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Mark Jeftovic: The fiat currency era is essentially over - Carbon Rationing, CBDCs And Sound Money



File: 1664757761351.jpg (64.1 KB, 477x477, federal reserve dees.jpg)

>(...) We will go from pricing goods and services based on their input costs of production and distribution (Thing A), to pricing privileges and consumption based on their perceived carbon emissions (Thing B).



File: 1664758114919.png (19.46 KB, 200x200, 1608199741317.png)

>Do not allow yourself to become reliant on government entitlements and if you are now, figure out a way to end that reliance immediately. That these systems will become tightly coupled with CBDCs and carbon footprint rationing is a foregone conclusion.
>You’re going to have to be ready for at least a transitionary period where the lifestyle choices you take for granted today will be priced in terms of carbon credits in the future. If you are reliant on government entitlements, get used to eating plant-based protein patties. If you aren’t, get ready to have to pay more for those Wagyu burgers. A lot more.

Wright in a bepis heh



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"2023 Will Be Year From Hell" - Martin Armstrong Warns Europe 'Could Suck The Rest Of The World Down The Tubes'

>(...)“In Europe, I believe they are actually deliberately doing this, and this is Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset.’


File: 1664664421883-0.jpg (90.95 KB, 1040x1248, christian npc.jpg)

File: 1664664421883-1.jpg (547.69 KB, 700x3775, christianity has been arou….jpg)

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File: 1664664421883-3.jpg (199.59 KB, 625x417, christianity is jewish and….jpg)


would racism, sexism and/or homophobia be allowed in a christian nationalist society?
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Christianity has started its death spiral downwards into irrelevance. All the churches are without genuine belief and moral authority.



File: 1664728850332.mp4 (6.29 MB, 640x360, Fag.mp4)

It's sad.


Tithe and be rewarded.


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Math sucks. What the hell is this polynomial shit? You already gave me the equation, nigga. Just plug in the variable LMAO! There aint be no 'unknown variables' either. What the fuck do I need an equation for if I aint even know what I'm try'na calculate? Kno what I'm sayin'? Sheeeeiit.. How da' HELL am I 'simplifying' by adding 20 steps, bitch? Also I don't care if it's 'less accurate', decimal points are better than fractions. Fuck math. Das' rite.
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You're possibly under the Retard Spectrum criteria


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maths is for FAGGOTS


based /tv/ soy poster ran off by the /cow/kikes


Wat dis meen

File: 1664678142406.jpg (19.37 KB, 400x403, ef7f2be6dc9878c1eaefc38075….jpg)











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is that nigger semen?



so you licked their erections to harvest the semen? very interesting


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File: 1664694304461.png (213.08 KB, 727x682, apu_scholar.png)


When I was a teen in the ancient ages of the 00's college was mecca for the average western person. The holiest of holies that was never to be questioned. Fast forward to today and it's now openly mocked and ridiculed both online and in person by most. None of my younger siblings want to go, they're all working now and the one that did make it to university dropped out even though he was doing great to start his own business(which I don't fault it's just amazing to see that really). The older people that preached its' importance no longer do so and pretend they don't really know what it even is. The shift in public opinion is just so stark, the pandemic probably didn't help either and it only served to accelerate the teacher less future of the classroom.

The stories I had heard online are actually more troubling in person. I recently re-enrolled at a local community college just to take a few classes for fun and I have friends that are adjuncts now, although in other college systems, and they all say the same thing the bump that happens when unemployment levels start increasing did not happen this time around, in fact, it's much worse 10-15% declines are now the norm. Anecdotally not a single one had more than 15 people, both day and night classes, the campus itself is practically empty when before when I first came here it was packed(back in 2011. Online classes probably had a lot to do with it but it's incredibly eerie.

Speaking to my zoomer classmates now there is also this deep cynicism that I hadn't encountered before even in the most gruff of oilfield coworkers. The sense that it doesn't really matter and that they're waiting for the end. There is never talk about the future or hopes and dreams just about the latest anime show(that again is bizarre anime was verboten back then). I feel very sorry for all of them, it's like they know it's over.

p.s. The library no longer has any books. They've all been removed.
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I think they have you check out digital books which is retarded but book sellers need to make artificial scarcity or they'll go bankrupt.

Yep, that's' what happened to this library. Except it has a lot more bright green. I didn't like the new furniture either, I miss the old wooden chairs that you found in libraries of old. I read a bit more and it seems like it's slowly but surely happening everywhere. They talk about how libraries will instead start being filled with 3d printers, and VR spaces but I really doubt that will happen. People have enough trouble with basic computers, no one is going to invest in keeping up with 3d printers and such.


>Speaking to my zoomer classmates now there is also this deep cynicism that I hadn't encountered before even in the most gruff of oilfield coworkers. The sense that it doesn't really matter and that they're waiting for the end. There is never talk about the future or hopes and dreams just about the latest anime show(that again is bizarre anime was verboten back then). I feel very sorry for all of them, it's like they know it's over.

Yeah, most zoomies I talk to are like this. Used to just be /r9k/ type guys with that attitude but now it's everyone.


>My five year plan is to help finish the job and kill the art schools in particular as they-perhaps above all others-have been subverted and twisted into something that is objectively harmful to their students, radiating out to society at large.
good luck but i think AI will kill it if it hasn't already


>They talk about how libraries will instead start being filled with 3d printers, and VR spaces but I really doubt that will happen. People have enough trouble with basic computers, no one is going to invest in keeping up with 3d printers and such.

Yeah no way. It's too expensive and like you say normies can't even manage a normal computer. There would also be the issue with people stealing the expensive vr headsets.

At my uni they actually closed off the computer labs to anyone except people enrolled in compsci because they were afraid of pajeets stealing the computers. All the libraries computers were just a monitor connected to a server remotely that was locked up somewhere in a warehouse on campus.

I think what's more likely is they'll just move all the books to ebook format and the students will have to look at it on their cell phone. The PDF will still cost 400 bucks ofc, and it will have a single use key to a website with online lesson plans to make it harder to pirate. Pearson books already does this.


empty shelves

File: 1664621719138.png (353.01 KB, 695x640, 1660108504952527.png)


the rainbow goblins have been getting more irritable lately
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They can only be satiated with the blood of your enemies.


im not giving my blood on the 25th, fuck that nonsense







File: 1664706990768.png (86.61 KB, 255x164, 1614158079622.png)

*thwack schlap*


based NELposter

File: 1646888150293.webm (867.26 KB, 640x800, 1646592034010.webm)

 No.3961[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Would Black Women with Big Boobies Be Allowed in a h'White Nationalist Society?
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I'm going to rape you


File: 1664714251493.jpg (79.51 KB, 768x1024, 1664712897052791m.jpg)


File: 1664714330189.webm (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 1664713803215950.webm)


File: 1664582959808.jpg (128.67 KB, 1280x720, ZW1343A018S00_5a9e2889a810….jpg)


On season 1, episode 13 of Wallykazam! Wally Trollman and Gina Giant discover a magic stone in the forest. Under further examination this stone reveals itself to be a "switching stone" that swaps the sizes of any two parties that are simultaneously touching the store

The protagonist Wally decides to consentually exchange sizes with Gina Giant. After adventuring for some time in this manner, with Wally as a giant and Gina as a small child, along comes Bob Goblin

Bob Goblin forces himself upon both Wally and the stone, swapping their sizes. Bob Goblin gains the essence of Gina Giant from Wally, and Wally gains the essence of Bob Goblin

The remainder of this episode focuses on the quest to return Bob Goblin back to normal size as he engages in mischief with his newfound giant size. Of course in the very end Gina Giant manages to catch Bob Goblin with the stone and exchanges their two sizes back. However, and this is the important detail, Bob Goblin does not gain back his original essence

Gina Giants essence was transferred to Wally
Wally (Gina) then transfers essences with Bob Goblin
Bob Goblin (Gina) then switches with Gina (Wally)

So ultimately it ends up as Bob Goblin (Wally)
And Wally (Bob Goblin)

This is a very subtle transfer of essences and marks the point in the show where Bob Goblin becomes more prominent in the plot, as he has absorbed the soul of the protagonist Wally Trollman
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Surprisingly high quality show


File: 1664674533820.webm (1.71 MB, 1024x576, 1664669833876319.webm)


she deserves rape


File: 1664678041599.webm (2 MB, 1024x576, 7119208837600759086.webm)

y u post shit quality ver


Sauce? I just reposted this whore from a thread on /pol/

File: 1651669416642.jpg (157.03 KB, 800x1152, coomer.jpg)


I'm 19 and just found out I can post here
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uhm.. gay?


the scale should be asian high school student to prison nigger imho


you can type racist words too

watch this



now you try


hey OP you still here?

you like all the NEL posts and gay stuff?



hey guys, its me, Avid!
please rate my latest video!
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Because avid does a naughty thing in the video



make a video where you talk about big willies


no and NEL


c'mon man

File: 1664616675739.jpg (1.97 MB, 3024x4032, 124.jpg)


'magine if niggers tongued your anus


niggers smell bad


Her body is a 6.5 and her face is a 5. Would still smash though



File: 1664560496407.jpg (355.67 KB, 800x600, f02.jpg)


Todd just dropped the fucking hammer down.


File: 1664560616896.png (391.64 KB, 600x600, 1587989579385.png)

Niggers just tongued mah angus


Skyrimjob lol


Pacificrimjob lol

File: 1664585506708.jpg (2.1 MB, 1738x2193, Deuces.jpg)


>i constantly listen only to the music of my youth because i somehow pair bonded with those specific waves of sounds

it be like it do
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>d it felt like reconnecting with an old part of myself
you ever read ykk? where she has that camera that captures all of her surroundings and emotions at the moment she takes a picture? that's how some of this music feels like. i'm instantly transported back in time but it's like only for milliseconds at a time.


when i was like 11 i was listening to obscure german krautrock 70s bands and i legit questioned to myself if theres something wrong with me or if im autismo for not listening to the music of my peers


Most people don't realize that virtually all music is enjoyable if you give it enough time. If you don't enjoy a piece of music, you don't understand it. You can even come to enjoy garbage like rap.

However, once again I am very special and unique, and there are songs I've listened to 1000+ times.


Maybe. Quite a few albums I used to not care for but the more i listened the more I just ended up loving the entire thing.



File: 1663130164245.jpg (212.96 KB, 800x1596, Almeida_Júnior_-_Saudade_(….jpg)


>went back to community college to get smarterer
>the same campus i dropped out of about 10 years ago
>walking around it's very surreal, i'll pass by areas and get flashbacks of when I was a teenager just out of high school
>wonder where all those people are

It's not all the same though, there are buildigns there that were barely under construction when I was attending. The library had a massive overhaul, all the old library style furniture I just to see has been removed and instead there's a lot of gaudy plastic chairs and bright colors. It's like a kindergarten. Much better lighting however.
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>There someone else on here that's going for their electronics associates right now too. Wonder how they're doing.
I'm doing pretty good. It's a lot more fun this semester. Until now every class I had to take was 90% theory, and we had to do our labs with simulation software, but now I'm working with microcontrollers and taking another class for electronics assembly. The only criticism I have is that in-person classes feel too slow. Up until now I've been doing mostly online. I can do all the arduino projects at home and send a video to my professor for credit, but when it comes to the latter class, I can only get work done when we meet for labs.


File: 1663211709886.jpg (495.76 KB, 2071x2560, 81KTixbEekL.jpg)

Based, thats what I originally wanted but the electronics program was axed. Also I guess it's too late now but I would recommend make: electronics if you want hands on experience with discrete electronics. Just working with resistors and capacitors and the like, it's very good. I intended to take a formal ac-dc course at least but I think it would be a waste of time since I think I have the basics down well enough.

Do you have other electronics projects on the side? Quadcopters was something I was in way back when, I don't really have the money to spare now but down the road I want to return and get into them again. Probably after I get gud at diorama building. So many hobbies I want to have so little time and money.


File: 1663223117061.jpg (619.28 KB, 2995x1369, 20220915_015437.jpg)

>Do you have other electronics projects on the side?
Nothing I've really committed to. I'll tear-down and tinker with things, but it's pretty aimless. Pic related: I made this car DVD-player screen, that I got from Good Will run off of 9-volts for no reason. I've been thinking about taking a crack at a portable console that I'm sure I would never play.


File: 1664602642554.jpg (35.36 KB, 500x500, soi2.jpg)

just found out today that i don't have to take two government classes. the ones I took 10 years ago still count lmao only the numbers changed.


put solar-panels on african refugees

File: 1664591260743.pdf (2.27 MB, beng1-39.pdf)


can i post pdfs?


File: 1664591332753.pdf (3.76 MB, beng40-103.pdf)



File: 1664591384453.pdf (2.74 MB, beng104-154.pdf)


File: 1664591433504.pdf (2.92 MB, beng155-205.pdf)


File: 1664591498491.pdf (1.91 MB, beng206-240.pdf)

the complete collection of ben garrison's 20th century prophecies, broken up into 5 parts


File: 1664616706470.png (24.53 KB, 500x500, 1540315110749.png)

No deyre ghey

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