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File: 1642945911834.jpg (26.2 KB, 700x700, 593003_2_L06.2021091600014….jpg)


anything goes

just bought these for a tenner
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>not all black
why breh, doomer is eternal


I don't like black at all except for basketball shorts.


>I don't like black at all
those erections you're always licking say otherwise


You must have me mistaken for your mom


my mother is not an avid4oKy, sir

File: 1651203471611.jpeg (1.56 MB, 2000x3000, paraaa.jpeg)


>dude, rich people are like… bad

wow so deep
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this is retarded


is this what people with jobs like to think?


File: 1651333899749.jpg (14.35 KB, 630x356, _e70b4f8e-00d7-11e7-a3af-7….jpg)

i dont have job i make mone calling over america


nigger do drugs and drow an' rap n fuk


File: 1650543035232.png (480.13 KB, 550x532, aa7.png)


This is the real comfy vidya thread


Low bit
High bit

Soundtracks welcome
see: https://youtu.be/kOd5_j0OTQo

wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materia in the itt thread thread
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File: 1651343454753.jpg (32.75 KB, 409x504, 1651331865834.jpg)

File: 1651240544252.jpg (35.28 KB, 640x640, 1649871220336.jpg)


does anyone know a good calisthenics routine? I moved a few years ago and had to part with all my weights and dont want to shell out monthly for a normgym.
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shit sorry man, i didn't see your post I'll check it out now, thanks brud



no problem, i ripped it from /rs/ before it was nuked RIP my nigger /rs/ frfr no cap btw


eat shit niglet


no u haha lol

File: 1651223793000.jpeg (14.67 KB, 305x341, images - 2022-04-28T19371….jpeg)


Pedophiles belong in woodchippers.
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File: 1651280200517.jpg (109.38 KB, 1280x720, 1609187311.zero944_diaper.jpg)


you think you know but you couldn't know and you'll likely never know


File: 1651293380849.jpg (781.59 KB, 2622x2514, lf.jpg)

And when you are growing… too old…. you will make… good… FIREWOOD!


what was this a pic of?


ur mome ase

File: 1651301447984.jpeg (333.53 KB, 750x562, 6CFE871C-311B-40DC-B8F4-8….jpeg)


Big Titty Hitler Thread



>fatstralia thread


genocide all fats

File: 1651255753101.png (188.66 KB, 570x270, NEL.png)


NEL thread

you can ONLY post in this thread if you're NEL
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There's no excuse not to enjoy life with readily available big, fat cocks on every street corner.
>But I'm broke
Big, fat cocks.
>But I don't have any friends
Big, fat cocks.
>But my mom died



Licking nigger erections is part of enjoying life.


that is the first and the last time you touch my ass ever again NEL


File: 1651300524471.jpg (251.16 KB, 2337x1314, nelly.jpg)

it's gettin hot in heya
so let me lick yo erection
I am gettin so hot
I need my erection licked

File: 1649810997353.jpeg (55.45 KB, 768x768, 6FD199ED-1495-4134-848E-E….jpeg)


a genie/magician/wizard arrives and says you can go back and be 12 again. you retain all of your current knowledge.
do you do it?

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no probably not, but it does appear to be the onus of leaving public schools to draw the ire.


depp is not a nigger so you probably wouldn't want to lick his erection, FoKvid


arr, i h8 niggers


then stop licking their erections!

File: 1651154888624.jpg (134.23 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20220408-214033….jpg)


Old thread was nuked

darkwave encouraged
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>I assumed everyone here is gen x.
we have some boomers too


im not i was born in '91


1891? damn son!


no 1991


i've been with a single mom lately, she is attractive and fun to talk to about anything and she doesn't expect me to contribute to raising her offspring.

still feels weird though and totally not ideal.

but besides being single mom she is perfect for me.

what should I do.

shes also a channer so she "gets me"
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List of questions to ask when you get to know her to see if your values are compatible
>Why isn't the father in the picture?
>Was he her husband?
>Was the child born out of wedlock?
>How many people has she slept with?


As long as she is a good mother I see no reason not to. It’s not cuckoldry if she bears your children as well I think. Good on ya op




>what should I do
don't listen to anyone else… go with your gut… go with your heart


File: 1651156073939.png (1.2 MB, 1464x866, E4LUTION.png)


I gave my speech yesterday on 1800s hatred of catholics/irish propaganda and i had to speed it up cuz i did not have enough time and i forgot to mention the connection between cereal in the 1800s and circumcision and veganism, i had to cut all that out.

Almost nobody understood it.
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8 or 9 guys at once?


people, not just dudes


poc people?


“Better a klansman on the throne than the dago Pope of Rome “

I’m sure I butchered it but something like that used to be a slogan that kkk guys used against some catholic nominee for president.


File: 1650982862446.jpg (76.94 KB, 1280x1112, BOIL TITTIES.jpg)


WOW, Look at me, cropping the image of my severely diseased titty with never ending sores that were never there before taking LITHIUM…!!!!

Tehe im so innocent cuz i cropped out loads of other sores and scares in order to not look like a WhOrE, just as the colonising europeans decided! im soooo shyyyy tehe!

Boy, I sure do Wish i had birthed a cis guys son so i could feed his bloodline and use it as an excuse to show my nipples and look innocent!


(im using aloevera btw, antibiotics don't work)
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Fuck off, KIKE! She's in the right here.


she actually is but seething wont help


who cares if she says some things that are right? she *is* something wrong


its called hidradenitis supertivia fuckheads, and its not naturally occurring


i got a couple bug bites on my tramp stamp

File: 1648178922515.png (344.73 KB, 1014x1035, R (1).png)


Put my dog down a few hours ago. He had a long happy life but man it hurts.

Rest in peace, Boomer. You were always a good boy and will be forever in our hearts. You brought us so much joy over the years by being a part of our family. Goodbye.
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File: 1651069021808.jpeg (10.49 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

the only dogs death you should be caring about tbh


File: 1651095744416.jpg (17.59 KB, 500x473, BREED Hero_0034_chihuahua_….jpg)

Who's dogs were you hanging out with that you claimed were yours?


My sister's, my brother's, and my future in laws'.



Okie doke. :)

File: 1651108066999.jpg (161.7 KB, 640x359, old-lady-dog.jpg)


This dog looks like an old lady.
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wtf where'd you get a picture of my grandma




i sometimes do


>third film in The Batman trilogy comes out
>By this time Batman has struck a relationship with Selina Kyle
>Bruce Wayne has the idea to make his relationship public with Selina for publicity (the billionaire dating the lower class homeless girl will make the city like him)
>Both the Joker and the Riddler from the last two movies are in Arkham and/or dead
>The villain is Mr Freeze
>They keep his backstory from the comics but make it (slightly) grittier
>He's an oncologist researching cryogenics to cure his wife's cancer
>Wayne enterprises defunded his research and the hospitals
>He devolves into a jack the ripper style serial killer where he kills influential people by freezing them slowly and painfully and instead of leaving Batman clues he dares him to find him, saying he won't stop until he finds a cure and the rich and powerful will pay for it
>Eventually, Mr Freeze manages to kidnap Selina and begins to kill torture her to death
>Leitmotif of the movie plays, swelling to a crescendo
>It's Type O Negative - Too Late: Frozen
>In the shadow of the light from a black sun
>Frigid statue standing icy blue and numb
>Where are the frost giants I've begged for protection?
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File: 1651146761755.jpg (339.12 KB, 2189x1343, 1651144547773.jpg)

Maybe a Chinese century won't be so bad after all.



We already had a Mr Freeze. I want Mad Hatter.


I liked Gotham's Mad Hatter that whole show was a campy mess and I was here for it Ryan from the OC made it kino


nigger ive been waiting for carnage in spiderman for years now, i actually dont want it to happen because it WILL be shit, ill stick to the early 90's cartoon tbh because then i can 'stalgia n shit and be like "wew lad spidermister went actual spider mode wew"

hollywood will fuck up anything because theyre all taught the same shit in director/art/acting schools, its all the same give or take, even DUNE went all shit and copied prometheus

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