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The internet is quite poor for discussing drugs at the moment, 420chan has been down for months. There is drugs-forum and bluelight but last time I checked their boards are quite slow and underpopulated. Atm r9k is my go-to for any quick questions concerning recreational drugs though the quality of discussion is quite poor. I get the sense it has a lot of niggers. Longecity.org is quite good for neutraceuticals, nootropics, vitamins and related stuff. Some very informed people there. Reddit can be okay, the quality of response varies alot, some really off comments there interspered with some informed ones.

I think it's curious, overall, maybe there are just less conscientious drug users than I thought.
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I personally know so many 4channer ogs who overdosed and died within the past few years

pro tip
don't become a faggot hipster who does experimental obscure drugs



Experimental drug-using 4channer OG Chad VS. 4chon virgin


stop licking nigger erections


File: 1662366585963.png (357.57 KB, 468x475, Screenshot_11.png)


Why the fuck do parents give their kids chocolate etc
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File: 1662553479600.png (824.26 KB, 951x689, Screenshot_1.png)

Nek minute

Wonder if the drugs and poor diet had anything to do with it


>Give baby caffeine
>Baby gets sick (fever)
>Give baby some antifever drug to suppress the fever caused by the other drug

I'm like 50 years ahead of everybody else when it comes to health, when its really all so simple.


File: 1663464516852.png (839.6 KB, 757x601, Screenshot_6.png)

They fucking did it again


File: 1663539114953.jpg (530.97 KB, 712x1024, 1663519225446171.jpg)

File: 1663320381514.jpg (51.24 KB, 640x630, 1663119834205945.jpg)


>leave site
>come back
>NEL everywhere

you cunts need help
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the tiny pagan hook nosed crypto KIKE


ssl autorenewal for some reason didn't work in crontab again, but renewing works manually outside of crontab

error log says
>certbot.errors.NoInstallationError: Could not find a usable 'nginx' binary. Ensure nginx exists, the binary is executable, and your PATH is set correctly.

if i had to make a guess, whatever knucklehead programmed certbot set it to call nginx from a relative path only instead of putting the full path "/usr/sbin/nginx" as a fallback option in case it fails. this is a problem since crontab cannot access relative bash paths.

this extra command for certbot to specify the full path to nginx should hopefully fix the problem: --nginx-ctl /usr/sbin/nginx


>not having chon in docker behind nginx reverse proxy in docker behind acme-helper for automated cert update in docker+proxy helper in docker all defined in docker-compose yaml files and almost-enterprise (((scalability))) + systemd .timer to restart the vps every month just in case


it's just a minor crontab limitation that needed a workaround. i would rather eat broken glass than install docker



I argued with so many people across totally different various political spectrums and they all you shouldn't be allowed to yell at royalty, especially during a funeral procession

in my eyes if you don't think citizens should have total free speech to say fuck you to their rulers, you're basically a slave and peon

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sue me you fucking faggot


I agree with what you said about them being degenerate shadows of themselves. Also, guessing they are a step or two below the couple thousands kikes and freemasons and otherwise rich families that control the world.


File: 1663472077893.jpeg (22.69 KB, 320x320, f87d83af9f22b54eab3987da1….jpeg)

Getting financially fucked by a frivolous law suit? Sounds AWESOME! Thanks for the invitation. I bet we'll have a great time.


It seems like the evolutionary divergence between blacks and whites has more to do with subjection to moral institutions then natural selection. Races that had agrarian societies, that had moral doctrines, that had laws and penal institutions for a long time are going to be more subservient, less likely to commit crimes and more efficient at solving certain kinds of problems because everyone who lacked those traits was filtered out of the gene pool millenia ago.

Whites, Asians and even Arabs are domesticated slave races, every White and Asian, Arab man who had sovereignty over his soul was already killed off and filtered from the gene pool. Blacks are unrefined, undomesticated, bad at solving problems, unable to stop themselves from committing crime. In a way I would prefer to be the black, than the domesticate poodle cuck


File: 1663246698662.jpg (56.55 KB, 640x686, 1663085479128840.jpg)


How did the first human baby survive in the wild


The parents, duh.


How could two nonhumans beget a human baby


by having sex duh


by sucking monkey tits


File: 1663143834054.jpg (123.16 KB, 1280x720, girl.jpg)


a nice evening in watching the home and garden channel
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File: 1663414830350.jpg (307.1 KB, 1152x2048, 1663413647098642.jpg)


yummy chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


necrotits retard cunt dogisaga


my tits (male) are fresh and perky and my IQ is rather high


File: 1663446249933.jpg (60.44 KB, 780x438, intro-1653079341.jpg)

literally you

File: 1663188876464.jpeg (285.43 KB, 1037x926, 996D3B37-AD59-421A-B071-E….jpeg)


what does this mean? I have 100 vpns to choose from.
no point in blocking only a few of them?
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this site is down like every other day for me


... and that's a good thing!


...and that may not be such a bad thing...


File: 1663340713627.jpg (51.24 KB, 640x630, 1663119834205945.jpg)

fuck off nonce


File: 1663427875222.jpg (137.04 KB, 1300x1308, chinky.jpg)

thanks for the beer broski.


>Discrimination Against Asian-Americans Is Wrong - Yes Or Now?': Hawley Grills Biden Nominee


I'm half white and half asian so I'm double fucked over by diversity quotas
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there are nigger erection licking scholarships... you should apply for one!!!!!!!!!


Post pics hapa cutie <3


You realize Avid created the school for licking nigger erections. He doesn't need a scholarship.


hilariousz dogcunts insults are hilariously juvenile

must be the maggots in her disgusting rotting brain


File: 1663426290653.jpg (46.72 KB, 632x422, chinky.jpg)

there is no such thing as 'half white' chinky ching chong chink.


I'm not saying it is likely, but a future wherein the US Balkanizes, and Rupert Murdoch takes his money with him to start a parallel Hollywood in Heartland America that backs the neo-Confederates against the Progressivist Unionists is becoming less like speculative dystopian fanfiction.

Can't you just imagine Tucker Carlson running propaganda propping up one side of a US civil war when SHTF?
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It's a good thing you never ended up starting a youtube channel. It'd probably be Tim Pool-tier.
Where's the lie?


what opioids are boomers typically on when tucker finally comes on their teevee? just to recreate the experience.


FoKy, stop bringing up nigger erections for no reason! We know you love licking them but this isn't the time or place!

Tim Pool with added gay sex related content.


So quite based then



File: 1663387720152.png (1.04 MB, 816x1056, 65757.png)


How high up in the sky do the eagles fly


The Dark Side of Japan: The Lost Generation

This is unfortunately the fate that is going to befall zoomers.
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Japanese work culture seems to be very cowardly and passive-aggressive. I have heard if you do something wrong they just force you into an irrelevant role and ostracize you instead of firing you, which is something a Westerner would never care about in most circumstances if they knew their job wasn't in danger. Allegedly Nintendo even did this to Gunpei Yokoi after the disastrous failure of the virtual boy, despite the major success he brought the company until that point. I can understand the sentiment of living up to your responsibilities, but it's also weird and immature to keep someone down instead of directing them toward proper conduct. The same goes for the stories you hear about bullying.


better having a job unlike in western work culture they just fire you


It's bad for everyone just at a different pace. We've finally run out of the steam that propelled the world at the end of WW2, either we have another major conflict or we're going to slide back to the 1700's.


I used to work at a company that would never fire anyone. When they wanted someone gone they just slashed their hours dramatically and started to treat them rudely


Because they didn't want to pay them unemployment lol.

File: 1662131861614.webm (1.21 MB, 608x1080, 1662096067377460.webm)


>tee-hee see how goofy and super cute i am with my hair in buns as i make rabbit ears! Tee hee my rabbit ears are so funny i can barely contain my laughter tee hee! See my big fat tits also?
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Additional information: It can be cruel to be kind, and 'kindness' is not an excuse to shirk duty. Life requires action. Inaction is a sin that never goes unpunished.


Sounds like some slave creed bs bruh.


she looks like my neighbours lass


He's speaking very simple truth. For example kindness is often the most cruel thing one can do. Lots of parents absolutely refuse to punish their children, thinking punishment is cruel, and so they raise broken adults


File: 1663360948699.jpeg (121.27 KB, 1091x1280, BUB46RRNov2F.jpeg)

File: 1663295278651.webm (659.34 KB, 576x676, 1663288106117112.webm)


Mohamad's curse
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Good. Fuck them.



File: 1663340353393.gif (1.93 MB, 220x361, 1662211511424.gif)

leaked .gif of me not giving a heck


I'm not the one whose dead from suicide LOL



File: 1663264638023.jpg (538.37 KB, 1040x1034, 1663262637185327.jpg)


All fucking simps must fucking hang
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honestly yes


Only the vagina should have been killed. Based on the context of the story, it sounds like the guy didn't even know she had a boyfriend, and later refused to continue seeing her. She wanted her bf to lie to him so she could continue cheating.

Dude dindunuffin.


stfu incel


shut the fuck up NELcunt


eat shit, FoKy


Pretty clever self levelling chair.


yeah because im constantly having problems with unlevel chairs

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