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What if it wakes up and tries to kill you IRL


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Are you a cute kitty or wolf girl?


Are you LF's son?


prev thread >>39385

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I can has secret discord invite?
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Emma stones ass is great




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What was the best paid occupation you ever had, do you still do it or would you consider going back to it if you had the opportunity?
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Professional tendie inspector at my Mum's house :>

Paid in GBPs and wfh.


File: 1686363872280.jpg (21.96 KB, 381x470, 1-21112Q3031R47.jpg)

i install ceramic tile
flippin wish i didnt


Then do something else I guess. Could be a lot worse though. I would rather live in the gutter and eat trash off the road like a filthy rat than work in customer service ever again.


Same. I'd rather literally dumpster dive and live homeless in the forest, or the even more schizo urban homeless that lives in the ceiling of Walmart, than even wageslave again

The life cycle of homeless schizophrenics is probably a happier one than the average wageslave drone


i was gonna ask why you have such an opinion of it but then i remembered the time i was working in retail, stacking cans and other shit on shelves and having to deal with people despite it not being in my job description

File: 1686311386561.png (133.95 KB, 900x1204, 6.8.2023.png)


David Irving update. It's a bit of a weird one. The oldtimer might be getting soft in the head.
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Himmler 2 is the book where Irving will finally make a clear stance on the Holocaust. He has been dancing around this topic all his life, it would be sad if the Kikes got to him before he is able to publish it.


Yes. From what he's said in the past, the extent of the Holocaust was a few instances of liquidations near the end of the war that became massively overblown to the 6 million number we know today. Hitler knew of one or two indulgences in which he ordered to be stopped and that was it. Himmler and a few others, perhaps Goebbels, definitely knew about the other cases and been less preventative about it seeing as they were much more invested in the ideological crusade aspect of answering the JQ. Hitler was the one who wanted it all done by the scheme he set down of deporting the kikes while trying to secure international approval, the concentration camps becoming work camps was a result of the war effort. Lest it be forgotten, Goebbels was the one who helped to instigate Kristallnacht, which Hitler ordered ceased as soon as it came to his attention because of public opinion and because now somebody would have to pay for all the insurance costs. People want to think that all of Germany was pro-party, which isn't the case. Even in the army, party members were a minority, so even though it's easy and just as right to be in the Goebbels-Himmler camp of crusading against evil, it's just as right and pragmatic to have been in the Hitler camp to not cause a social rift or instigate unwanted international reactions that would put leverage against the country.


The holocaust is real tho.




I say this. Brb, getting a call from the Easter Bunny.

File: 1676792728403.jpg (30.79 KB, 600x363, Hitler_and_Bernile_2.jpg)


Respect everyone.
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No thanks not interested at all, for any reason, ever

Yes it does dipshit


Nah. I looked into it. They all admit to masturbating or having some sexual desire. Its bullshit.

SEXUALITY itself is bullshit, there's just normality and abnormality.


I'm afraid you don't get to speak for all of humanity

I'll let that sink in


1. You're a degenerate

2. You have offered no value to this discussion

Those both seem to go together very often


Fair enough

File: 1685583619675.jpg (2.23 MB, 1752x2400, 5f5.jpg)


dead bort
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And they secretly make fun of manlet robots behind their back.


Is that a euphemism


File: 1686255446557.png (155.55 KB, 280x315, 123312413532635746853865354….png)

you absolute baka


Based, he got it

File: 1685108088000.webm (3.5 MB, 768x576, 1679340565435753.webm)


I have just found out that there are "seven" colors. Somehow, for who knows what reason, indigo is now a color. Not a shade, but a color. Fucking what the fuck is this. Red, yellow, and blue are primary colors and orange, green, and purple are secondary, this is not even debatable, so WHO IN THE HELL came up with indigo as any part of that. You look at indigo and you tell me it's not a shade of purple, I dare you, there's no way you can without being a god DAMN liar. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, you don't see crimson and say "hmmm, this sure is different from red". The Jews have to be behind this. Who else would it be. Indigo. INDIGO. This is like teaching kids that Pluto isn't a planet anymore, it's all part of this common core muh gender 1984 reality-reshaping newspeak antichrist nightmare atrocity zeitgeist. Reject indigo. Indigo is the enemy. Accepting indigo is accepting Bezos to come fuck your free range chickens at night. Unacceptable.
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He lived to be 84, how bad could it be?


Maybe the daoists were onto something. Notice that LIBRULS banned it in schools.


Indigo is blue


File: 1685147395495.jpg (53.03 KB, 649x366, 5678-63478067895657.jpg)

Indigo is a LIE


INDIGLO is baste

File: 1684405525322.png (109.99 KB, 298x371, 3d6.png)


check em
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File: 1684647844827.webp (99.76 KB, 1440x1144, Screenshot_20230520-124744.webp)


Quite often and I don't know what else to say I swear to you and you will never said that I 💯 you I miss love so and 4 so much 6 and I can hear you say



avid is going to kill himself god willing


Literally who fucking cares man, take your supposed sex life and cram it up your arse you little cumbrained degenerate

File: 1685092728043-0.png (782.45 KB, 593x634, Screenshot_7.png)

File: 1685092728043-1.png (1.02 MB, 696x559, Screenshot_10.png)

File: 1685092728043-2.png (1.07 MB, 826x667, Screenshot_6.png)

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>Thot article about hair removal
>Turns out shes a hairy Middle Eastern
>Google her name, as you do
>She's dating a decent looking White guy



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I got like 10 responses to this thread and only 3 are on topic.


File: 1685954168401-0.jpg (180.02 KB, 1170x1162, IMG_5308.JPG)

File: 1685954168401-1.png (1.07 MB, 1992x1992, 1580996186930.png)

Me too

I like reading about their nose reductions. Its like reading about young women being embarassed about their big labia showing in bikinis. Hawt!!!


What a coincidence the Arab in OP also wrote about her ethnic nose



YAS! they can sniffe da pen0r REALL GEWD


Byt seriously though kill me

File: 1681052733817.jpg (114.35 KB, 585x1200, tumblr_611d8b25a437fc7d6c99….jpg)

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>buy baby boy goat
>he's pitch black and I name him Brujo despite my friend's warning
>raise him
>he's cursed as fuck, screams all the time, tries raping my wife, tries killing me, leaps outside of his area just to destroy things
>other goat is super chill and kind
>he ends up getting my chill goat pregnant
>eventually after he tries killing me for the 12th time I just kill him and eat him
>now he has two babies on the farm
>they're both loud as fuck and scream all the time
>little boy constantly tries to rape both his mother and sister

Fucking hell. He's just been screaming in the background for no reason while he eats hay

Pic unrelated
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File: 1686102180245.jpg (258.32 KB, 802x1024, 1685039580293179m.jpg)

>get high as fuck
>start painting the walls with my kid
>I make a beautiful scene of Yggdrasil
>she gets glow in the dark paint and paints the name of God on the wall
>I paint space around Yggdrasil in purple
>I finish my putting glow in the dark paint around the sun, to fill out the rest of the space with color
>turned the lights off
>all you can see is a black sun shining light and the name of Gob


How did I miss this thread

Funny posting style, how old is she, 2-3? Kids are so fucking cute when they are around 2 and start to articulate words properly. I mean wtf its crazy adorable.


File: 1686103363542.png (624.86 KB, 1141x311, Screenshot_3.png)

Lel my youtube rec's


Mr. Gob has spoken.


File: 1686143927343.jpg (763.5 KB, 3264x1836, paint.jpg)

I have a 6, 3, and 1
It was the 6 painting with me last night
I'm gonna paint every single inch of my home with my kids

File: 1682718102253.jpg (181.06 KB, 550x413, 1340147387263.jpg)


I got niggautism, yea I'm a nigga with autism.
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Smoke more meth smiley 👍


File: 1683034042186.jpeg (19.7 KB, 474x474, download.jpeg)

>be American
>be fat


tihs is HAWTT ans SEXXY


File: 1685979888325.jpg (50.68 KB, 960x843, Fxz22qqWcAMrwHu.jpg)


File: 1685757655597.jpeg (86.86 KB, 980x488, uCgZbkYt0wbI.jpeg)


How come Smelly left 4chon and posts on Mintboard instead these days?
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>niggers on here constantly insulting attention seeking namefags
>"wtf why doesn't he post here anymore 😭"



File: 1685787691076.png (696.57 KB, 1016x837, smiley's sister gets it.png)



Heh what a mischievous scallywag


Smiley tributes his own sisters pics? Weird

File: 1683073019625.jpg (35.93 KB, 227x394, rika_.jpg)


What's this website and what's its history?
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you can embed shorts now numbnuts


Didn't know


File: 1683236332864.jpeg (40.61 KB, 471x707, download (3).jpeg)


Shindlers list is how many man's she's fucked
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File: 1683236845894-0.jpeg (35.24 KB, 474x471, download (4).jpeg)

File: 1683236845894-1.jpeg (35.24 KB, 474x471, download (4).jpeg)

File: 1683236845894-2.jpeg (35.24 KB, 474x471, download (4).jpeg)


She's cute but she is Jewish, that shit is cringe, those retarded cunts support the mutilation of children


They are one of the biggest threats to one of the purest forms of life, they should not be allowed to leave israel




File: 1685733028885-0.jpg (30.86 KB, 420x386, b5flo58mjxv01.jpg)

File: 1685733028885-1.jpg (99.9 KB, 600x900, 5927035-Cassandra-Schindler….jpg)

File: 1685733028885-2.jpeg (127.55 KB, 900x900, R.jpeg)

File: 1685733028885-3.jpg (19.16 KB, 320x480, nvxkbwhje9l11.jpg)

Op here I'm sorry I didn't mean it I was just in pain because of my fucked posture (which I'm working on) I hope to make an a positive few posts of this woman as an offering

She is a very beautifully crafted woman and I would do sexual things to her

File: 1682458633930.jpg (107.79 KB, 900x900, 16021534146590.jpg)


This stuff makes me fart once a minute and I'm not joking or trolling
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You're talking about it as if it's a drug which I guess it is. Onset must be a few means. Peaks over hours though



Haha same here bro thought it was just me


probably full of maltitol or the like. sugar alcohols will cause tummy upsets and gas if you get too much.


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