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File: 1690238971997.jpeg 64.36 KB, 474x647, images - 2023-07-25T084317….jpeg


>no shoehorned diversity at all
>Respect for the culture and history they're trying to adapt to the page/screen
>White people are portrayed either neutrally or positively
>Christians are portrayed as good people, kind and gentle with hope and more importantly, just people like you and me
>Everyone is just trying to survive in a harsh history no matter their creed
>Women are strong but feminine and don't defy history by embracing their roles as mothers, wives and daughters
>Above all, all the characters have interesting motivations and are three dimensional rather than a dot point on a California writer's room whiteboard about diversity

Tell me, why should I care about the writer's strike again when I have Japan?
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>Goku is the biggest
False. Although both Krillin and Vageta depict the manlet struggle.


Krillin was my favorite character as a kid. Little did I know heh...


I was thinking that it's hilariously appropriate that his wife is a robot.even if they were retconed to be cyborgs' despite every other android in the series being an actual android. The jokes write themselves.


File: 1691071275318.jpg 116.82 KB, 824x538, the-fruit-of-christianity.jpg

File: 1681951968119.jpg 537.67 KB, 1440x2668, Dwarf_midget_manlette_woman….jpg

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Smiley calls everyone that's short a...




So ummm... It's not a designated nickname or anything.

It's just him being rude.

It's like the equivalent of him calling-EXAMPLE: a black person a nigger/negro. Yep.

The disgust/loathing feeling of being called a slur and dehumanizED is COMPLETELY NATURAL!
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I emailed him a couple times basically asking "sup" and he never responded. He's mostly done with the internet and I think he's invested in his MILF street woman fuckbuddy "Freya" now
You can ask Locnar, he's like a discount smiley but has studied a bit about Hinduism and stuff


Does he lurk here?

Basically my question is what is it called when a greenpillt bitch you just had sex with suddenly recites the name of a woman you've been involved with and asks u if u (still) know her

Like what technique did this witch use to look into my past and get this randomass info and how do u shield urself against these kinds of mind invasions

This shit sent chills down my spine back den, the name in question was rare so the chances of this having been a cohencidence/lucky guess on the cunt's part are extremely low


>Guru Bada bing

I laff at dis


File: 1690930445317.jpg 459.26 KB, 1079x1116, Aaaaa.jpg

She's a fed/elitist succubus, she's going to eventually lead you to a house where you're going to be chained up and tortured to death


File: 1690954846528.jpg 69.4 KB, 500x517, avid meme2.jpg


File: 1690500837778.pdf 165.89 KB, NAD Product info sheet.pdf


Is NAD replacement therapy the key to extended youth and longevity?

>asking for an elderly friend

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didn't expect 2 feel when clickin onto 4chon 2day h-heh ;_;


why, you need only listen to your treasured chesticles.


File: 1690739198881.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_233511….webp

Shut up retard nobody asked you



File: 1690752134305.webp 133.15 KB, 1376x2539, 1690643680471.webp

File: 1690344778973.jpg 8.29 KB, 300x100, racism banner.jpg


Whats the deal with the Mintboard-4chon relationship? How did it come to be and why?
Do 4chon and Mintboard have the potential form a gestalt and conquer the internet?
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that board is creepy


File: 1690394760075.png 517.54 KB, 1488x928, 1685475744017161.png

Nawt as creepy as ur mom doe LOL




File: 1690739385452.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_233511….webp

Kill yourself


File: 1690752094913.webp 133.15 KB, 1376x2539, 1690643680471.webp

File: 1686409532263.png 213.49 KB, 600x567, 965.png


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File: 1687515430358.jpg 130.75 KB, 1704x2048, https __pbs.twimg.jpg



File: 1689097382357.jpg 87.66 KB, 468x524, 9rHJsPd.jpg




File: 1690724385559.jpg 493.13 KB, 1040x870, 44228070_p0.jpg

File: 1690162088850.jpg 207.59 KB, 1200x1200, 232735.jpg



WTF this guy is saying chocolate doesn't actually contain caffeine. Did I avoid chocolate all this time for nothing? I'm really craving some ice cream thing though so I'm gonna take a risk and have this thing with cocoa butter (apparantly has no caffeine though because its been processed out or something).
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I quit like 2-3 times before I quit for good. Prolly having like half a shot of espresso in the morning the last few weeks, and that half shot was a godsend lmao. When I gave it up totally I always felt off, very "flat" for a few days, but you get used to it, and after that your cognition and interest and zest for life comes back.


Sounds like all conjecture

Yeah I will make efforts to avoid it more. Doing keto/carnivore more heavily now. Just making sure I have a high fat/protein meal ready in the morn.


File: 1690705176578.jpeg 899.31 KB, 1281x961, 66200c0f4565a7668621133226….jpeg

last time i quit i had a low level headache for weeks

one time after a extended period of using the caffeine pills i cold turkied it like 24 hours later i felt rather ill, slow and dazed
got home and had some coffee
the relief washed over me in an awesome wave


Cold turkey is too hard with most drugs I find... Taper down then finally go cold turkey

A way of doing it I like is what I can call "staircase" e.g:

1/2 shot daily for a week, then 1/3 shot daily for a week, 1/4 shot for a week, etc... It's psychologically easier than doing less every day

File: 1690450965346.jpg 83.02 KB, 950x1173, 061417-celeb-dad-bods-1-61a….jpg


the moment you reach 35 they come in through the windows and walls when you sleep and put a dildo up your ass and sodomize you with it in-&-out and then stick it in your mouth and throatfuck you with it and it's so traumatizing that you don't remember it

that's when body starts to sag and get manboobs and you become tired about everything and kind of dumb and have hunched back and gossipy and bitchy like a woman and get "a nice watch (timepiece)" and button-up shirt and just repeat exact average mean of what the public consensus on everything is and you only do exclusively things that are legal and get a covid vaccine and tell everyone else that you got a covid vaccine and that they should get a covid vaccine to be safe and that covid vaccines are safe and you also get "an eco-friendly electric car" and an iphone and a macbook and sync every device and file with an icloud account and don't use usb flash drives
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File: 1690578241107.gif 2.55 MB, 412x269, 16905673457362972 (1).gif

Your big boobah and thee jumpin did you in!


god, if only


File: 1690645779867.gif 1.74 MB, 480x270, monophy.gif


Do yoga. 30 minutes a day for a week will make you feel a decade younger


File: 1690578921294.webp 24.15 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20230728_221439….webp


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File: 1690589669331.jpg 527.58 KB, 1600x871, 789-6345.jpg

I wasn't?


File: 1690589738704.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, 1690586605635.webp

I knew you were making a joke.


File: 1690615018910.mp4 8.09 MB, 1280x720, Spooky Scary Pumpkin Dance.mp4


File: 1690643912815.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, 1690586605635.webp



File: 1690841319064.webp 51.55 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230728_233511….webp

File: 1690367477762-0.png 646.2 KB, 752x376, Screenshot_5.png

File: 1690367477762-1.png 1.45 MB, 957x633, Screenshot_4.png

File: 1690367477762-2.png 1.22 MB, 761x864, Screenshot_6.png


This film was infuriatingly slow. Like literally just tell me who the Empty Man is.

Also that girl was so hot at the end that when I was supposed to be scared I couldn't
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File: 1690380746515.webp 86.37 KB, 1165x1589, Screenshot_20230726-091157.webp


File: 1690395799505.png 273.23 KB, 685x472, 41572_2023_420_Fig6_HTML.png


File: 1690398143432.webp 80.82 KB, 1440x1587, Screenshot_20230725-194720.webp


Megan Fox is BROWN!


File: 1690399360273.jpg 220.33 KB, 792x1728, anna-nicole-smith-topless.jpg

File: 1690340967083.webm 343.65 KB, 720x720, 1690305921240553.webm


Would you have done it all over again?
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File: 1690381598146.webp Spoiler Image, 50.04 KB, 1440x929, 1690246229009.webp


File: 1690381611740.webp 58.36 KB, 1440x904, Screenshot_20230726-092613.webp


File: 1690381651760.webp 67.6 KB, 1440x919, Screenshot_20230726-092708.webp


It´s not too late for you to install a webfilter and find a proper place in assisted living


File: 1690381846012.webp Spoiler Image, 50.04 KB, 1440x929, 1690246229009.webp


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File: 1690309864240.jpg 281.23 KB, 992x1711, 1690247455522.jpg


File: 1690341368030.webp Spoiler Image, 50.04 KB, 1440x929, 1690246229009.webp


File: 1690341382419.jpg 9.18 KB, 255x191, 3dccbad925f5d55c17159b104a7….jpg


File: 1690356736119.png 273.23 KB, 685x472, 41572_2023_420_Fig6_HTML.png


File: 1690380147738.webp 80.82 KB, 1440x1587, Screenshot_20230725-194720.webp

File: 1683645000135.jpg 70.22 KB, 852x480, Time.jpg


Pretend you could deliver a 100 character message to your past self, and he would know it was your message. Post:
1. The message
2. The time it would arrive
3. The reason for 1 + 2
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Black listed


File: 1690341339567.webp Spoiler Image, 50.04 KB, 1440x929, 1690246229009.webp


File: 1690356751498.png 273.23 KB, 685x472, 41572_2023_420_Fig6_HTML.png


You can do anything if you just do nothing (because everyone is insane but me)


File: 1690379695352.webp 80.82 KB, 1440x1587, Screenshot_20230725-194720.webp

File: 1685505070678.mp4 7.28 MB, 1280x720, Taylor Swift - Lavender Haz….mp4


You all-are a bunch of niggers.
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Well uh you see goy they uh, um, hm, uh, they dug a really deep hole, yeah! A really, really deep hole!


Digging with their butts? What happens next?


Thank me later


What kind of lottery is this?


File: 1690340965323.webp Spoiler Image, 50.04 KB, 1440x929, 1690246229009.webp

File: 1672915511904.jpg 142.15 KB, 1276x883, 4chon tzif rip jesus but lo….jpg

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Is there anywhere people post relics from the OG chon here?

Screenshots, threads, memes?
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tits or gtfo


File: 1674772134800.png 41.04 KB, 401x367, 11298357124897130478163963.PNG




File: 1690230255898.webp 134.96 KB, 1440x2657, Screenshot_20230724-145623.webp

The chon is waiting.


Even his cartoon depiction has foetal alcohol syndrome

File: 1671839715575.png 68.95 KB, 1080x722, boomers.png


>I don't know why your generation can't find and keep a gf
<Ruined an entire generation of women by raising them to be whores and not combating 'empowerment culture at all'; such bad parents they traumatise young girls into casual sex and ridiculous standards for serial monogamy
>You're still unemployed? Why didn't you give the boss a firm handshake?
<Facilitated a corporate culture so harrowing that an algorithm will just chuck out your resume without anyone in HR actually reading it with HR people usually from the mentally ill generation of women they've raised
>I went to the [insert boomer event; including gorging yourself at a restaurant and terrorising young minimum wage, going to a pointless expensive event] and there were too many [increasing racial minority]
<Literally allowed and voted for diversity in immigration and affirmative action policies in the late 60s, and refuses to vote for policies that would mean they don't exploit non-white people as serfs to feed them and wipe their arse for next to nothing because they can't change their lifestyle
>Kids these days, I did it rough too when I was buying a home
<Is almost literally the only demographic buying homes now, will be furious at rent freezes because they can't pay off their own negatively geared investment properties, bought a home for the same price of a mid range non-luxury new car today, continues to horde wealth and refuses to let the industry collapse. So much have they destroyed the real estate industry and enabled banks and bank bailouts that an algorithm will just reject your loan application outright (same as most applications tbh, including uni) and ruin your life without even meeting you. This actually applies to most debt they've accrued, including the auto industry; they're the only ones even buying new cars.
>I've had to wait too long at the hospital, the medical system in [insert Western country] sucks!
<Is such a hedonistic glutton that their poor general health is marred by completely preventable diseases like hypertension, obesity, Type II Diabetes, their inability to take care of themselves will ensure an already straining industry collapses
>When I was your age, university was free! Those were the good old daysPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1689554848393.png 746.26 KB, 606x1079, 1688063094538672.png

>wojak artist


File: 1690056540937.mp4 3.92 MB, 320x568, neo-Luddite Tucker Carlson.mp4


Can confirm that is all true including the oddly specific observation of the boomer man being completely dominated by the boomer wife.


Petty criminals are always ugly it seems

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