022! Just move on, dudes! Do people even post on 4chon.me? I don't think so! HDV should just hang it up! Am I right, folks? Anyway that's my time! PEACE!
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Excuse me, where's the punchline?


File: 1646031881808.jpg (81.73 KB, 640x362, microfono2.jpg)

Real original, buddy… it's 2022! Wanting a big fat cock is fine and dandy- no, it's better than fine it's great! Ask your dad sometime and he'll tell ya where to get a real juicy one!

Two hecklers at one show? The punchline is out back in the alley behind the club… I'll meet ya there after I'm done up here and explain it real thorough-like.

Anyway thanks for having me back! A one night stand is good but two nights in a row makes me feel like Hugh Fuckin Hefner! So this HDV guy… what's his deal? He makes this nazi website and it fills up with gay spam? AND HE DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT? is he a fed or just gay? Again- again, I have a great relationship with the gays believe me but it's just off is all… and what's up with avid? the guy has like 6,000,000 trips- that's b'nai brith level samefagging is he a botnet? is he some kind of crypto hacker cp aggregator russian disinfo agent? mossad? is big fat cock code for something extra evil and scary? what's the deal? hdv ban this sick filth save us from the terror of the avid four chan men save us from the horrors of the flesh and uncertainties of life save us like the internet was supposed to be saved i do not fear death yet i wish to prolong my life do not allow the moot clones to give us all fauci aids i beseech thee tarry a moment and hear this pilgrim's plea


File: 1646163129302.jpg (65.6 KB, 910x607, microfono.jpg)

TMI, FoKles… T. M. I.

Anyway back to HDV… I just don't get that guy. Why recreate a cesspit like 4chon? Not even STEE wants to be associated with such filth! 4chon is like a bad cockroach infestation that just won't go away! Like Puerto Ricans that won't stop breeding… okay maybe that was a little raciss I'm not like that at all I love diversity and gay sex! I'm a modern conservative and I voted for Caitlin Jenner! You guys see these gas prices? What the heck is Brandon doing? Why won't he just nuke Putin and get us some sweet sweet crude Make Gas Cheap Again that's what I say! a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush but if I get my hands on some bush I'll be putting my little bird in if you know what I mean I mean my cock if you didn't get it because cock means both penis and chicken which is a type of bird and bush refers to both shrubbery and hairy pussies I like hairy pussies because I'm trad and based shaved pussies are for soy boys hdv probably likes shaved pussies or maybe he's into girls who haven't grown a bush yet if you catch my meaning


File: 1646167391240.png (356.04 KB, 1280x720, image_2022-03-01_154258.png)

God isn't real. No, I won't elaborate.


File: 1646279227203.jpg (34.75 KB, 474x308, microfono2.jpg)

This guy comes into my thread and gets dubs? Can you believe this? Stealing my dubs like some kind of Haitian… wait- no, sorry, not cool. Many Haitians are fine upstanding people with normal jobs. I believe a gay, mentally disabled Haitian will one day run for president and win AS A REPUBLICAN!


File: 1646141892519.mp4 (1.37 MB, 476x360, slap slap slap.mp4)


Looks like it was that time for the fucking cops to fill their fucking KIKE quotas. Pulled over for going 80 in a 55, like I'm the only one who speeds on that highway.
>we could have taken your license sir, but since i'm so nice i'll just bill you for $200


don't do the crime
if you can't do the time.


File: 1646143064331.png (276.83 KB, 500x500, d25a5ef67ea70ff69415d350c7….png)


Just raise the speed limit tbh. You should only have to go slower in the right lane, because traffic has to merge there. This is what happens when your country is full of KIKES and 'germanics' who aren't capable of distinguishing between the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. Every day Ben Franklin is proven right.


dat ass so phat its a crime, and im here to arrest

>slaps ops butt

File: 1646069725332.jpeg (70.65 KB, 468x655, 27C1EE55-3991-44A4-8E70-5….jpeg)


watched a documentary on psychiatric drugged kids and this one kid was diagnosdd with BIPOLAR at 2 years old cuz “he seemed a little bit more angry and rough than other boys his age”(the cunt mums words) and the 3 year old threw toys at the tv, the mum acted stupid and was like “OMG WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS OMG BIPOLAR FREAKOUT” but the tv he was throwing stuff at had A FUCKING CARTOON WITH A WINDOW THAT GOT BROKEN!!!! He was just doing what the tv showed him!!!

I swear whenever i hear anyone say “mood stabilisers” it makes me wanna grab something and beat them and break their fingers so they cant forcefully drug anyone with evil synthetic bullshit that causes 30% less life expectancy and you die with no emotions or any feelings and u cant even cuddle or fuck ur bf/gf cuz u feel nothing. i wont be able to bother finding a soulmate cuz im unable to feel any feelings for anyone or anything and i cant feel the armosphere and i always want to fucking die, my bodies completely broken down and im an obeast braphog, i seriously want to die all the time, its been 7 years
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File: 1646150077467.webm (1.98 MB, 640x480, 1646147786461.webm)



why does he have a hole in bottom of pp


File: 1646156170114.jpeg (894.5 KB, 2813x1830, 1545AC72-EF67-4890-935D-F….jpeg)

Because Mitchell Sutton who lives in Freemantle with his parents has a deformed dickhole, his also corcumsised and has a deep scar, he also let blackheads develope on his cripplecock and squeezed them out in front on dogstralia who is not me. He also masturbated to an image of a dead naked decaying womans body.


fuck off with ur crap


File: 1646015572325.jpg (73.7 KB, 392x498, its over.jpg)


>there will never be another website like 8chan
>there will never be another moment like 2014-2016.
>most users on the webring weren't ever there
>some don't even know what it was
what the hell happened to this site? It is downsized.
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Really shocking that zoomers are bragging and being nostalgic over 2014-2016 imageboards, were you even on 4chon?

what the fuck do you mean most users here were't there, you know 4chon was 10 years ago?

tl;dr fuck you nigger faggot bitch




add /nice/


File: 1646096289821.jpg (194.69 KB, 584x610, 20220228_175549.jpg)

if /nice/ gets remade I volunteer as mod, it was afterall my idea


File: 1646116739443.png (441.77 KB, 640x480, alice_anal_fingering_2.png)

fuck that.

File: 1642968987545.jpg (55.67 KB, 300x300, 3a7ce188755bcce47bab6f7016….jpg)


has anyone found the hidden boards yet?
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based secret keeper


i found it


Liar. what is it so I know your truthing?


not telling you sorry


File: 1646068740591.jpg (598.77 KB, 828x827, 1646057835894.jpg)

File: 1646053261610.png (1.52 MB, 1200x735, holyshit gay homo fags.png)


Big bouncy tits are a dime a dozen at this time.
How can any FAFAB(forcefully assigned female at birth) expect to keep a husband by when the FAFAB body has been turned into nothing more but a commodity.
Sex is meaningless for the vast majority of the disgusting humans, the cis dudes can buy from whores to push his dick into a hole of a 4 digit body count who pretends to enjoy it.
Thats what cis men want, they just want something different, they wanna feel like the conquer emperor with all these slaves, everyone wants to fuck him cuz his just so special, and he as well as the whores have no pair bonding capability.
Cis men want lifelong entertainment with no commitment, the whores are just happy being disgusting whoreslaves, no drive for greatness beyond popular societies ideas of success.

I do not claim humanity, i was never like anyone, I am an canidae God from the ancient British isles, and male.


File: 1646054115230.png (30.81 KB, 574x500, K166.png)

I would only be awakened by the many attempts to destroy my soul. My feelings for life gone for almost a decade, though my understandings of the multiverse, vast.


File: 1646057071414.jpg (143.08 KB, 530x828, 1620080979891.jpg)

Take meds now.





File: 1645946714281.jpg (54.51 KB, 976x850, pepe_doubt.jpg)


Unironically the coolest skill you could have is to know how to draw very good.
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practice i suppose. you should take it one level further and think about the people that made the software itself. i'm sure they weren't artists right? yet they made the tool.


File: 1646028365167.png (199.18 KB, 786x752, C9A06C75-4D5B-4B5D-8C78-CF….png)

I drew this today heh
No reference (though that's nothing to be proud of, using them isn't against the rules nigga)


Are you secretly the artist known as baal buddy?


drawing if a fine skill to learn
if you're a lady.


Nah. He's funnier than me and is probably rich now. What a jerk.

File: 1645758024544.jpg (24.53 KB, 313x407, 3c74cc4537506831d7cf54691e….jpg)


I'm so in love with this chick at work. We talk little because were usually at seperate sides of the facility but man her eyes give me literal butterflies in my stomach. Usually I can control my stares or be aloof but when we make eye contact I literally cannot look away. I would ask her out but she's married and has a kid.

it's funny cause the other dudes say she looks weird and has bug eyes or whatever but man she just does it for me, her face and lips. i get embarassed cause i KNOW she knows i'm checking her out a lot. but it's like i just want to have a permanent image of her face in my head, it's that good looking to me.
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yes dying alone is based
>god put her there to be a cucker for you
proof? could have easily been satan if youre going to get spiritually political


Are you planning to have an affair? People are going to find out since it's a co-worker and all. You're the only who knows if you can live with the consequences of that. Just don't say you never saw it coming when the toll arrives. In any case, despite common cynicism, I don't personally believe that a happily married woman would so easily cheat even if she likes you, and especially if she has a kid. She has a lot of pressure not to, even in CY+7.
In nature cucks are punished and bulls are rewarded.
>could have easily been satan if youre going to get spiritually political
Same difference. Just an extension of the same source.


Nature also rewards killing your rivals.


And I reward your mom for sucking my cock by cumming down her throat


>Are you planning to have an affair?
No, i couldn't' handle the pressure. I don't mind daydreaming though. I guess it was a pointless question.

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