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File: 1690404259117.jpg (34.98 KB, 800x450, pepefroggie (1).jpg)


Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger?
>"Nigger nigger nigger nigger!"
Nigger nigger nigger.
>"N-nigger nigger nigger nigger!"
Nigger nigger.

Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger? Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger.
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stressful situations will force assbaby birthers to lactate from their giant nipples


rattertard is better than air bud


giant male nipples will become a norm and even sort of a fashion statement


"male moms with their huge nipples and their assbabies are coming"


File: 1699631938139.webp (640.94 KB, 2503x1404, trump-fat-ass-tennis.webp)

a mature wealthy man in early pregnancy of his assbaby, practicing healthy outdoor sports. inspirational. people will stand in lines for his lactation milk.

File: 1699536265595.png (974.04 KB, 1102x1046, Untitled83_20231101235523.png)


You will most likely feel disappointed at yourself this week. 4chon ftw


Why tho


Myself and I are one, how could I position myself as something beyond and looking downwards at myself? The only way is to be torn between two selves, or what one thinks are two selves. This is how society divides and domesticates man.

I don't really understand op image but I like that the arrangement on the shelf with the picture frame and dildo could be a subtle nod to the Death In June album "wall of sacrifice" that has all those things. this gross-out cartoon style has gotten so old tho


strangling trannies is based

OP is a nigggot


Your pic got me thinking about dildos and why they even exist... That there are people who actually own dildos.

File: 1695755766839-0.webp (3.83 KB, 224x240, header.webp)

File: 1695755766840-1.webp (3.83 KB, 224x240, header.webp)

File: 1695755766840-2.webp (3.83 KB, 224x240, header.webp)

File: 1695755766840-3.webp (3.83 KB, 224x240, header.webp)


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File: 1696486235152.png (20.65 KB, 584x496, areet.png)

the gauntlet is thrown


I heard avid and fuckmaster are e-dating (they are both men)


Is he the schizo spammer, trying to get his revenge?


this is very likely the case


File: 1699589846172.mp4 (509.25 KB, 1280x720, spic laughing quick.mp4)

Dude that looks like reddit...

File: 1699392247629.png (90.37 KB, 391x240, 1699384262594.png)


I was looking for dead chans to maybe take over. It looks like you guys are retarded. Depressive imageboard. This place genuinely feels grim.
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i fard an it smell of shit


You're just pretending to be a retard man, you know that doesn't count




you forgot the part where i sex dogs. trowlned u fags good kek.


I wanna find op and rape him until he dies

File: 1699206274069.jpg (40.28 KB, 425x424, 44.jpg)


The site has been fucked for 2 days, but I have connected.
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this faggot >>66915


File: 1699386385092.jpg (25.42 KB, 560x548, 1692822038027076.jpg)


Was out of town for past few days and it expired right after I left, didn't notice it failed to renew the past month. I think the automated renewal will work now. Manual renewals always worked for some reason but I looked at the letsencrypt error log and it gave errors in the past month when it attempted to renew each Sunday which is what I set on the cron scheduler (you can renew your SSL certificate within 30 days before expiration) saying that the HTTP-01 challenge failed because the secret files to be generated in 4chon.me/.well-known/acme-challenge/ was inaccessible. Well I made sure to create that directory with permissive directory permissions (755) and to make sure nginx doesn't auto-redirect that directory to https (port 443) since letsencrypt requires http (port 80) access.


Won't know whether it really works until about 30 days before the next expiration (Feb 4) since letsencrypt does not provide any way to test a renewal until 30 days before expiry. You can see certificates of every site and their issuance and expiration dates in your browser:



Some people mentioned browser settings to bypass the expired cert screen. How does one do this, for next time?


File: 1686414288590.jpeg (281.02 KB, 720x960, Poncirus_trifoliata__n6kC….jpeg)

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Two predators in the last 12 hours
A cat, last night, in the heart of my land hunting
A fox, this morning, chasing a mother hen and her babies
Hen attacked the fox as the babies ran away
All alive and well
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move to the philippines


I only really see Whites as human. I don't really mean to discriminate so harshly, I can't help it. Some skinny Asian girls can be attractive but it feels like mostly just a fetish to me because its such a power move to flex my Whiteness on them. But I haven't been mean enough or motivated enough to try, I don't think I've approached a single nonWhite yet.


File: 1699537924518.png (17.32 KB, 658x163, Screenshot_1.png)

This guy gets it


It's surprising you see whites as human after so many lined up for sterilization and death. Majority of whites are vaxxmaxx nigger-cattle

At this point I would breed any female, regardless of race, if she could prove to me that she has a soul

Flesh is cheap. Souls are rare


>It's surprising you see whites as human after so many lined up for sterilization and death. Majority of whites are vaxxmaxx nigger-cattle

Yes good point/s


This guy is doing somewhat similar approaches to me and has a similar build and looks status. The difference would be he speaks rather quick (British thing?) and goes for a number very quickly. Speaks very quickly actually I speak WAY slower lmao. Speaking quickly is for chumps imo, I naturally speak slowly unless I get excited about something.

Otherwise he's doing a lot of the Krauser "assumption stack" thing (wonder if he read him?) which works really well. He makes assumptions about the women based on their style, mood, nationality etc etc (though I avoid nationality to begin with because its quite touchy in Australia).

Though I have barely done any actual street stops btw, I feel like a chump when running up to women, though I'll do it eventually cos its needs to be done to do enough approaches.
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Good question. Let's see: I like posting on dead image boards, I like learning stuff, and I like the outdoors(which I haven't had time for in a long while). I still read manga, and I've been reading raws since 2017. Master duel and elden ring are pretty much the only games I've played in the last 2 or so years. I feel that I'm interested in a lot of things, but I have a narrow, focused interest when it comes to most any subject. What about you, are you a broad-boy or a narrow-nigger?


I have one bastard child. With my luck Mr.God will force me to reincarnate down that lineage


File: 1699026505938.jpg (226.17 KB, 850x601, sample_1383eee55df0def312d….jpg)

4chon: normie central


You think so? It seems to attract a fair amount of crazy people.


If you hadn't noticed the normies are crazy now. You see weirder people on facebook than on 4chon.

File: 1698936774459.jpeg (29.45 KB, 200x205, 8EFC3CDD-EEA4-4E62-93D4-9….jpeg)


Does anyone else here have a bad time masturbating and you stop feeling pleasure early on cuz your so disgusted but with real sex its much better?
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No, I stopped feeling bad about masturbating when I was like 13. It's a positive thing for me with good memories associated with it.


You've silenced ur natural distaste for being pulled around by the dick bro, this is on the level of a fat bitch having passionate feelings for sugars. It isn't that one should wallow in shame over it and it's good to enjoy things but men can aspire to greater evils than just mere cattle-eyed enjoyment of jew skin flicks


I think you have a problem, not I.


I think ur right...


File: 1699040390440.jpg (60.18 KB, 640x432, 1699017674603389.jpg)

I almost never touch my penis sexually anymore. Occasionally I do look at anime foids but the pleasure derived from this is quite small. I think it's simply the process of aging

The libido is now a switch I can turn on and off at will, at least if I coom once every week or two

File: 1698811509153.jpeg (21.92 KB, 525x525, shopping.jpeg)


I'm looking to get a projector for my living room instead of a television. I have done a little bit of research (I don't know much about this topic) and apparently it needs to be above 3000 lumens to be watched in the day time. I'm not really fussed about using it for regular free to air digital TV (though I guess I can get a set top box for that) and would like it to be able to project to 100" and have at least 4k resolution; I'm planning on using it to watch stuff off my laptop and/or any streaming platforms.

Do you guys have any recommendations as to the best kind of projector for this purpose? I have a large wall I can project it over, at least 5 m, but I can have a shade installed.
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Not tall but that wide across, still yeah it's pretty epic ngl tbqph heh


Link me to the TV you got/brand/etc; sounds like what I'd want fam
But I would have to get a unit for it because I'm thinking of panelling my wall.
Everything in Australia is super expensive so I bet it'll be like four times the cost here.



It's always been a childhood fantasy of mine to use a projector to watch movies in New places like outside on the wall of a house on a starry night or maybe pointed at the ceiling or downwards at the ground of a lawn, it could really make some movies pop. Like a private drive in


I was just thinking of that the other night, yeah a projector sucks compared to a TV but it definitely has its uses, they're small enough (even with a separate screen on a tripod or something) that you can easily bring them around with you. Watching a movie in the back yard having a couple of COLD ONES with THE BOYS would probably be pretty clutch

File: 1698623370503.jpg (139.56 KB, 708x1024, 1695951813835571m.jpg)


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A lot of people who have cancer feel too sick to eat and it doesn't seem to work out for them. Fasting is good for you, but it does not miraculously cure everything.


Show them the video of the old Tippens nigga posted ITT. It doesn't seem appropriate, no, but their life is at stake and I'm sure they'd be willing to try anything. Also apricot seeds; tell them not to eschew whatever conventional treatments there may be because that's retarded


File: 1698879414502.jpeg (183.86 KB, 1125x635, 4CD2BD28-7F14-4607-B511-0….jpeg)

Read between the lines in this article instead of reading (((their))) headline for example:


As long as you can promote this shit with the proper evidence (anecdotal/circumstantial it may be) without coming across as a frothing at the mouth lunatic you genuinely could help give them a better chance at survival


File: 1698879440329.jpeg (173.4 KB, 1125x510, 8DC112CB-4279-41A3-9192-B….jpeg)



Shes doing chemo. Shes overweight but not obese from what I remember, about 45-50.

File: 1698816866666.gif (5.52 KB, 150x150, 1698797497564821.gif)


Did you have a fun Halloween?
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I stood home and my package got delayed, so no.


Heh, I had so many kids come I ran out of candy halfway through the night. Felt a bit bad I guess I should have rationed it more but I didn't expect so many.


I live in Sydney around Arabs so it's hard to be social. Im gonna try convince my mum to move somewhere Whiter. Have felt like wherever I live has been temporary, however, for like 15 years. I've moved around a bit

In a pretty similar way I used to go to leftist protests as a teenager. Cops seem to profile/video people so I like them, somewhat not knowing where I stand on things. However there are some things I haven't made my mind up in yet anyway. By seeing various viewpoints my mind has become powerful


No. Barely any kids showed up because it was freezing and I caught a cold. At least I ate a bunch of leftover candy and got drunk, I guess.


is this the power of global warming?

File: 1687227306206.jpg (39.5 KB, 424x600, Sonia.(Pokémon).600.311667….jpg)


Animals are all based retards
They're based because they don't know they're based
Therefore they're based

Plato was totally, absolutely correct about the government. I truly hope we get a rogue AI turned philosopher-king in the next 100 years. This AI can be our Kalki and end the Kali Yuga finally

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this line of thinking leads people to declare somalis superior to the japanese because the former is much less likely to need glasses

you are gay


Because animals, like children, are complete of themselves and are not endlessly fractured by lies as ppl are



I want the girl in op to ride my penis and berate me.



File: 1667196664837.jpg (87.16 KB, 700x751, funny-halloween-memes-25-6….jpg)


🎃 Halloween thread 🎃

🎃 Happy holiday! 🎃

🎃 PLEASE keep it Halloween-on-topic&friendly! 🎃

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File: 1680300601866.mp4 (2.66 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (4).mp4)

Lmao. Even Chucky can get a gf. Explain yourselves incels.


File: 1698772047182.webp (99.8 KB, 944x1070, F9xTSJOWsAASSGy.webp)

Microcosm of DEI, affirmative action, etc.


I don't understand how the kid on the right didn't get first place when he clearly put the most creativity and effort in. Girl is just Wednesday Addams and I can't even tell what the nigger is supposed to be besides a nigger.


How did the kid on the right even do that? That's impressive.

The other two are meh tier but they won because you need to have a brown person and a woman for diversity.


If it was student votes, then it was just a popularity contest. If there were judges, they want to fug the girl and gave the nog a diversity prize.

File: 1694031357494.png (1.7 MB, 1600x1061, 38a.png)

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Thread #1
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>The only question is why? If it's just for money that's kind of gay, but if it's to weed out such weak, delusional retards from corrupting future generations by fomenting an even more indolent and self-indulgent persona among them that would nominally be a good thing, I'd argue, at least in the very long term (as insufferable as the situation may be in the short term).
Money is a big part of it, their medical expenses are immense. But they also destroy families and serve as loyal statsi, who are totally dependent on the globohomo apparatus. If someone in your family troons out, what do you do? If you can't talk sense into them, then you have to disown them. They're beyond help now, there's nothing else that can be done. Someone who was just in a slump and could have pulled themself out of it is now permanently fucked, because Jews decided to give them poison while they were at a low point.


That's a really good point honestly. I guess I've exposed my own narrow perception of the topic by viewing it exclusively through the lens of the individual in isolation rather than what it also represents to the group: the fracturing of a family, the corruption of an organization and its being put in a compromised state.



I had one session at a psychotherapy place specialising in autism, it was $350 ($250 after the Medicare rebate). They wanted me to get like 10 sessions for a full diagnosis. It was pretty clear they were incentivized to think I could be autistic. This was when I was trying to get the disability support pension.

Otherwise I have an "ftm" cousin, I haven't spoken to her since she trooned out though. I visit the suburb where she lives sometimes but never bothered to meet up because I haven't been sure what good would come from it, also I don't want to refer to her as a man or by her new name.


I mean incentivized to make me think I might be autistic at the outset so as to rope me in for more sessions.


I went to the a therapist once as a teenager and she made me take a quiz on the Zoloft website to see if I was depressed. She was charging 150 dollars a session in the mid 2000s by the way. All I wanted at the time was someone to vent to, who could give me advice. I didn't go back, because her blatant greed and lack of care pissed me off. It was one of the things that ultimately led me to realize that nobody is going to solve your problems for you. Psychologists are quacks, who know less about human behavior than the sort of people who actually apply psychology practically, like salesmen, politicians, or con-artists. The so-called "pseudo-science" is far more replicated, consistent, and refined. It's used everyday by people who need to know how to manipulate others. A psychologist just reads some shit in a book, gives you a disorder based on the description of your symptoms and sends you of to a psychiatrist to get drugs. They have no way to verify their assumptions. For as useless as doctors can be, at least they can run tests to see if they were right. That's not so say some people shouldn't be on drugs, but it's clear that they don't understand anything and they don't care.

File: 1677063991732.jpg (61.54 KB, 778x960, FB_IMG_1677063865980.jpg)

 No.45153[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Into a mental health crisis, financial depression and an ageing population that will be dying painfully and slowly because no one will be able to provide for them at replacement level.
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I agree with this except that it wasn't REALLY harassment or harassing because she didn't say explicitly that she didn't want to talk, though it was obvious to me within the first 30 sec. At that point I would've either left or plowed, though his game is garbage because he's asking a bunch of yes-no questions which are value-taking, instead of assumption stacking which gives some value and provides the woman with bait to respond with.


e.g. "you must study at x tech school/you must do tech" (because it looks like a gaming/tech store)
or something heavier/funny like "you must be becoming a video game designer" etc etc...
or some comment about what he's buying e.g. "I like x thing because x reason"

If she bites you can continue talking, you establish familiarity. Idk where to go from there though, I've been talking like this with at least 4-5 different cashiers but haven't asked them out. I just treat it like a very low effort approach. She obviously has some pressure to be nice so I wouldn't push it too hard. I just treat it as an opportunity to develop my small talk and assumption stacking skills etc etc.

No my crush was SMILING and BLUSHING! I've thought about asking her out but idk where to because the supermarket has nothing around except some restaraunts, though one just opened up which has alcohol/cocktails. She told me she was 17 but that was about 9 months ago now or something. Shes hot but vaxxed so I wouldn't wife her.


I'm 5'10" 3/4


You are replying to what is probably a markov bot, that the faggot mod does nothing about. I'm starting to have my suspicious that he's responsible for it.


File: 1698708330252.jpg (135.1 KB, 840x1200, 1698700659173750.jpg)

Women often say one thing but do another. Many of them are as trustworthy as the US government or the Israeli military. For example when they say something like "I'm not dating anyone who earns less than XYZ!", they view it as some kind of bargaining tactic, just like when job descriptions have unrealistic requirements and the (((employers))) may eventually settle for candidates who meet like 30%.

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