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Niggers: Making Things Inconvenient at the Convenience Store

Last Saturday night at about 8:15 in a mostly white neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia, about 100 marauding youths — every last one of them black — brought psychedelic shockwaves of vibrancy to a Wawa convenience store. They looted items, knocked down display cases, and jumped up and down on cars outside with hormonal teen-primate fury. At least one of the looters, apparently a female of the species, was filmed twerking on a counter inside the store.

Although a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer said it “was like a scene from the apocalypse,” there was nothing exceptional about the incident. It was only the latest iteration of black America’s ongoing collective assault on our nation’s fast-food establishments. Things like this seem to be happening daily across the country. As far as Negro-driven ransackings of public eateries go, the incident was quite ordinary. There weren’t even any reported injuries.

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File: 1672770555243.jpg (49.12 KB, 500x500, coke.jpg)

Coca-Cola Company funded NAACP & other civil rights groups to call opponents racist to ensure sugar taxes failed and that soda was included in food stamp funding


One dumb stinky nigger spotted drinking (((Coke))) here: >>36817

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Friendly reminder that doxxing, or threatening to dox or revealing non-public information about other users will result in a ban.

This rule shall be applied equally whether other users use a VPN or not. I literally have all day, do it for free, have no life, and will be on here to enforce this.
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File: 1672696975145.png (476.13 KB, 416x501, 167269660839042261.png)


who the fuck is Dani el Gayman?


File: 1672707053281.jpg (51.92 KB, 460x550, you-program-reality.jpg)

Who cares?


based and fucks no given pilled

File: 1672617276764.png (1.81 MB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20230101-174838.png)


Goddamnit yandex
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File: 1672633388436.jpg (1.85 MB, 1482x1803, Dante – Gazing on Trinity–….jpg)

I think I added the word God and ended up finding the image I wanted



Based yandex.


I did a search recently on google and like half of the responses were of homos. I'll try find it.

Ok can't find it, went through my history. It was something really basic and so many of the responses were homo couples.



Alright I can't remember exactly but it was something to do with the refractory period. Half the couples were homos instead of a man and woman.

File: 1672612206303.jpg (573.42 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_2023-01-02-09-2….jpg)


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File: 1672621905887.jpg (215.82 KB, 1200x900, shutterstock_1520970431.7.jpg)

🥂 Happy new year fam!


File: 1672703609587.png (2.68 MB, 1440x1789, Screenshot_20230102-175247.png)


File: 1672703783056.mp4 (62.09 KB, 144x144, images.mp4)

Hmmm I wonder whomst he got that image from.


File: 1672704478462.png (724.77 KB, 770x963, 1665363652803.png)

i think itnwas from here



File: 1672572306403.jpg (9.9 KB, 270x187, sarah.jpg)


Soon ill be kickass at the guitar and will be on my way to be a musician. My singing voice has improved so much recently too. Ive only been practicing for a year continuously and ive gotten so good without singing lessons, just by listening to my singing by ear from recordings and training my pitch on my own
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I do not have a microdick nor am I a faggot

Take meds skitzo


i do, but im drug resistant now and nothing can stop me :)


File: 1672700218330.jpg (40.25 KB, 512x512, Tkes7Y0PoYrd-_port.jpg)


File: 1672702416460.jpg (173.04 KB, 1024x1024, KxFWmZvlC0Gx-_port.jpg)

Prt 1/2


File: 1672702478033.jpg (184.82 KB, 1024x1024, 7IUL0cJOnk9l-_port.jpg)

Prt 2/2

File: 1670141530296.png (92.88 KB, 512x512, fb8f013c-d7ad-417d-826e-b3….png)


Now that the interweb and the Windows 98 have been out there for a while, the important questin is

How do kids of "porn stars" turn out?

How do kids of "furry fandom" turn out?
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File: 1670143053862.jpg (38.36 KB, 1000x765, Corey-Feldman-NBCNews.jpg)

Corey Feldman-esque weirdos probly.

But time will tell, we will see more and more of these absolutely HILAROUS and messed up internet characters ("lolcows") raised by the weed smoking fake-freckles OnlyFans cosplay moms with 10000 simps. What a time to be alive!


I too wish I was real cool like this guy Corey Feldman.




i have 2 porn dads and their assholes are constanly leaking, but it's ok and i love them, i'm used to it.. we nomally cover every seat in our house plastic foil and towels though, which we remove and quickly stash them in the bags if the guests are coming for a visit.


not the dads i mean, but the wrap and towels. i would never stash my dads in those trash bags, haha


Watch Cops Seize Combat Vet's (ZOG drone's) Life Savings

>That cop acted like he was his friend. How do you be so nice and cordial while stabbing this good citizen in the heart? How much lawyer money did it cost this guy to get his money back?

>This poor man fought for the country and this is how he is treated. Heart braking

>It is truly concerning that in a place like America where people are supposed to be free, police can literally stop and rob you in the name of the law.

>He didn't trust the banks and now he doesn't trust police. What a shame.

>This is scary as hell! I have a full time job but I also work around 20-30 hours a week doing carpentry/construction jobs on nights and weekends. Most of those side projects pay cash. I have routinely had over $20,000 in the glove box of my truck at times. To know that they could just take it for no reason is pretty terrifying.

>And this is why I don't answer any questions and require a warrant to search my property.

Reminder that cops are NOT your friends.
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Yeah I saw that video when it came out, its fucked lol.


If you flaunt your money it's going to be stolen. It's not "right" but it's common fucking sense. Who carries around 20k in thier glovebox ffs.


File: 1670911035055.gif (2.12 MB, 401x249, 167069995218586942.gif)


File: 1670951030678.gif (843.84 KB, 440x250, whtt.gif)

Have a (you).


File: 1672613253023.jpg (39.04 KB, 512x384, image.jpg)

If there's anything more vile and parasitic to humanity than cops, it's (((lawyers))).

This guy explains it best:

>Firstly, prior the the advent of near-universal literacy, control of commoners by societies’ rulers was easy because only royalty, the aristocracy, and the clergy were literate. When most of us peons became literate—and better educated—the only way to maintain control was to make laws so semantically vague and complicated that only lawyers—which is what almost all state legislators & congressmen are—can write, understand and use them effectively.

>The very idea of ordinary subjects using the law to restrain government, bureaucratic, and corporate power is terrifying to politicians, bureaucrats, corporations—and lawyers—so law and courtroom procedure are crafted to be as esoteric as possible to prevent plebeians using it to their advantage without a lawyer. Additionally, politicians are notorious for exempting themselves from the legislation that the rest of us are expected to be subject to.

>While law can be and is not infrequently enacted for the greater good, it is misused more and more as an instrument of control, exclusion, repression, subjugation—and revenue for lawyers. That is why our society is subjugated by lawyers.

>Lastly, yes. Our laws ought to be written to facilitate their comprehension and use by ordinary people. It should go without saying that complicated and/or serious cases do warrant consulting a lawyer, but the way our system is now is actually government of the lawyers, by the lawyers, and for the lawyers.


It is well known in the software industry, that when a (((developer))) writes code for non-scientific purposes that is so clusterfucked that nobody can comprehend it, it's often a self-preservation strategy to maintain job security and leverage. We have something called "code reviews" that try to mitigate this problem. Like the military, law and tax code have nothing in place to reduce their inherent incentive to increase their complexity to expand their industrial complexes.

File: 1672546073625.jpg (69.99 KB, 810x358, locodrilos.jpg)


My new year's resolution is to stop imitating avid.

I might imitate smileberg or some other faggots a little but the avid shit is played da fuq out... I am done!!!!!!!!!!!!! (others may still avid post idgaf)
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I'm pretty sure >>37374 is him

I'm glad you enjoyed it but I spend too much time giggling to myself about cocks, it has to stop.


I can tell you typed this from memory because the original copypasta doesn't have those hyphens. I've created an enduring meme and can rest easy about my legacy.


File: 1672589676251.jpg (28.37 KB, 866x866, 4k2w2u.jpg)

>but I spend too much time giggling to myself about cocks, it has to stop.

The visual of (you) giggling to yourself!


It's okay avid!

You're safe here!

The 'chon loves you HONEY!


amusingly I did once burst into laughter in the pasta aisle of a grocery store hours after an exchange with the "real" avid


File: 1672521497516.png (Spoiler Image, 18.5 KB, 231x391, 7BB38588-F8CC-4108-B79D-D2….png)


Hello this is the mintboard admin.
Any chance you can take him back? We’ve tried everything to keep him contained, even giving him his own board. It’s impossible and he clogs up everything.

Any chance you could have him back?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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i unbanned him btw

File: 1672555792691.jpg (73.83 KB, 594x960, FB_IMG_1672554227936.jpg)


Homie, I just want my copy of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for half off in peace please just ring it up
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File: 1672581285938.jpg (92.47 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg)

GameStop has become a scary place.


File: 1672581662533.jpeg (30.33 KB, 397x601, 167258161169782447.jpeg)

(s)HE is missing the sonichu medallion!


File: 1672586314943.gif (340.71 KB, 414x170, ezgif-5-3688ef15cd.gif)

That forehead.


Going 2 jail for murder. No thanks.


I cant believe yogi bear took his pic with the notorious racist nazi hitler rimmer kanye 'ye' west, i think that we should cancel yogi bear on god for real this time

File: 1657083186075.jpg (49.85 KB, 1080x640, FB_IMG_1657083050175.jpg)


The notion of fetuses being human is a uniquely Christian one, at least in the West. Gentleman like this rabbi, whos Torah mention Moloch before Yahweh believe this, and Imams tend to believe that the baby quickens in the womb after the first trimester.

What implications does this have for legislation and policy making? To whom should be legislate?
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File: 1672528624970.png (590.74 KB, 1000x1000, abortion-language1.png)


Gooning to this rn


File: 1672585437690.png (514.1 KB, 1000x1000, 43784509696757476678.png)

File: 1672395029784.jpg (333.43 KB, 2048x1536, NYE-EOI-photograher.jpg)


Are you going out for NYE? I know PUAs have often remarked that big celebrations like this and Christmas are the easiest times of the year to get laid. I might go out for that but I'm honestly kind of lazy and it seems like not enough of a challenge, but other thing is that I live in the Inner West of Sydney which has a lot of Arabs if you're not aware lol and it might be dangerous coming back home and I don't feel so much like to blowing the $80AUD or something on a taxi/Uber.

And I'm also doing DXM right now so I'll be tired tomorrow lol

What do you niggers think
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What boardgames? I've thought of doing that. I have monopoly but its some newfangled version with some audio that plays, or you speak to it like some Alexa bullshit. I just want to play the regular version.


Phagtasm projecting his normality again?

you best habeeb it


File: 1672567314975.jpg (76.59 KB, 835x1024, 1669745800741235.jpg)

We played Codenames, Bohnanza (German card game) and Fantasy Realms among other things.
One of my friends is an insane board game enthusiast. He always is on the lookout for new games, supports kickstarter project for smaler devs and visits Europe's biggest board game fair every year for several days.
Fantasy Realms was especially fun. Everyone draws 7 cards and tries to build a game winning hand. You then draw from the pile or discarded cards in the middle and also discard one.
Cards have TCG like synergies. For example having "Elven Bowmen" and "Forest" gives extra points or having the king and the queen and knights. As the name suggests the cards are fantasy themed and you try to get the highest score by building the best synergy.
All card texts are self explanatory so rules are minimal.
Very easy to learn and play and very satisfying to get a cool "deck". It's basically bite sized deck building as a game.

We also made a spectacular fondue with 3 pots for dinner: cheese, oil and vegetable broth so you could fry meat, dip bread into the molten cheese and cook or fry veggies.
I also made a home made coleslaw as a side dish.

(Monopoly is a bad board game btw. There's so much new and interesting stuff cominh out each year but most people just don't care enough to look for actually good games and stick to the classics).


That wasn't me but it was uncannily similar to my NYE, despite my wanting to stay home and unironically play video games.


fired up mountain of faith for a bit then closed the evening off alone in bed with some nice 'nime

File: 1672405855552.jpg (186.03 KB, 1200x675, 1636832551592.jpg)


>The success of Japanese Knotweed has been partially attributed to its tolerance of a very wide range of conditions; including drought, different soil types, variable soil pH, and high salinity. Its rhizomes can survive temperatures of −35 °C (−31 °F) and can extend 7 metres (23 ft) horizontally and 3 metres (10 ft) deep, making removal by excavation extremely difficult. The plant is also resilient to cutting, vigorously resprouting from the roots. The invasive root system and strong growth can damage concrete foundations, buildings, flood defences, roads, paving, retaining walls and architectural sites.
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we once went to someone's house and planted it there to destroy it

it was very effective


This stuff is all over your province in Canada as well. I don't know where exactly though, that's up to you to learn

I live in the deep American south and we have plant Atlas's here, such as this one

Thanks to these botanists I can now track down invasive species and destroy them in full accordance with local and federal law


What if I plant a seed down my dickhole?


You'll jizz it out.


that sounds epic i like it


Predictive text thread
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Questions for me this picture yesterday and the first one is the one I sent you on the phone initially said that they just needed access to the inside of my flat and I have to keep it warm at the moment so I'm watching the snow


Hey guys and gals gather round

Ok so I have an appointment 🙃 🙂 for the weekend and I have a couple more of the other guys coming 🙃 😅 🙂 🤪 and 😬 are you OK xxx and I generally feel shit and it has been a long time ⌛️ to will not have time for the rest 🙃 but it will not work 🙃 🙂 😅 😑 😢 😐 🙃 🙂 😅 😑 😢 the first day for the first time in the morning to be getting a refund from the amazon store and it is the first time that we dont the order and it is still pending for our tortoise


Zombies and I have to keep the money back




Your tits 😍 and is have a goodun for you and I will suck yours after the rest of the day and I will not have time for the rest knight rider to work 😴 I have an excellent time to get to the decades and the people 😀 in the team to help me and the team in a good 👍 xxx and a good 👍

File: 1663465085483.png (1.33 MB, 800x1172, Aubrey_Cottle_(Kirtaner).png)


The internet is quite poor for discussing drugs at the moment, 420chan has been down for months. There is drugs-forum and bluelight but last time I checked their boards are quite slow and underpopulated. Atm r9k is my go-to for any quick questions concerning recreational drugs though the quality of discussion is quite poor. I get the sense it has a lot of niggers. Longecity.org is quite good for neutraceuticals, nootropics, vitamins and related stuff. Some very informed people there. Reddit can be okay, the quality of response varies alot, some really off comments there interspered with some informed ones.

I think it's curious, overall, maybe there are just less conscientious drug users than I thought.
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The old "smiley" would call you a degenerate and say you deserved death/isolation camps away from functional society.


It's probs still in the 4chon digital archives tbqh!

It's not difficult to bring up- if you know the right strings to pull.



File: 1672500307544.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2429, Screenshot_20221230-140505.png)

Here's a link to some nostalgia, frens.



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