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File: 1694328098858.jpeg (13.92 KB, 268x188, download (18).jpeg)


Remind me what are you all hiring for.
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sometimes i wish i went for doing waifu and smut art for money instead, so that i could take some nicer weather workdays off instead of being hunched over the typing away some urgent bullshit in msteams


File: 1694366347213.jpg (39.63 KB, 446x369, Suck my cock dude.jpg)

I'm looking to hire a a cute sissy boy like you to suck my cock down by the train station.


Well i cant really care about something that specific. The market is dynamic so a much general, dynamic, informative opinion will do just fine. Yours have "infos" sure. But not all i want.

There are other functions too, so you dont need to worry about that. It s just that its a very slippery business now so, it seems right to hit right.
You are in the wrong channel then


I dont really need to apply for that. You can suck mine instead.


@avid got a job 4 u fambo

File: 1692845000584.jpg (62.31 KB, 1024x576, 1692832953215324m.jpg)


what is happening is the vaxxed are finally dying off and the governments will simply claim their deaths are because of a "new covid variant". It is the vaccine that is killing people. And they will enforce new lockdowns, and more vaccines, which will kill even more people.

The vaccine is what is killing people. This new "covid variant" is simply to cover up the vax deaths and instead blame them on this fake new covid wave.

The next lockdowns won't end, since the vax deaths will continue increasing. The end of the modern world is coming. The new world order awaits.

If you took the vaccine already, then get right with God, now.
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based and pureblood pilled



glad to see the vaxxed get fucked


ys shiv


this is the best windows screensaver i've seen

File: 1694370212174.png (2.98 MB, 1779x2000, archonfags.png)



Im passing the test, his gonna tell me i past the test soon and then teach me some cool magic techniques
The test made me an awakening god, im a master of my emotions and belief, all cuz of the test done by the wizard ladislav/levakama, and im grateful for everything, he always had the best intentions.
I don't give a shit about the relationship thing anymore tho, it didn't work out, oh well, we were not compatible, and i think his pretty ugly now anyway.
My real husband is a shadow entity anyway and im working on stuff with the shadow entity

THANK YOU LEVAKAMA, thank you for testing me.
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File: 1694388365559.webp (24.16 KB, 1440x440, Screenshot_20230910-18225….webp)

>I even saw
>her posting

Anonymous imageboard.

Proof or GTFO.


HDV ban this fucking faggot already


File: 1694393960720.webp (47.76 KB, 1440x1173, Screenshot_20230910-19590….webp)


File: 1693712423532.jpg (1.85 MB, 2448x2448, 20230901_165026.jpg)


What would 6 digit aesthethics in anime manga industry look like. Aside from its trends, so its about presentation and such.
How do one derive one of such value so to make an original and successful content in social media/what value of aesthethic is it that the market refer to so to define good or bad art
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and i know i'm probably talking to a legitimate retard, like a retard, but i do hope it's just some underage kid who haven't got grips with things or how to learn yet and will get better later down the road.


your country, and not even your state, should intervene


it's where the eggs hatch and latch into the flesh of the goyim, delivered as if onto the lap of god himself.


>>65839 this is really beneath whatever we are discussing. You are way too down below what i asks, and if i am any stupid i would continue to attend this with extra attention like it was just written fresh, but i am not, so you are not knowledgeable, and all these kickslash commentary only serves to delay your eventual jovial revelation of how lazy and smartass you actually are, because you cannot even use a single pencil to make your point, and copy pastes all these nonsense to make yourself look smart, but really you don't.

Please continue to make a fool of yourself, this will only help this site reveal what it truly is and anyything else it could never be.

Would be nice if you can draw
But i guess you are just evading the fervent joke unleashed upon you and your lack of any marketing knowledge.
>anime shit is not cool
Probably. But your lack of a single moving line makes you an easier joke than a show.
Maybe go back digging the toilet and find some shit to draw lines with, i am getting tumor just by reading you, and holy cow you are not very creative nor intelligent.
>find whats cool
You need to step up your game and count for me because i am not going to take your introduction speech and put it on chatgpt only to have it laugh at me for being so basic and backwards.
And if this all is still complicated for you honestly tou should give up conversing anything you hold dear and hang yourself
Well the retard can post a picture while you struggle to turn on your computer and spells the word wacom, i d say i am just fine being stupid so you need to actually read more of me to add abit more IQ to you but it seems you have a hole in your head that prevent yoy from anything useful nor advanced on an a4 sized canvas you so fear so please continue to make a joke of yourself with all these clowns >>65841
Makes this all funnier being basic and even more unpicturable slowiqs.


Have you considered drawing space marines?

File: 1681592036842.webp (161.61 KB, 1440x1734, Screenshot_20230415-15490….webp)

 No.51780[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Dear levakama,

I am not dogisaga and not attracted to you. I don't know anything about you. I am not your wife and never was. You and I never had an e-relationship. Please get over your delusions of grandeur. I don't belong in a mental institution and you're an asshole.

to be continued...
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I dont care if i look crazy, i create my reality, i create that he cares eventho the relationship didnt work out cuz i couldn’t deal with the treatment fast enough.

His going to tell me i passed the test one day


thats the only way this all makes sense, that he is source and DOES cares about me passing the test! we dont have to be together(and frankly i think his ugly now) but we can one day be friends and at the end of the test we are all going to have a party and Stan will be physically manifested too. Everyone will be at the party, but maybe not my mum.


File: 1694366400443.png (99.43 KB, 746x512, frens frog.png)

IM BECOMING A GOD, IM DOGMA, Thank you levakama!





File: 1692159915765.jpg (1.62 MB, 2320x3088, 1668974617974.jpg)


la creatura
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sadly yeah, but im not gonna bother going under 85kg at this point cuz of the skin sagging issue that will come about


File: 1693878002897.jpeg (299.03 KB, 1590x537, IMG_3511.jpeg)

Dogi shitting blood lmao 🤣


Nothing about shitting blood.


bleeding from the butthole tho


File: 1694358362954.webp (71.13 KB, 1440x1164, Screenshot_20230910-10054….webp)

File: 1692886501467.jpg (1.84 MB, 2448x2448, 16928864776312679206267723….jpg)


How do i present art to get some million sales
What data do i follow
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that's what every other middle aged to old person in eastern europe does. why is doing shit that grannies do to pass time and mitigate crippling poverty of their alcoholic trash families such a talking point among huwite nationinalists?


clip art nouveau?


File: 1694299869311-0.jpg (125.18 KB, 1080x323, Screenshot_20230814_185500….jpg)

File: 1694299869311-1.jpg (117.48 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20230814_185518….jpg)


You replied to the fake retard heh (i.e. the guy using the retard flag that I almost always use...)

But I stand by what I said


you disgusting faggot

File: 1694334423864-0.png (17.99 KB, 272x288, Screenshot_7.png)

File: 1694334423864-1.png (34.23 KB, 263x286, Screenshot_8.png)


I need some L-Theanine and I'll also get beef organ supplements. Plus fluoride-free toothpaste. What else should I get from the legal drug store?

File: 1694310704586.jpeg (13.92 KB, 268x188, download (18).jpeg)


What is the way to present portofolio in social media for some 6 digit$ annually,
Regularly in traffic
Aesthehic and rules and such

Niches and marketting aside
The amounts, looks.
Academics criteria of commerciality
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Sucking some cock is the only employment you're gonna find at this rate, pal.


>>65883 well since you only know enough cocksucking related employment, maybe this thread is not for you?
You just need to show off your not so cocking sucking knowledge but i guess you withhold that dearly or maybe not have even a shred of worth i need

Try and talk too from the perspective of your 6 digits account so your motivational blabbering on vaccooming penises made more sense too. If you know what i mean.

Other thatn that this should be a fun discussion on why you are stuck here screaming at me like dead cow and why am i not allowed to do otherwise at you at any rate given your complete lack of literacy and credibility.


>>65883 or maybe you mean business is tough so sure i am just really trying to analyse the market in general and shove off competitor in the most legitimate and less offensive way but that is also an feat needing a brain and not one where you use your mouth and stick to train your gum just so it does not gag. Basically, real talk, with details. And if you are an artist well there is atteñtcion to detail, nd so far you have not been exhiviting enough linework with the tip of your penisabsorbent article and more of the repeating 26 sets of variety of lettering that is otherwise lacking any capacity to determine parametric illustrations of any subjects...

No wait i am not really looking for jobs among you thieving lunatics sorry if you seem to catch that kind of drift there is no fucking way i will spend even a second to attend with anyone whose lack of numbers then forces them into the edge of the internet only to look for extra hands for their lazy sticks. Nope no way i cannot take that kind employer. It s insane. You are not paying so i am not giving.


>>65883 tldr i am not looking for employment from any of you

It does not seem like you all are even alive to run any business either to begin with, dragging your ballsacks so far here to me. No uh. You are btfoed. Ruined to shit. The femnist have blasted you and trampled you like wasted camels you always are, nd boy that is funny.

Ok you were saying?


Also p sure i am already employed otherwise i wont be asking the better questions than your selections of vicabulary. Lel

File: 1694272039381.webp (64.71 KB, 1078x606, Screenshot_20230909_11092….webp)


Beautiful White Women thread #3


ethotvid thread


File: 1694277173910.jpg (402.93 KB, 1447x2048, D0nOR_MU4AA9ZWo.jpg_large.jpg)

so what

File: 1694148481290.jpg (534.86 KB, 1219x1843, 20230905_141204.jpg)


Looking for some actual know-shit people who actually knows how to make viral, quality content aesthethics and then explain it from the anime perspective about how

Links and proofs with actual connection only

Any nobody with no knowledge on how to use wacom can maybe jump off a bridge but you d need to have some white trashy parents for that
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>>65799 you cant even draw. Nor explain how the light works in the image. At best your skill is speedgraphing, the gay pedo anime chuunibyou nonsense where some old man takes pictures really fast of little girl underwear to impress well

Little girls.
Learn to use the camera to take your brilliant picture first. Or just do me some 6 digit genius. Which either one you do not have. Learn to be slightly more diligent.


>>65800 well i was looking for genius. You clearly have disproven that. Good look with your car fixing business.
You should have stick to your actual job that you call "real".
Doesnt seem like you have anything else but spams the sites either, senpai. The long time veteran in pedophilia site has been making you lazier so i guess you are the sad autist.


>>65797 your niche isnt the only blockbuster around here but nevermind we are talking about aesthethic but whatever since
>>65799 cant even explain his so lengthy "academic method" and chooses to run his wasted discarded comedic routine in an anonymous site because anyone witn an actual face will just shit on his lazyass retarded attempt at being smart but not actually giving any crap how it should actually be done

Get it? Use jpg
Calculate data

Or cry like the wasted dumbfuck you are desperate to proof yourself against an actual art graduate but no whatsoever effort to actually make your point. But i guess you really have no pennies at all in you either and having to waste yourself in this klingon invested site and hide your identity because anyone will be repulsed anyway if not already at your attemot at frauding everyone by showing the crypto numbers that you do not even own.


retard uses FBI trigger words to get 4chon monitored and thinks people dont notice


The fbi thinks you are stupid anyway so they probably will watch you for the luls

File: 1694223324611.jpg (98.39 KB, 1300x955, many-marbles-D96YJM.jpg)


Anyone here can draw translucency between multiple glassy objects and their refractions and reflections.
Also show how the values are determined by the scene. Especially when it stacks like pipe of marbles or clouds of bubbles, creating complex lighting

No lengthy speech. Just do the work.


File: 1694224443218.jpg (98.37 KB, 1300x955, 1694223324611.jpg)

All done. R8.


One thread at a time, monsieur

Based and epic rendition


Thats just pasting. Funny but not drawing. Try again?
Not for you, mr smartasses

File: 1694047341471.png (281.12 KB, 472x472, 525413.png)


We're on the hunt for some new cult members.

If you're a NEET, weeb, incel, mentally ill or racist, we'd love to have you in our discord.


Stay based and stay comfy.
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File: 1694124192482.jpg (72.44 KB, 509x339, 6795679589679.jpg)

>why yes, i to am an anonymous imageboard user that hates the government
>would anybody like a pipebomb recipe
>haha pepe


teh boss said burn its house down and hound them if it doesn't leave


File: 1694190371394.jpg (33.38 KB, 720x678, 1686535563475.jpg)

File: 1694106386300.webp (160.92 KB, 1440x1365, Screenshot_20230907-12060….webp)




why did they keep sending a nigger instead of a Jeuda cop?


i won't own that for instance


H'what are you talking about?


That's like, Joe the Plumber said out loud


Still don't know who that guy is, except for some faggot GOP shill.

File: 1661637424621.png (51.95 KB, 163x163, 255.png)


I want a big fat cock to penetrate all my orifices and fill them with cum, until I'm just a nasty cumslut with no self respect.

p.s I am also the Admin here
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No neither, I am a straight man.


how could such an obvious lie get trips?



File: 1690954710934-0.jpg (69.4 KB, 500x517, avid meme2.jpg)


File: 1694039646036.jpg (107.17 KB, 704x354, 259.jpg)

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