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File: 1675248274815.jpg (1.49 MB, 3264x3264, mihojp.jpg)


Enjoy the free trial boys

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at onlyfans.com huh

its not even a hyperlink dude, this website looks more like a phishing link than that one does haha


>painted on eyebrows
>red lipstick
>no pubic hair
>trashy slut


goddamn right



gooning to this rn

File: 1675270299427.jpg (238.21 KB, 638x1239, 1675244746691.jpg)


I know she's doing this to get simpathy donations from her Twitch simps but it's good acting
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Atrioc should post his cock as penance.


Avid please



is "women sobbing on camera" an esoteric form of fetish video something?


I can bet money it is

File: 1650699979142.jpg (194.88 KB, 1242x1595, 5gtn04ici7v81.jpg)


belle ate a lightbulb
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Yeah, zunechan and others. She was old as fuck like 16 or 17 though.


Speak better engrosh



File: 1675548888308.mp4 (2.36 MB, 360x480, 3bO8D3f6iKCcNFnDXy0_110010….mp4)

File: 1673625186964.png (1.27 MB, 1440x1996, Screenshot_20230113-095218.png)


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File: 1674586926207.png (1.83 MB, 1440x1243, Screenshot_20230124-130016.png)


>[ - ]


File: 1675107776194.png (1.55 MB, 1439x2272, Screenshot_20230130-111609.png)



File: 1675128113921.png (167.39 KB, 365x573, 167512781677286542.png)


File: 1675387105386.webp (55.33 KB, 790x496, 91BC1B36-DD43-40C6-9050-C….webp)

I wonder if “Pastor Bob Joyce” was absent from his congregation for a few days following this event (as he was when Lisa’s son died)?

File: 1656913515212-0.jpg (18.34 KB, 241x255, 1656585478549-0.jpg)

File: 1656913515212-1.png (84.54 KB, 202x255, 1656585478549-1.png)


my asshole squeezed his cock like a fist i felt his cock get harder and harder hate pounding my asshole faster and faster i knew he was gonna cum soon this was my reaction when he dumped his backed up load inside me
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>that hairline

what hair i have then?


Is this India?



Middle schoolers today...


This was put here on purpose by smiley to troll avid into suicide because this is a woman avid likes and smiley is fucking her and he posted this because he is a disgusting gossip driven sperg beta

File: 1656795504793.jpg (105.55 KB, 660x459, b2c5bbbff114730c13a4f926d5….jpg)

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Everyone report in. Whats the covid status in your area?

I'm noticing EVERYONE i know that took the jab now has covid or recently got it. Shits making rounds again. Many of these people already had covid once before too
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My mom just got Covid for the first time and my grandma got it for the second (gma is vaxxed ma isn’t) seems like it’s making rounds again fuck faucci fuck chinks)


need 2 get vaxd up again


2 more weeks


File: 1675225594498.jpg (148.23 KB, 1024x1016, 1f7da9176fe478e5a4adca0e14….jpg)

It's a little overdramatic but this shit is literally happening every day heh


ah, my fellow kc enjoyer

File: 1650543035232.png (480.13 KB, 550x532, aa7.png)

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This is the real comfy vidya thread


Low bit
High bit

Soundtracks welcome
see: https://youtu.be/kOd5_j0OTQo

wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materia in the itt thread thread
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You two are CUTE!


I played SF1 on the genesis.



I played them briefly when I first got emulators working in the late 90s.


File: 1675486298580.png (685.48 KB, 920x792, critposting.png)

Dimitri: It's been six years. But I began hearing their voices four years ago, during my first battle. I recognized the enemy general as a man I had seen in Duscur. When I removed his head, the voices...cheered. They laughed. It was as if a terrible pain had finally been lifted from them.
Felix: I think I get what's happening here. Look, do you really think your father and Glenn and everyone else would be torturing you like that? You're the one who's doing this, Dimitri. Not them. You.
Dimitri: Even if that were true, I can never forgive myself.
Felix: Believe me, I know. But it's your job to lead. If you lose your path, you'll take everyone else down with you. So try to keep that whole "removing their heads" thing in check, yeah? We can just call it our little secret.
Dimitri: You're the only reason I haven't descended into utter savagery, you know. So just as Loog had Kyphon and my father had Rodrigue... I would ask that you continue to be my right-hand man.
Felix: Right-hand man, huh? I like the sound of that.
(screen fades to black.)
Dimitri: What are you doing?!
Felix: As your new right-hand man, my first act is to haul my restless king back to bed where he belongs.
Dimitri: This is absurd! My feet are dragging on the floor!
Felix: It's your own fault for being so tall, you sack of muscle.
Dimitri: Heh. Say, do you remember how I once carried you in this way when you twisted your ankle?
Felix: Yeah, turns out lugging folks around is good training—so just cram it and let me finish my workout already.
Dimitri: Yes, of course. Please, carry on.

File: 1674969127695-0.png (305.05 KB, 341x593, tiktokdasfjnasdf (2).png)

File: 1674969127696-1.jpg (184.98 KB, 600x857, 231.1992##S.jpg.840x1200_q….jpg)

File: 1674969127696-2.jpg (18.01 KB, 198x190, wrinkly old pepe smile.jpg)


I need her...

My Madonna...
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Manchildren's Playpen(No 3DCG of this type allowed on US web hosts)


I bet he eats pussy really well


You guys do realize Madonna is another name for Mary right? I didn't realize that until a while ago.


File: 1675237532706.png (1.48 MB, 1439x1531, Screenshot_20230201-014437.png)

I feel bad for her biological kids.


File: 1675237805784.png (1.53 MB, 1439x1589, Screenshot_20230201-014944.png)

File: 1675207560496-0.jpg (456.14 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-02-01-10-2….jpg)

File: 1675207560496-1.jpg (622.17 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-02-01-10-2….jpg)

File: 1675207560496-2.jpg (456.14 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-02-01-10-2….jpg)

File: 1675207560496-3.jpg (168.28 KB, 922x2048, FB_IMG_1675207392792.jpg)


'YoU ArE nOt EnTiTlEd tO SeX'

Bodycount Americans seriously be out here just missing the point over just how emotionally abusive this is.
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Thanks, the Swedish woman said that too. I should've kissed her on the cheek when I left.


If you kissed her on the cheek... you could have caught aids.


All of that's exhausting and immature. I don't know how a person could keep up THE ACT if they loathed someone. Breaking up is the best solution.


ya ur rite bout the exhausting part i wouldn't do it myself and have little patience for dat kinda drama. but my point is a hoe who starts talking like a hoe to her "bf" (whom she's probly already cheating on if shes already complaining about the sex like in the OP, which i still lean towards it being a fake cuckold's fantasy story / ragebait tbh) shouldn't be surprised if she gets treated like a hoe back


dont kno if being troll'd rite nao
dont goad him on his delusional fairy tale u manipulative cunt lol

File: 1673915352139.png (105.89 KB, 435x389, 1671757136865.png)


I farter and piss and shit and cym
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Wait, avid is dead?



Sauce on death or life


reposting his suicide vid will get you banned

but he did it because we called him gay too much


Post vid

File: 1675099301366.jpg (61.12 KB, 738x960, FB_IMG_1675010751965.jpg)


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Hello CIA and fbi!


Actually, her prettiness is too much for you.


File: 1675112452398.jpg (89.93 KB, 629x636, I can hear the sirens now ….jpg)

Does 4chon have any celebrities yet?


File: 1675036719966.webm (2.86 MB, 852x480, 1Zm9.webm)


true story
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Fuck off groomer


...when people say it's complicated. Doesn't that mean the relationship isn't over yet?


Friendly reminder if you are getting gummed to not ejaculate in a toddler/infants mouth because they may choke.


Not necessarily. It may be interracial or adult/child or something that is generally frowned upon or forbidden.


File: 1674929094027.png (552.47 KB, 499x618, 1430772156478-3.png)


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stop licking nigger erections


File: 1675051375789.jpg (25.84 KB, 400x400, 0bb0c7d3751ceec9745efa28bd….jpg)

pickle rick wuz here


Lol you brought up a gay thing out of nowhere again




you said NEL, retard

File: 1654527979007.jpg (110.38 KB, 1024x1024, 0.jpg)

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We now have AI that can create an image of anything you prompt it and it is almost indistinguishable from art created by a human.. Pic related was created with prompt "an astronaught riding a horse in photorealistic style" . Its not open to the public but some people have access to it on reddit and are taking requests https://www.reddit.com/r/dalle2/

How will this change the world and society as we know it? Are we fucked? How hard?
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You and dwarf are fucking brainlets


are you still harassing employees inside retail stores? >>42108


You're retarded.


File: 1674718278476.png (1.91 MB, 1536x1024, QIIQu2W.png)

David Cronenberg's Galaxy of Flesh (1985)



reactionary-youtubefolk attempting to be kind of critical at a python sponge weighting lists of pixels and words that they are unable to describe basics of

also probably because must audience expect le based tradcritique of the west from a can*dian larper living in stpeters who must be able to tell you all about the unfathomable depths of wisdom about human miserable tradcondition from the 1 or 2 russian writers known from the highschool


ded bort hours
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File: 1674540543705.jpg (43.02 KB, 344x580, wow-dwarf.jpg)

dwarf's asleep


How can a fictional character sleep?!


Who is dwarf


File: 1674953815184.jpg (57.48 KB, 500x281, Dungeons_3_Artwork_2.jpg)

ded bort since dwarf died from vaxx side effects >>40646


a guy who could kick smiley's ass

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