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File: 1697634155676.jpeg (2.17 MB, 4032x3024, F409D44C-DB78-4D50-85AD-4….jpeg)


I bet depersonalisation now
I can feel im the here and now and its so freaken good, my romantic feelings are coming back too and im on my way to gaining my arousal back

I used mostly affirmations but recently what helped me was adding herbal teas, crystal jewlery, vagus humming stimulation and swimming

Anyone here depersonalised can beat it too, yku just gotta believe in yourself, believe in the affirmations, and make the bad thougjts go away and just learn to relax and know you ARE in the now and here!
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You are a faggot nigger and nothing you say will change this fact.


File: 1698001877185.jpg (171.77 KB, 984x750, F9EBnmvXYAAu-Zt.jpg)

this is what brapisaga supports


This OP. You are a faggot niger.


Suspiciously skinny hand


File: 1698029988194.jpg (151.46 KB, 1600x896, markyvsthesquid.jpg)

you dumb asl XD this coconut banana nic cured my shit js fine u can keep ur rocks

File: 1695114145531.webp (31.63 KB, 501x669, Screenshot_20230919_10013….webp)


im wayne carini and i chase cars
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File: 1695934344461.jpeg (8.28 KB, 201x251, images.jpeg)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1696026564942.webp (55.09 KB, 1010x1030, Screenshot_20230929_23284….webp)


clean it up janny


File: 1697292292917.jpg (38.96 KB, 698x680, 0ca6b2b1039d8ce8ebcc779957….jpg)


He chopped down that cherry tree and was a compulsive liar.

File: 1697953440768.jpeg (55.24 KB, 655x468, images (6).jpeg)


Can someone explains how does the trandlucency occurs between marbles here and then create the pictures you see here on the surface of the marbles
Basically tracing the lights and how it goes around
Or at least the key pointers
Like refractivity index and surface reflections


consider that the guy who drew that image never knew that.


Well. Dont be that guy. Or be that guy and show off what you think is here. Or dont be that guy and just, show off what you know anyway.

File: 1697619916416.jpg (761.22 KB, 1276x2051, 20231018_155954.jpg)


How to plan out/depict canvas that will depict/contain enough details for 600k traffic/sales
Basically whatever defined as "enough" in the market for such number or any, calculatively,
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>>68357 well thats just their problems. You coming here should be to put something useful here. But i guess your muscles have pressed in to your brain, you cease to process anything else but your bubbling level of alcohol. Sorry that you are a nutjobs. But i guess you are as unemployed as the amount of free stuff you share here. Oh sorry, free time, s it dont even count as stuff, even per you.
I dont meddle with idiots


>>68357 maybe you and your 4chan lots should start naming your inputs as intelligent minds or uh "tutorials" so i can actually ask for a useful set of instructions like running cars or where to turn but boy
I guess they do not worth that much either, and your log brained skulls are too slow they are best replaced with AI.


>>68366 says the joker. Get your own thread

You ve been very lazy yourself, pinkman. So shut it, cuz you didnt teach the high school or cook.


>>68373 show me your result maybe, so i can tell your pull ups even help you pull a single line


>>68386 everyone got wasted in gaza so idk what you are talking abou

File: 1688511421173.png (3.42 MB, 3505x2498, 36-corn-png-image.png)


if i was in power structure i would want that people from below theoretically capable of opposing me by strategic action and force would be
1. drug addled
2. neurotic
3. irrational

so i would promote and make them listen to "lil scoon" and "yung jigger" latest mumble raps about popping xans and wearing dem yeezys, yee

mumble raps and slut-brainwash edm are literary the only 2 forms music of music that can legally even exist, they are mandated by state, and the prior is the only remotely masculine form of music - to direct masculinity mostly away from political and religious movements and groups, disciplined and productive actions
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>I haven't thought very much or hard about why Jews don't allow drugs more freely
I assume a major reason is because it could make the goyim too unpredictable.


Maybe, seems alcohol is rather placating overall


but how do u yeezys on dem pegs, you aint even thought about that


one of the benefits of have people from below theoretically capable of opposing be drug addled is that they are in constant fear of the law that way and as a result less likely to participate in political activity because they fear drug arrests and not being able to sustain their addiction in jail.
another reason is that if drugs are illegal they command a higher price and the people from below can be better kept impoverished this way.
the illegal drug trade is in america is almost entirely controlled by government agencies, particularly via the FBI's criminal informant program.


Maybe but I don't think that really applies to political action. Many drugs make people disinhibited but that is not exactly going to turn them into revolutionaries or even violent actors.

Those are good points, especially that if people are known drug users they can be targetted by police for raids.

I follow some news on drug arrests and cops seem to go after manufacturers and/or suppliers and/or darknet hosts. But I'm not sure at all of the how, when and why and otherwise the logic behind this. I mean the various authorities seem to push drugs whilst also sometimes, in a way that I don't understand, come down hard on the suppliers etc. Maybe its just to shake things up and not let any one group or entity get too much power or control.

I don't know about the idea that hallucinogens can inspire revolutionary action. Jews and/or elite groups pushed psychedelics in the 60s to psyop the hippie movement into support mass immigration and open borders etc, but that was all done by the 80s. Nothing like that happens now afaik. Some psychedelic users - hippies, ravers, homos etc, go to festivals or raves and get high and probably be promiscuous but I don't think that culture is even very big anymore.

File: 1694964415585.webp (193 KB, 1440x1434, Screenshot_20230917-08555….webp)


How are the 4chon canadians holding up?
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File: 1696291529289.webp (15.42 KB, 1439x1516, Screenshot_20231002-19050….webp)




A compelling case for body building narratives.


Please let us help you! My name is ABDUL. This year is to be so exciting!
Welcome ;-)


File: 1697708794130.webp (72.57 KB, 1272x1128, Screenshot_20231019-04442….webp)

File: 1674875046508.webm (3.93 MB, 1280x720, 1674575496862821.webm)


what did she mean by this?
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high time you realize, those fairy tears mean she got shitty dick, and not video games


Holy mother of god. I feel such incredible second hand cringe/embarrassment for their hot topic mall goth asses. The feeling is undescribable.


File: 1697614006797.mp4 (9.54 MB, 400x224, modern witches.mp4)

Because when I think of goths, industrial music, and raving, I think of BROAD DAYLIGHT and spastic flailing while half of your crew is getting baked on the filthy ground. Reminds me of this shit.


Considering what we have to deal with these days, I miss goths and juggalos.


Believe it or not, juggolos are still out there. They've managed to remove themselves to their own pocket dimension.

File: 1697435927523.jpg (637.86 KB, 1944x2361, 0 Goddess.jpg)


would you CUM on my face?
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I don't think sigils work the way OP thinks they do


Gay men get pregnant with assbabies.


yea, the guy cumming needs to have intent


schizvid wylin


Interesting. Sigil is of Focalor, the goetic demon of murdering and hurting people. This thread is an invitation to demonic assault


The loosh will be collected. There is no escape.

File: 1697215547506.jpg (25.84 KB, 400x400, 0bb0c7d3751ceec9745efa28bd….jpg)


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give yourself some credit! the free speech angle was an original idea


I got it mixed up with the channel 101 trailer, which also featured Rick asking Morty to lick his balls. I'm starting to think there's something up with these writers.


I'll tell ya what's up with 'em:



Mr Poopy Butthole declined Rick's offer to 3D print him an apartment on the moon.


File: 1697574636707.jpeg (158.47 KB, 1024x1024, rickwell.jpeg)

gentlemen, contain your orgasms


>Roiland not writing
>Roiland not voicing
>Harmon not writing

A real Ship of Theseus situation here. Who gives a shit about this show anymore

File: 1693356527500.jpg (4.93 KB, 227x222, Untitled.jpg)


How long does caffeine withdrawal take again? I'm dyin' fellas heh


aslong as you want it to


A few days for major symptoms, possibly months for a complete recovery.


This but I felt distinctly tired in the mornings whenever I went off completely. I always weaned down to 1/2 a cup or so, or even 1/4 a cup in the mornings, then off completely, and that little bit made the mornings so much easier.

I think its good to remember the trade-off - you won't get a crash in the evenings etc


I meant like 1/2 a cup for a week then 1/4 a cup for a week, then nothing. I think of it as the staircase method.

This is as opposed to 1/2 a cup on Monday, then 0.9/2 cup on Tuesday, 0.8/2 cup on Weds, 0.7/2 on Thurs etc etc (also note how hard it is to titrate down when you get to relatively small amounts, though it can be done).

File: 1695536865506.png (4.41 KB, 158x219, images (2).png)


I want to fuck kankri



unlucky, you cant have sex with a drawing 👍



File: 1689540171456.png (919.86 KB, 785x900, 1688057543571357.png)


Retarded Moments in Pornography 2023

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File: 1692431015808.png (1.05 MB, 696x696, shotgunbj.png)

Incredible Acts, Depraved Humenz: Part 6



>get this bro, I'm getting my dick sucked but like while holding a gun


File: 1692550958272.jpg (33.59 KB, 549x460, D3l_izwXsAAzmK4.jpg)


as a straight-sexual male i ensure that every porn picture i collect has a husky guy's balls, penis, buttocks and body in frame because that reminds me how straight-sexual i am


Much straight. Very wow.

File: 1697538297337.jpg (195.26 KB, 1024x1024, photo_2023-10-07_16-32-29.jpg)


yo I just googled 4chon.net randomly and found this place lmao. We had some good times there but it was what, a decade ago? Goddamn, time flies. My life still fucking sucks, I'm worse than ever, developed a chronic stomach problem, too. I'd kill myself but I don't want to hurt my family. Anyways...

I wish we could get all the guys back. How come there's no /r9k/? Remember LLL (Life Long Troll)? He was actually a pedophile but he was alright. Hope y'all are doing well as can be, if you wanna share about your lives and what's been going on I'd be happy to hear ya out.

Also post old 4chon shit if you have any. Like banners, caps, memes, whatever. Tc bros.


You've come at a bad time, fren, but welcome anyway. Everyone's too old/busy/annoyed to post here very frequently.
>Also post old 4chon shit if you have any. Like banners, caps, memes, whatever. Tc bros.
There's stuff I could post, but someone has the archive link I'm sure.


It's been a while since I played Katawa Shoujo. Only ever played the Emi and Rin routes, thought I'd 100% the game. As was, I stopped because the Emi route really suckerpunched my feels good while Rin just annoyed me. Just finished with Hanako. I think I'll go with Shizune next. The Hanako route was alright. Didn't hit me as hard as Emi's did but I still peeled some onions over the end like a bitch chef. One issue I had with it, which kind of hovered over the ending, was where the game kind of lies to you about being able to choose your path. When Lilly leaves and you have a choice on giving Hanako a choice on what to do with the day, it seems so arbitrary. Then later on it's obvious that Hanako's boxed into a corner and you shouldn't force her out of her shell, and the game gives you this option to leave her be or be a retard, but depending on what you did when Lilly left, either option has the same result. I do not understand that at all. "Hm, I won't be a retard, oh wait, even though I chose not to be a retard I'll go be a retard anyway", what the actual fuck. And of course I didn't think to save a different file for the choice so after the bad ending I had to zoom through the game again to figure out the correct decision. It sort of cheapened the experience. Still, Hanako a cute. The bar scene where she says she's there for you. The final moments at the end. Cute, cute, cute. Still going to have to put her under Emi. Emi > Hanako > Rin. Have to see how Shizume and Lilly play out, then I have to replay Emi and Rin to see if my opinions change. Apparently there's also a mod to properly date Misha.
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3 is generic tranny
4 is superior


File: 1695221595014.png (1.53 MB, 1326x1019, 1572724703736.png)



our local tranny expert


they're practically twins

some people have cocks on the brain


File: 1697369512060.gif (2.01 MB, 162x290, GIF-231013_135927.gif)


For million traffic/sales illustration how much details or even content does it need to attract that many audience regularly

Like the proportion of detail to sales/klout
Also what does details mean.



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