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File: 1652066546683.png (22.81 KB, 593x205, musk pulls a mcafee.png)


Oh boy.


He's improved twitter a lot by the looks of things, but I still wish he was dead tbh. Just another controlled meme billionaire like BLUMPF.




he bought a dying playform

he could have helped so many homeless people

he is a PSEUD and a FAILURE


>helping homeless

the only help the homeless need is a ride to the gas chamber


File: 1652194008848.png (48.75 KB, 222x236, 20220430_205051.png)

wow edgy

File: 1652184515425.png (123.85 KB, 392x323, 1652175496197.png)


>could've lived in a comfy off the grid place in Scandinavia/UK
>moves to Japan

What anime does to a mf'er, anime really was a mistake.


he must have yellow fever


File: 1652193779845.png (37.3 KB, 300x250, brrr.png)



anime is essentially a digital lobotomy



no, he's bringing his white wife


I'm going to find you and rape you to death

File: 1651490695649.png (13.54 KB, 392x590, F2DDBEC3-4CDA-429E-904E-AD….png)


*flaps around like fish*
*red patches appearing on concave chest*
*blanks shoot out of deformed dickhole*
>pic related
“your soo germanic…”
*dreams of philip k’s penis*
*wakes up*
“if you get pregnant, dont stop eating peanuts because i dont want a dysgenic child..”
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Imagine if dog had this. Maybe then she wouldn't be such a lardass failure.



Just imagine simping online for a 150kg schizophrenic troon. Maybe if you're lucky she'll send you a video of her squeezing puss out of the open sores on her tits.


I'd rather see a video of someone bouncing a bloody troon around a frozen lake, with a red streak.


+100 000 social credit


let's give the police a raise. let's give hitler a hand.

File: 1651961314831.jpg (28.19 KB, 375x385, rick apu morty FBR foky.jpg)


FoKy, we miss you unironically. Please come back to /deutsch/, the place is shit without you.

FBR, wir vermissen dich unironisch. Bitte komm wieder nach /deutsch/, der faden ist scheisse ohne dich.

t. dein Flugzeugführerbruh, in ewiger Treue
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Now that the dust has settled, I miss foxy too, he was much like myself


so hes not visiting this place anymore either?
fucking hell.
he was over at 4chan once a few weeks back but never posted again. his mom kicked him out, he got a flat now somewhere.


actually he's still on /pol/ in the /uhg/ generals posting under the confederate flag almost every day


Unless he's significantly reformed himself, I hope he's dead in a ditch.


fuck off kike

File: 1652096700964.jpg (89.87 KB, 1280x720, artistic autistic.jpg)


Would you fug dogi's husband in the arse?


only if its a pink hole desu

File: 1651669416642.jpg (157.03 KB, 800x1152, coomer.jpg)


I'm 19 and just found out I can post here
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cumdump my bare pig hole full of hot poz cum.


uhm.. gay?


the scale should be asian high school student to prison nigger imho


you can type racist words too

watch this



now you try

File: 1652019099540.jpg (6.43 KB, 210x210, 41kKm-gliqL._AC_UL210_SR21….jpg)


Are a lot of books becoming obsolete due to the internet being quicker and easier to learn stuff? I read through this book and don't think I learned a single thing - I already knew pretty much everything from googling it and reading Wikipedia.
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Stop paperweight tax incentives for rich peasants.


File: 1652034726765.jpg (30.5 KB, 349x499, 514bKFtN2ZL._SX347_BO1,204….jpg)

>Just don't buy printed ones on rapidly changing, trendy shit like web development or %CURRENT_FAGMAN_LINKEDIN_THING%, those are basically obselete paper paperweight already.

This is great advice. You have to know your subject matter when it comes to technical things. Software and the like it's best to go to the actual documentation because it's always being updated due to the fact that's where the energy and development currently lies. In my day job I do a lot of machining and mechanical work which doesn't change much at all and so I have this book as a guide. Even if you get an edition that's 20 years old odds are the info hasn't changed much if at all.


chickenshit pig workbook


Books are useful as an in depth conversation with someone who may not be around. Putting too much stock in them is bad but they are necessary and when I was in uni a lot of the in depth info on my major was not online at all


Also There is so much that is not archived and the internet can gave very superficial info or just lies. There is a higher barrier to entry for writing a book than making a post

File: 1652008667558.jpg (295.18 KB, 1145x1280, 1652006102314.jpg)


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inb4 it gets the axe 4 votes


why don't they raise money 2 improve the death factories?


oy vey


It's made in Minecraft, racist.


I reserve the right to arbitrarily seize and forcibly involuntarily drug anyone who I catch using this site at my school-workplace.


So uh…my uh….my friend got this thing a short time ago like I said. It's a device that is supposedly able to reduce plaque in the veins of the penis that can constrict blood flow and compromise the ability to have uh…normal function. I-..my friend has suffered intimacy issues his entire life and I… he did a lot of secondhand research on acoustic wave therapy for male intimacy issues which has existed for a decade or so, by now. However, because healthcare in the US is in a bad way for wagies these days it wasn't realistic to pursue this treatment. This device is comparable to those used in clinics, just with some safety features to prevent laypeople from injuring themselves.

I've…my friend only used it once so far because despite the fact that he'd bought it back in late December today was the first day my-my friend's parents were both away.

My friend informed me that it was loud and scary at first but an ultimately painless and simple process. He's looking forward to seeing if his results mimic those of the many totally-not-paid testimonials on the website. Thank you for reading this story about my friend's unfortunate problem, he was hoping to start a family some day and he thinks this might be his only shot
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yo hiv what kind of business were u musing on starting


File: 1652033644795.jpg (120.91 KB, 640x514, DAMAGED.jpg)

I like how you chose this of all threads to ask me that! If u email me I will tell u heh


we're gonna need to have a meeting if u ask people to email you on this service again



sent ;)

File: 1651749179146.png (41.36 KB, 415x141, 1651730963401.png)


We are finally free of the ogre's haunting presence!

I elect that the 5th day of May shall evermore be set apart as an official /4chon/ holiday. All in favor say aye
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bruh, dogi is a he/him


File: 1651906590334.png (288.03 KB, 801x814, 1609308220235.png)

Thank g-d she's gone.


I hope "he" 41%s "him"self



for the last time, FoKvid, I will NOT lick your nigger erection

you belong in the mass grave with the abos, trannies, kikes and libtards

File: 1651019787609.jpg (901.45 KB, 1920x2531, 1604957055267.jpg)


we need a /meta/ board. i have complaints.
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Most people on reddit are people with "famous" last names who want to project their bullshit, like maxwell.


>I still don't know what that means heh




Real request coming in: since the captcha doesn't stop the cp/rape spambot i say we get rid of it


he's not a "spambot"

File: 1652004798743.webm (682.94 KB, 480x480, 1651872755973.webm)


Hmmmm. Hm




i want my internet bf to fill me with slav cum heh im gay



File: 1642708830392.jpg (615.08 KB, 1077x1067, Screenshot_20220120-200027….jpg)

 No.62[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Beautiful White Women thread #1
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i want an gf


sad face 😥


my heart hurts and shit wew lad


dub these checkenem


File: 1652687643916.jpg (66.24 KB, 618x756, 1646873795531.jpg)


What is something interesting you have learned about an ancestor of yours?
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Germs should be deported from the United States.


Gladly. Take me back to the land of my people.


I had a great great grandma that was like a traveling midwife / folk healer type in the mountains. She delivered thousands of babies and has a plaque dedicated to her in a courthouse. My family came from knights of great renounce but has fallen terribly, all my cousins were sabotaged from birth except a couple of the women


nobody is stopping u


based and yo ho ho pilled

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