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On May 17th, much-beloved 4chon alum Giraf had passed away after having suffered a stroke on the 8th the week prior. He was 29.

I believe he'd spent more of his recent years on Kohlchan and the 4chon Telegram group-but those who'd known him know well what a good fella he was-far better than most-and gone far too soon.

The 4chon Telegram group chat (which he'd founded along with Dynd and some others) will be streaming a film in his honor at an as-of-yet undetermined date and time in the near future.

For further details, please see the venerable 4chon Steam group page.
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The Void awaits us all




hopefully goblinsaga is next


here's hoping


I liked Giraf. It's a shame to hear he fell for the suddenly

File: 1712976214865.jpeg 126.38 KB, 959x951, C0B467D9-35F7-45B1-B766-6E….jpeg


>sir the taco is out the bell
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File: 1713187581051.jpeg 64.79 KB, 1024x649, CD25F915-823A-4BD9-A554-25….jpeg

>codec call starts
>"So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first?"


reg green blue, the cringe gay colours every PC has nowadays



>sir the taco smell imagine the smell


really gay blacks (avid's fav)

File: 1712778351886.png 55.74 KB, 382x202, madoka1.png


what are some of ur fav animes?? i need some recommendations cuz im bored. my favs are azumanga, demon slayer, madoka and d4dj
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File: 1712963494725.jpg 264.02 KB, 1366x2048, GBdCptCbsAAFngv.jpg

Aura literally did nothing wrong.


I hope they don't ever focus on battles too much. I like the slow episodes where they're doing errands.


in fact, i r8 the whole thing 9/10. i would like to hear why you think the latter half is worse. it's fighting but it seems like it still tries to weave in old memories and other exposition.


I'm attempting to avoid spoiling the show for those still viewing. In short - I enjoyed the slow, meditative, slice-of-life aspect of the show. They lost this aspect and switched the show to generic action shounen. It feels like they didn't expect the show to be so popular and every episode after the new intro was a fast attempt to cash in


Oh, okay. I feel similarly. The episodes where they do mundane things and everyone recollects memories of Frieren's original party are great.

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>CP gets posted around the same time goblinsaga posts
>every time

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eat shit CPsaga


the agents are close to getting a location for the fat putrid retard, it won't be long before goblinsaga meets their fate


these "agents" need to find dogi and send her to avid's house with a big bag of dragon dildoes


agents from bbc lmao



File: 1694639045004.jpeg 58.22 KB, 306x557, IMG_3403.jpeg



As an obese abbo you should be huffing petrol

Otherwise you are a fraud

You all ready are a fake boi, why not be a real abbo you sow bitch
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It looks like a dude, maybe it's right


I wouldn't assume your gender, maybe a little reconstructive surgery


That's a male tranny pretending to be a woman while saying they are an actual woman-they will never be a real woman. They are trying to do this to try and cover up the fact that they are a biological male by saying that they are an actual female that is larping or trying to be a male. It's supposed to be some sort of mind fuck reverse psychology trick to coverup the fact that they've a biological male and it's not working.


I see. There's a fly in your cream-of-mushroom soup. And there's shit caked on your feet, as you've printed in tracks across all the way from the door.


dogisaga should kill themselves because they are fat and ugly

File: 1712698591626.jpeg 117.18 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_1142.jpeg


im checking out chan websites and i found this one, it seems pretty cool but idk how to use it. do i just use it like 4chan??
seriously fucking help me
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no I haven't


No need to be humble. We know you've sucked em all!


File: 1712936838894.jpg 270.68 KB, 1366x2048, GEYQM2QaMAA93gl.jpg

>idk how to use it
/new/ is /new/ and /lounge/ is secretly /r9k/. There is no /v/. Don't ever ask for /v/. All the cool people post in /meta/


I literally am not gay though, why try to force this meme?


there is no /meta/ unfortunately

File: 1712759509038.png 873.25 KB, 761x1050, nepgear.png


im actually so tired of trying to date atp but i just want someone who loves me. ironic that im asking an imageboard how to get a bf but its the only option i have left. give me any advice u might have, anything helps.
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I don't even know what this shit means but other people are calling you a tranny and that's pretty based if I do say so myself heh


Post ur dick


linkedin dot com is full of IT guys with stable, easy going careers and lotsa mone (relative to the wast majority of wagies) but not a lot of charisma and confidence irl so they'll settle maybe


every site is a dating site if you're indian enough


File: 1669223862869.jpg 379.94 KB, 1015x1103, Screenshot_20221123-171737_….jpg


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bets thread ever


I'm still alive


File: 1712792557428.jpg 209.52 KB, 771x704, 7383826272.jpg



prove it by posting time-stamped bellend with face visible


no, fuck off you weird little pig

File: 1688004930921.jpg 655.24 KB, 665x1289, tumblr_o0p3kfUpzL1rqejd7o1_….jpg


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yoooouuuuuuuuu weirdo



File: 1688138372700.webm Spoiler Image, 3.85 MB, 720x1280, How'd she fit it.webm


sex based excursions are not talents nor achievements, sexuality is the basest of human emotions, its at the core of a humans physiognomy, literally everyone has urges, fisting your shit pipe and gaping your arse or cunt is a giant attention seeking act and a kind of degenerate grandstand I'm just simply disgusted by, until we are able to transfer feelings through a screen I will continue to not register horny people doing stupid horny shit in my mind at all


into recycle bin ready for admin to right click empty


File: 1712809304488.jpg 55.88 KB, 1024x647, 1712683207597444m.jpg

We go to equestria.

File: 1710780190343.jpg 151.95 KB, 600x800, Jynx_freak.jpg


I'm bored. Amuse me.
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what does NEL mean?


what is fart


>he doesn't know


Get the h*ck out newfag

Something that only hot girls do


I'm not a newfag I've been here all summer

File: 1712609031952.jpg 27.49 KB, 546x342, elliotRodger01_2924800a.jpg


he was 100% a homosexual

just listen to his gay shitty diary ramblings

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the fuck are you talking about?


who? take your meds


He's cute but he fell for the brain poison of the foid.


nah, he was an ugly cunt


he would have been very popular with gay/bi men if he had trapped out, he could have skipped the HRT with those lips

File: 1682436213088.jpg 50.03 KB, 465x600, Panam Palmer.jpg


Anyone else here lust after mixed race women? I personally love mystery meat.
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Believe it or not, 80 IQ sandshitters aren't all hecking based noble celibates who only have sex for prcreation and righteous corrective rape.
Your expectations are far too high, or you're too fed up on memes.
W*men are whores that trade in tits, shitholes and flaps, no matter the race or the place. Do not give them the benefit of a doubt


I was actually shocked because this is the first instance I've seen of a Muslim woman wearing a hijab AND a sheer top, it has nothing to do with memes or whatever else your retard brain typed to me


Yes it does


I think next time she should wear blackface and claim that she's being a nigger to represent all diversity.


how exactly?

File: 1711986855155.jpg 247.51 KB, 860x784, 69470.jpg


this is me
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goblinsaga sexual harassment incident (again)



File: 1710989065658.png 243.15 KB, 1131x390, pance.png


how do i know which pants to wear
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File: 1711638719358.webp 175.39 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20240328_150941….webp

dig these oni asphalt raws but they're ambitious pricey


all the german loose fit speed dealer normcore bagginess one could ever want



also when you click on an item it links you to a completely different item



File: 1712623062543.png 37.21 KB, 213x210, is this real life ape mfw.png

U will neva b Henry Cavill steppin outta da limo with the litghts blazin' papparazzi snappin' bass pumpin', with a huge lantern jaw and wide proud lil' cheeky smile

File: 1711639409571.webp 94.68 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20240328_152224….webp


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that’s be hot as fuck tbh you must be gay or something


I would fly off the handle and beat her to within an inch of her life LOL. Honestly man that scenario is so out of the realm of possibility for me, I don't know what I'd do


But that is how you were conceived.


how do you know?


File: 1712609840392.jpeg 9.78 KB, 219x230, images (4).jpeg

who FAPMAXX here?

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