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dead site
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HDV is the best admin 4chon has ever had


Not a high bar, but still true.


oh shut the fuck up will you

STI blows HIV out of the fucking water


Ur mum blow mah dicc out of the fuckin wa'ah LOL



got eeemmm


so true

File: 1681794963065.png (937.84 KB, 742x972, 1681754538697216.png)


She's 19yrs old and faces ten years in prison for fucking dogs.

This girl literally filmed herself getting fucked by a dog in her church's parking lot for extra shock value, lol.

More about the case here: https://nypost.com/2023/04/08/mississippi-woman-who-had-sex-with-dog-filmed-outside-church/
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>My son (7) is gay and I’m sick of people trying to tell he’s too young to be.

Why do wypipo push sexuality on their kids so soon?

(It's not a throwaway account or ChatGPT story and he made long self-righteous replies)


Yawn, get a life, stop being NEL, touch grass, nobody like a buzz kill


Reported also


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Bad thread

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Share about your life
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File: 1696979550752.png (284.9 KB, 567x503, 1650171516068.png)

>Go sober.

Heh... I think I got kratom mixed up with this other drug which actually does increase appetite but the name eludes me. Its sort of like Pregabalin/Lyrica. Its a really popular one. Anyway... Will probs just go sober or try NAC plus L-Theanine, which is close to being sober anyway. I particularly need a break to lower diss tolerance.

>drink abstinthe.
I really don't like non-social drinking. Did that years ago and haven't done it since, my hangovers are too bad.

>There's no magic drug out there that you can take regularly without paying a price for it

Actually DXM/Ket has been that for me for quite a few years, though my "withdrawl" or "afterglow" to it has changed over the years. First it was an afterglow, then it was some anxiety, now it isn't very much at all, though I stick to quite low doses (like about 1-1.5mg/kg of Robotabs every few hours).

I don't actually find Ketamine to be as useful or fun but I mostly use it because of the short comeup (like 5-10 min onset/comeup) and it seems to be easier on the heart or blood pressure than DXM. Its also somewhat stimmy at low doses but because of the short onset/comeup/withdrawl its easier to go to bed if you take it to top off the night.
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File: 1696985737869.gif (3.84 MB, 498x498, 169698560055318297.gif)


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File: 1697067032377.webp (70.78 KB, 1440x1195, Screenshot_20231011-183011.webp)


File: 1697069234224.webp (125.8 KB, 1440x1403, Screenshot_20231011-190603.webp)

File: 1692377548989.jpg (2.78 KB, 225x225, RECORDER DESU.jpg)


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you fuck any groupies yet, OP?


This guy has the right idea. Though it is degenerate


People make fun of this scene but I thought it was real kino. I like the camraderie. Also like the complexity of how David-Bender gets accused of being "too human", "too idiosyncratic" etc etc, which is kind of spergy, but then he's being criticised by Walter-Bender who was more machinelike (logical?) which is usually what you think of when you think of autists.

Rambling maybe tho

Also I didn't think of it as being gay. Men teaching each other stuff is GOOD! Whenever, or at least often when I try reaching out to men IRL it's so easy to make friends. Even if it doesn't add up to much (I've got stuff to do at my age).


Learning to play common and not so common drums/percussion patterns (on my laptop keyboard through software VSTs, not buying a drum kit). And some standard chords that I don't remember the names too well, for other instruments. Drum/percussion patterns and chord progressions / harmonies are not copyrightable. This will make me better at composing.

Percussion notation:

Jazz patterns (percussion).

Bossa nova, latin patterns (percussion):
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This drum cover of Coldplay's Adventure Of A Lifetime sounds so much better than the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtXby3twMmI
They made the percussion way too quiet, especially the cymbals.


Would Maison Ikkoku Be Allowed in a White Hospitalitationist Society?
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This was such garbage how could you watch it, I could only last 3 mins

How do I find the dearest self one for free?

Otherwise years ago I read a violent seinen about an immortal guy with a katana or something, was very cool, is probably quite popular.


Nyaa.si probably.


File: 1695114320325.jpg (113.57 KB, 448x672, MV5BNjk2ZTY2YTgtNzY0YS00MmN….jpg)

is it good? i enjoy mech shit


Pretty good iirctbh


Because it fucks niggers, that's why

File: 1694901342085.webp (29.61 KB, 800x1015, R.webp)


You ever notice fashion trends always involve looking stupid on purpose? Man buns, ear gauges, ripped jeans, tattoos, ect. If you want to be cool just make yourself look as stupid as possible.
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Don't listen to this imposter.


If you're popular then your haircut looks really stupid. If not, then your manbun doesn't look that stupid. Simple as that.


File: 1695060765159.webp (55.07 KB, 1862x1048, bozo_ap.webp)

I'm sure HDV has some hair growth. He has no excuse not to grow out his hair until he looks like Bozo the clown.


OW! A lion bit my bottom, now my bottoms big


If you know what is it they like, it is his huge engagement rings and his fat cuts.

File: 1692159915765.jpg (1.62 MB, 2320x3088, 1668974617974.jpg)


la creatura
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That tranny takes it up the ass and has blood coming out of their pooper on the regular.


Dogstrailia has explosive anger issues.


dogstralia needs to be mincraftily poisoned with ricin


File: 1696218393079.jpg (42.83 KB, 620x397, meme4444.jpg)



File: 1696631506195.mp4 (5.53 MB, 576x1024, bumblebee.mp4)


life is a videogame, why arent u increasing ur xp points
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File: 1695825396286.jpg (186.26 KB, 768x663, oie_BPSl4J5Wyshm.jpg)



You only exist as a projection of Allah's will. It's impossible to impress the hand that moves you


File: 1696546784003.png (11.44 KB, 300x361, kidzart-earl.png)


File: 1696105224193.jpg (329.47 KB, 1024x1024, 1696104279797063.jpg)



Best prompts so far
>Art nouveau, impressionist painting, and 1980s anime poster
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The UN can't get away with this.


Its not letting me use famous living peoples names now it seems


No living, real person would believe you since that contact incident.


Ironically you lack creativity.


This one doesn't only persistently push those boundaries, but it also says its "learning process" got a real kick and enjoyed it! So I respect your natty capacity.

File: 1642757028466.webm (3.89 MB, 1280x720, 1494612695894.webm)

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Post webms.
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I'd be right happy to let you in on top bunk ;)


H'what do you mean?


File: 1696390912968.gif (1.37 MB, 273x198, 1696389004029024.gif)

Yes. It actually is.


Wat if she's a shoplifting decoy


Look like Interpretive dance, i know it isnt but it looks like it

File: 1691800356861.webm (1.04 MB, 540x960, 1691734237763982.webm)


Wat she meen
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File: 1696486908686.jpg (338.98 KB, 1024x1024, 1696371337742.jpg)


File: 1696486929957.jpg (232.93 KB, 1024x1024, 1696371680689.jpg)


File: 1696486952557.jpg (276.13 KB, 1024x1024, 1696371783070.jpg)


File: 1696486975369.jpg (218.49 KB, 1024x1024, 1696371946639.jpg)


File: 1696487003632.jpg (319.92 KB, 1024x1024, 1696372389042.jpg)

File: 1694301468478.jpg (113.15 KB, 1024x729, 1694244016545348.jpg)


anti semitism thread
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Kill yourselves, goyim


Antisemitism is just angry, jealous goyim threatening others w surprise buttsecks bc they can't get hard for women ("ewww she had sex thats gross")


Wow. So that's how all those people died.


Some goyim get their credit quicker


Can I bust her all across her back?

File: 1681483329680.webm (3.28 MB, 1642x1008, ezgif-2-9d405f3802.webm)


This is a real candid video of smileys biological mother.
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File: 1694722227053.webp (175.97 KB, 1440x1726, Screenshot_20230914-150955.webp)


Yandex reverse image search says this whore is:


>Boobs: Natural
Too bad for her kid(s) (you can see her C-section scar) to be raised by this trash.


I wonder why she had the C section. She's large enough that she shouldn't be having physiological issues with childbirth


File: 1694782752835.webp (90.64 KB, 1439x1823, Screenshot_20230915-075830.webp)


A court jester!

File: 1693068990455.webm (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, eyyy im walkin ere.webm)


They showed this to my kid in science class. Is this really how atheists think the body works??? oh yeah sure the molecules are walking around on legs okay
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File: 1696178591403.mp4 (1.72 MB, 460x460, happiness.mp4)


File: 1696179807838.webp (49.36 KB, 1440x1429, Screenshot_20231001-120238.webp)

Happyness is one strange looking motherfucker.


File: 1696205136115.webp (76.98 KB, 1440x1682, Screenshot_20231001-190427.webp)

You can't say happiness without penis.


Can't even sissy it up without pulling out a phone book.


Good grief! Well, I think that move is intended to shock and appall all of the good children. Considering their performance is much better with more well-behaved subjects, such as Anatomy & Health class, you know what mean when I say stop.

File: 1695875140339.jpg (150.25 KB, 1366x2048, pusi.jpg)


where it's at
I like a hairless pussy with lots of folds
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File: 1696021501607.webp (48.74 KB, 1440x922, Screenshot_20230929-160438.webp)


I want to see stuff like this in public to fuck with the population.
>Nigger? What are you talking about? It's just a picture of cats.


File: 1696374496189.webp (84.14 KB, 1310x1644, Screenshot_20231003-180641.webp)

trel meh u lob meh


Blow a Baloon


File: 1696375257536.mp4 (497.53 KB, 400x328, ezgif-2-125ea877f7 (1).mp4)


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