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why did usa side with bosnian muslims over christian serbians during the 90s?
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File: 1661592313484.mp4 (5.21 MB, 640x480, Serbian extermination camp….mp4)

Answer is simple: in the media they claimed that the Serbians were trying to exterminate Bosnians.


JROTC rape


NEL team 6


they sided with the Croatians, which was against the serbs.
It's not like they were on the bosinian's side, there were just against the serbs.


Islam is the truth

File: 1661925191707.jpg (1.38 MB, 2800x2150, eeb6fe5041342e8e62a3dde648….jpg)


what was that movie it was like a 2010s hipster movie think it had some fat unfunny jew in it and he lived on a boat in new york and it was just him and his mate doing hipster shit in new york


oh i remember now
"the comedy"


that sounds like a comfy life tbh


i liked the cab scene where they are being obnoxious hipsters around the wagie


is it any good?
> a provocation, a critique of a culture based at its core around irony and sarcasm and about ultimately how hollow that is.
sounds like masturbatory bullshit tbh

File: 1661892782628.jpg (65.05 KB, 720x731, 299381908_598590511755864_….jpg)


>seems like what few 105+ IQ male friends I have that are in relationships are virtue-signalling about getting vasectomies, most of my semi-sentient friends are incels or otherwise express their extreme aversion to having children in either case
>the acquaintances I have with kids are generally simple people at best, often not bad people in their own right but not of the sort that could muster any kind of intellectual resistance to whatever the status quo deigns fit to put in front of them or perform higher work functions.

This anti-natalist cultural phenomenon and our standard of living seems unsustainable in the long term. What happens from here?
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Excellent taste


you're an odd one


6 and 3/4 combo.


hand me a pizza pie


9 combo

File: 1661034902776.mp4 (2.76 MB, 640x640, death of dugin's daughter.mp4)


Dugin's daughter got btfo. Literally.
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this is what permanent inferiority complex pervading a mutt society looks like. russians are damaged. god hates these people, i don't know why.

subset of american reactionaries are currently trying to sell themselves idea that they're their maga shadilay friendly cowboy libertarian christian comrades that can't be criticized or the dems would be right, rhetorical bullshit.

everyone in struggle wants friend, everyone creates 'their' russia depending on decade of turmoil.




>Asking them won’t result in any straight answers. They always lie through their teeth, claiming that they have no idea who Dugin is, despite having his name stamped on their websites and regurgitating his rhetoric verbatim.



So he's exactly like every politician and political theorist in the west?

MAGA is Jewish, Ukraine is Jewish, Russia is slightly less Jewish. The world is fucked.

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I shall sing you the song of my people.
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indie, sad music






File: 1661827358254.jpg (134.88 KB, 1200x700, sanic.jpg)


I unironically enjoyed both of these movies.


sonic is based


Never seen em never will


theyre alright, the main actor guy whose friends with Sonic is a pretty bad actor, at least in those movies, his acting is too slapstick for me, but im me and i held out hope for a potential dark/drama movie adaption of it


File: 1661937366202.jpg (119.67 KB, 850x638, sample_649e4eaa092d910efab….jpg)

even after all these years I wanna fuck amy and have interspecies relations

if sonic and shadow can do it, so can amy

File: 1651175777477.jpeg (165.21 KB, 1200x810, 1642105785192.jpeg)


Happy Hanukkah
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like similar to jerking off for hours and watching com truise videos when ur high on weed, ebay bathtub phenibut or whatever


File: 1651965913263.jpg (95.38 KB, 468x432, Screenshot_20220504-045923….jpg)

the numbereres




quads checked
also, magatards are tranny-level cringe


MAGApedes deserve rape


I like that we went from 'shut up, bigot it doesn't matter that there's no longitudinal studies' to 'take our new jabs you evil chud who cares if we only tested it on mice'

In less than a year.
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yo phag why wouldn't you do lasik? thinking of getting it done maybe next year. 95% success rate sounds like a good bet



Lasik works by using the laser to thin down the cornea of the eye; it only works on short sighted people because their eyeball is too big for their head (axial length) so light falls ahead of their retina, making them blurry.
I'm longsighted which means my eyes are too small for my head, so all Lasik would do would be to make me even worse. It is a good surgery for short sighted people, the only side effects are that they might get it slightly wrong so you'll still need glasses for a tiny leftover prescription to see perfectly because the eye isn't like a computer so you can only estimate whether it will work with near perfect success, dry eye, or in very very rare instances keratoconus.

You will always need reading glasses when you turn 45 because that's a separate issue (the ciliary muscle of the eye weakening), so always keep that in mind because Karens never seem to understand that idea.


I had lasik done, i didn't know any of that shit just that my dad did it and it worked for him. My vision back then was the equivalent of walking around with vaseline smeared on your eyes, after I had it done I saw the individual leaves on trees it was phenomenal. It's been almost 10 years now and it was THE best money I have ever spent, the second only to my education which kept me employed. I will say now that I'm crossing over the 30 year mark it's starting to wear a bit but I think its a mixture of age and dry eyes but overall not bad at all.


Check out some exercises you can do on YT for it. I can't do them daily because of where I live. I would check that out before opting (heh) for the laser-Jew.

File: 1661559508726.png (38.23 KB, 768x210, Screenshot at 2022-08-26 2….png)


Don't give up! There's still hope!
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You mean 7


who mentioned anglos?


fookin paki nonces get bashed

everyone knows we're the ultimate nonce bashers


bassed basher


No mention needed. When you see it, you just know.

File: 1661617629439.jpg (190.63 KB, 1242x914, certified trap.jpg)


does /lounge/ support trans rights?
would the cis boys here kiss and cuddle with a trans girl?
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avid is a sexy green eyed white man, not a hint of gay in him, seethe more



File: 1661770510495.jpg (26.47 KB, 408x612, gettyimages-172293591-612x….jpg)

youre just mad


did you have you use that picture

i dont mind because im not a pedo but if some glowie were to visit here it probably looks sus as fuck


File: 1661790234528.png (31.08 KB, 484x386, 1661789664141320.png)

File: 1661741512533.jpg (100.59 KB, 1280x732, d426f3a3c95bc9b46811fb315e….jpg)


HDV can you please prevent whoever makes posts and deletes them after a few hours/days from doing that. It really makes me question my sanity when I go to threads and the posts i remember being there are not there anymore. It's infuriating.
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>It really makes me question my sanity when I go to threads and the posts i remember being there are not there anymore
Take meds skitzo. No one does this.




I've heard nonces use deleted messages to communicate in secret


I've heard that you like to touch yourself at night. I want in.


>no trip
not avid

File: 1656347615472.jpg (91.7 KB, 794x617, il_794xN.1752403842_1i5z.jpg)


I have been stricken with existential dread my whole life. Sometimes I will get terrible panic attacks to the point where I can't breath, feel like I'm dying etc. I have never found respite from these episodes aside from waiting it out and sometimes they can last for days (though with less severity). Existence is simply an extremely terrifying concept for me. Nonexistence is equally as terrifying.

Anyways I just had felt a terrible panic attack coming on but this time I called upon God for help and INSTANTLY I felt a wave of calm and peace come over me. The panic attack left me and I felt normal. Let's have a discussion about this.
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kill your self


its just itches and thinking too much (thinking burns calories which means breathe more when thinking deep or to think deep)




I wish I could get ahold of 2CB. Banned in my state unfortunately


I had anxiety age 12-28 and overcame it.

Around 27 I addressed all my problems and that resolved what I thought was all of my anxiety. Problems were with women, uni, video game addiction.

But then I cut caffeine and a whole other level of anxiety - which I kind of didn't know I had - faded away.

Are you using any drugs? I don't think you will get anxiety if you address your problems and drug use like I did.


are there any good imageboards left?

I'm currently browsing 2chan for fun
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did you even look at the board?


7chan is full of cuckolds. I don't need to look at any board.


I'm sorry anon, there are no good subreddits. It's shit all the way down.


fair enough


g3.gakinko was good but i think its down
operator chan is probably down/fedpot

File: 1657395241088.png (62.92 KB, 273x391, dg.png)


What cologne should I wear to maximize my art-ho magnetism?
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File: 1661663414564.jpg (457.23 KB, 1440x1800, 1579632552647.jpg)

ended up ordering century blue edp by dunhill as the price point was fairer
hopefully will work as a daily driver


hugo boss number 12


what does cunny smell like?


HDV supports this


hugo boss number 13

File: 1661640149668.jpeg (90.42 KB, 1269x883, testament.jpeg)


>reading New Testament by myself for the first time

>Jews openly trying to kill Christ and his followers dozens of time

How do Christians support modern Jewry when the book blatantly shows Jews hated Christ? lmao
do modern Christians not even read their own book
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lol stfu jew


Nope. Jews cut themselves off from their own god. Literally godless. Sorry you're wrong.


Only 3% of Jews wanted the New Testament.


le JIDF face


File: 1661807255683.webp (309.06 KB, 1381x1750, 1661805940443.webp)

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