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retard nigger spic tranny faggot kike spammed first one well past bump limit
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NELsha, NELsha, NELsha, that's all you ever say


don't care if this thread gets deleted so long as the spamming faggot nigger shit in both threads does too. please let the one non-autistic topic be spared the total retardation of some dumb kike cunt.


cry more bitch nigger



File: 1709983516148.mp4 5.56 MB, 640x640, No niggers.mp4


4chon is a no niggers zone
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and avid has a black bf

this board is full of race-mixers!



he admits it! he admits to licking the nigger's erection!




File: 1709840425167.jpg 491.69 KB, 1280x3500, Infographic3_Back-Pain-Psoa….jpg


this is a (4chon) public service announcement
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You described just about everything that can be good for you


The psoas muscle is targeted in the (very potentially pseudoscientific) trauma release therapy/exercises thing created by Peter Levine

One of the specific treatment/exercise things he pushes is that you eventually lie down and your legs start shaking involuntarily

But I tried it - followed a YT vid along for like 30 mins and did everything exactly as told - and it didn't work. Couldn't get my legs to shake involuntarily



>trauma release

Yeah I'm thinking that's bullshit.


It was interesting enough to try but as I said, didn't work for me


I didn't even try it lol

I'll stick to running and lifting


Didn't watch all this (watched it 3 days ago) but it was illuminating. If this is accurate it sounds depressing to live somewhere like that. Though I'm kinda confused as to whether he's talking about cities or suburbs, a lot of the places he shows seem to be in-between. The anecdote starting from the 4min mark was great.
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like i'm not against remodeling cities to be less shitty, but i think there is a more important agenda against decentralization, private transportation and private property within the elaborate propaganda.

due to wfh having taken off i have no necessity to dwell for prolonged time in a city at all. it's where u go get your driver's license (even that can be mostly arranged through online lessons and private instructors though). everything is delivered already.


so i assume that the new economically-optimized soycialism urban communalism they want in the west takes no civil defense and event of nuclear war or similar catastrophe in the account, that there is no enemy, as per 'end of the history world peace democracy' 1980s imaginations. the rural areas then are for industrial scale farming only. i want to be a distance away from the multistory commieblocks and the surrounding 'critical infrastructure' when the drones and rockets begin to fly around, not in an ikea pod with no electricity, central heating and with overflowing plumbing.


Even though I hate needing a car, It's just pod-life propaganda pretty much.


The WEF wants to first depopulate the planet and then funnel the survivors into Judge Dredd style city hives heh


There's a reason commies always use something banal like a toothbrush with regards to their distinction between what personal property (stuff you're allowed to have) and private property (which they seek to abolish) is, because stuff on that level is all they think you should deserve. Computers, cars, hand tools, all of these things could be employed by normal people to sow and reap beyond their state-approved "needs", contributing to a "counter-revolutionary" "Second Economy"

File: 1709325794776.gif 1.47 MB, 656x368, 1709325700627034.gif


me after reading the slop on this website
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File: 1709780309872.webp 240.06 KB, 1440x1206, Screenshot_20240306-205800.webp

I'm not dog.


the flag of constant butthurt, buzzkilling and infant mutilation


File: 1709821877052.png 816.32 KB, 896x1152, obeezy.png

me after getting my erection licked by avid




File: 1709669134511.webp 66.21 KB, 1000x500, atheist-battles-stonetoss-….webp


new 'toss
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4chan is full of christcucks shilling and spamming, and /r/atheism never recovered from the fedora jokes


more like christcucks spam fedora memes whenever someone who doesn't worship their kike god dares to speak up


File: 1709738263565.gif 363.83 KB, 360x203, ezgif-1-ca8fab9389.gif


File: 1709753968362.jpg 272.65 KB, 2000x1333, eec167cd76622d910f8cccfd5a3….jpg

when using a knife, the regular tin cans with no opener lip are to be opened from the top by just cutting the surface like paper pushing the knife kind of from the side approximately around the round edge, simply ensuring an ok opening flap with no loose metal ending up in the contents

cutting the can top off from the side is a really bad idea as that tin material is different - while it cuts well, it shears outwards around the cylinder making a very sharp and irregular rough edge with scary very sharp tin whiskers constantly peeling off, that can end up mixed in the food or cut u there on the spot


File: 1709809971616.jpeg 58.28 KB, 703x625, 4UY1Q5xbmFYP.jpeg

File: 1709510120527.webp 62.18 KB, 715x750, Screenshot_20240301_184315….webp


if you're like me you like to watch this asteroid watch livestream
and hope and pray with all of your might that one day we'll be hit by one and the earth will fucking die

this place is a complete hellhole, we are at our core, drenched in sin, everything here either kills or dies, society is a complete farce, we are all at least in some way no matter how small, all inbred, our DNA is not what it should be, we are lesser 5 digit beings, probably the shittest around, or at the most very very fucking average, middle of the road

we are positively and absolutely CONTROLLED by fear, absolutely all of us, its pathetic

all anyone ever cares about here is how they are perceived, chasing that rise in heartrate, no matter what the cost, nobody here has the courage and patience to do anything worthwhile, nobody here wants to simply do nothing either, even meditation is an exercise

we are objectively fucking pathetic, earth NEEDS to be wiped out, we cannot spread to any other planets, we are too reptile brained, our priorities are too misdirected

the only thing that keeps me going is that every night I get to leave this place and be in the darkness inside my brain, but every morning I am back, to live on this shitty rock with people I truly despise, people that don't deserve to be here, the concept of procreation is disgusting

please god destroy us, we are pure evil, free us from this prison
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Post it.





you can lick after he posts it


File: 1664173810213.jpg 141.62 KB, 603x740, marnix rape.jpg

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I'm going to rape avid
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Alchazar was such a faggot


Correct, but yb is an ugly dsygenic kike and absolutely was collecting CP and wasn't shy about it.
He used to fish for it on imgur.com random image generators while in tinychat, back when it's moderation was loose and you could upload an image to imgur without registering an account.
I want to believe >>74681 is him.


the resemblance is uncanny, also, related to that stupid fuck ybnvs, I joined the /4ch0n tinychat one night and he was there, some nigger joined, said something in a language I didn't recognise, then the nigger dipped and then ybnvs dipped, weird mossad-type shit

the resemblance of ybnvs and >>74681 is uncanny, it has to be him


to add: ybnvs also seemed to have quite a stack of bitcoin, as he posted screenshots of such, probably his payment wallet for selling CP, time of arrest for this worm also checks out with the axing of the tinychat, or at least the disappearance of the aforementioned ybnvs, stupid fat cunt, hope he's being raped over and over by nig nogs in prison

File: 1679050762283.jpg 185.07 KB, 800x450, Poowle.jpg


Ay Tone, how come dis "Holocaust Denial Videos" site doesn't say a damn word about hymies? It's just pictures of cartoon horses and someone's fockin' mixtape!?
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I don't remember it because it never happened.




File: 1709422319312.mp4 46.02 KB, 640x360, Ba dum tss.mp4


you really like talking about your hobby huh


File: 1709243942418.jpg 106.35 KB, 1309x872, 2f91670dbda334e221d0375f9bb….jpg


How do I purge my mind of all the shit I've seen on the Internet?
I want to go back to my happy-go-lucky self, before /b/ and before 4chan in general.
Is there a way to do this? I must do this to gain back my sanity
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Internet retard-cattle like to pretend most adults don't spend the vast majority of their time wagecucking and running errands, while using what little free time they have staring at the electric jew. People don't even use the internet primarily as an "escape", they use it because they have no energy left for anything else, and have nowhere else to go even if they did.



Blow off face with gun but still live. Yikes.


File: 1709318670064.webp 112.93 KB, 1440x994, Screenshot_20240301-124342.webp

File: 1709146223847.webp 53.89 KB, 993x785, Screenshot_20240227_170541….webp


so who is gae
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you are gay
you are also gay


Avid would probably like that.


trips confirm: everyone in this thread is gay!

we want to please avid-sama with nasty gay cybersex



parched pisstank

File: 1672788153776.jpg 385.56 KB, 1080x1129, Screenshot_2023-01-04-10-18….jpg

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Body count Americans will say shit like this about men and then be like 'so what if I've slept with 59 people, the past is the past it says nothing about who I am', or 'why do you keep saying the sexual revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race, what does that have to do with age gaps, sex trafficking and the dehumanisation of women and men in dating apps'.
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File: 1709242260615.gif 1.28 MB, 498x280, simpsons-hahah.gif



you are gay


File: 1709247494085.webp 31.14 KB, 656x1134, Screenshot_20240121_145402….webp


This _woman_ (ahem) is such cringe-bait. The ESL, the marketing gimmicks, the plastic face, this weird attempt at becoming a "high class" or "elegant" woman or something.


File: 1709258989741.webp 11.38 KB, 424x400, Screenshot_2.webp

Looks like lip and cheek fillers, maybe botox because of the unnatural smoothness in some areas. Lol. Wonder if she bought subs

File: 1709027829761.png 381.72 KB, 502x669, 20230814_223956.png


what is a good way to use money to help those in need and not have it go to a money laundering scam or be squandered?
ideas would be appreciated
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File: 1709243438654.webp 31.14 KB, 656x1134, Screenshot_20240121_145402….webp


Avid. H'whats your problem bud?


i am a retard


She looks like her pussy stinks of shit and piss and sweat


File: 1709244142059.jpg 10.29 KB, 225x225, oie_fgZrGI2CBNBS.jpg

stob ribght ber cribibal spum

File: 1709176253461.jpeg 231.94 KB, 1831x1831, 1708437102686.jpeg


Fatties nolegs is a fent addict
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File: 1709241943814.webp 51.34 KB, 1440x1009, Screenshot_20240229-152527.webp


File: 1709241962611.webp 46.97 KB, 1440x908, Screenshot_20240229-152547.webp


File: 1709241980694.webp 46.13 KB, 1440x848, Screenshot_20240229-152607.webp


keep going goblinsaga or I will summon a demon upon you


do it at least 1,000 times bitch

File: 1694964415585.webp 193 KB, 1440x1434, Screenshot_20230917-085559….webp


How are the 4chon canadians holding up?
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Canada is Russia with Americans


>Canada's entire economy is based on Chinese real estate investment and the reason their healthcare practitioners "comically" offer euthanasia for minor healthcare issues is because the changs want to do anything in their power to hollow out as much of Canada's existing real estate and infrastructure as possible and they are directly influencing healthcare policy and professionals in the country in an attempt to do so
Now it all makes sense


Even though China gets criticized for the wrong things most of the time, this is a good dose of reality for chink simps who think they would have a good influence on western domestic policy.


File: 1709229284207.gif 1.28 MB, 498x280, simpsons-hahah.gif




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