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File: 1689044083320.jpeg (26.66 KB, 628x603, 010AFB26-2462-4EBF-AB82-0….jpeg)


My neighbors asked me to take care of their cat over the weekend on Saturday and I partially forgot. The cat can only eat half of its wet food* at a time without getting a tummy ache/possibly throwing up. I gave it half of its portion intending to come back and give it its other half later and I never did. The really bad thing is the cat has some meds it takes as well which I'd intended to bundle in with that second portion. I'm pretty bummed and a little worried even. I can't imagine the cat missing its meds for one day would hurt it all that much but I could imagine a company full of (((veterinary scientists))) making it so a medicated animal indeed would turn into a ticking time bomb without getting its hit.

*=the cat has a dry food dispenser that goes off every few hours I think. The cat was in no real danger of starving or becoming dehydrated

I texted the dude saying I wanted to meet up with him (jury's out on whether they noticed or not but I want to do the right thing and accept the potentially ruinous responsibility) a few hours ago and haven't gotten a response of any kind so my imagination is running wild with a lot of negative possibilities.
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inb4 ded cat

4 rizzle tho, this. It's not like you left it to rot for a week. You're better off not saying anything if there's no indication they know about your dark, dark, monstrous secret.


lol sh*t up dude heh


File: 1689102895569.png (338.09 KB, 675x780, 1593535685838.png)


Domesticated cats are BAD! They kill wildlife. Otherwise they are kind of cool I admit


I got two cats a few weeks ago specifically for murdering things. They just live outside here now with one job: kill

File: 1688909413594.gif (477.21 KB, 498x310, 2A975526-3160-4A44-9503-D3….gif)


why do i cum from touch instantly and feel like shit but i can fantasize for half a day feeling extremely good and aroused and sexual?
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File: 1688917554971.mp4 (2.65 MB, 406x720, 1688328526178.mp4)

Dogisaga pretending to be a biological woman on the internet AGAIN!


File: 1688918090180.webp (73.84 KB, 1440x1353, Screenshot_20230709-10542….webp)


You're just high on oxytocin and dopamine
It vanishes after cooming
Then prolactin spikes for a man, or seratonin spikes for a woman
Makes a man want to sleep, and a woman want to talk


File: 1688941796247.webp (20.72 KB, 750x750, ladnypan.webp)

As the leading sexpert of this site, the answer is pretty clear. I know it sounds crazy, but you need to suck as many handsome man dicks as possible in one week to cure your affliction. I know from experience, love.


Leave dwarf alone chud

File: 1681767215115.webp (140.28 KB, 1439x2188, Screenshot_20230417-16310….webp)


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File: 1688826724055.gif (3.22 MB, 366x366, ezgif-4-8001bd1be8.gif)

You're mean.


File: 1688826979837.mp4 (4.09 MB, 576x1024, download.mp4)



File: 1688918132253.webp (73.84 KB, 1440x1353, Screenshot_20230709-10542….webp)


File: 1686581153099.jpeg (143.72 KB, 1125x1127, 02A82504-4599-4D89-96AB-8….jpeg)

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Decided to remake 4chon.me/new on a h'whim ama
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masonic wizard chris


Disturbing how much he resembles Ben Franklin now.


File: 1688898976029.webp (131.23 KB, 1439x1497, Screenshot_20230709-05354….webp)

He's not a wizard. He lost his v-card to a prostitute.



File: 1688899274831.webp (128.53 KB, 1440x1771, Screenshot_20230709-05404….webp)


File: 1688949617386.mp4 (5.99 MB, 1080x1920, 1688949440333.mp4)

File: 1672941200885.jpg (1.48 MB, 2042x2048, 1672100459857.jpg)


In this thread we appreciate Dwarf (while not putting down others or being mean-spirited) and show our love for her.

Dwarf is a very loyal girl.
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Don't ever give that kid a coloring book.


You tried. That's all that matters.


Wow. Are you a girl btw?



bump XD

File: 1688315127566.png (235.04 KB, 1720x458, Untitled.png)


Were you aware that Foky spammed 4chon with so much gross porn that it became the 33928th most popular adult site in Germany?
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So you're him then?



So, yes?


Nice try FoKy


File: 1686644946794.jpg (24.75 KB, 231x224, 1350831689928.jpg)

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hey guys I just got done having sex with dwarf! her pussy was really tight and felt really good on my big fat cock! I came so much that my cock, prostate and both of my balls are totally empty. dwarf is such a hot slut! I hope that all of you get a chance to fuck her like I do every day. maybe we can arrange a 4chon gang bang where we all take turns spunking in her twat without condoms? I reckon she'd really like that since she's such a nasty cumslut
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feelin randy atm


Avid here, I did not make any of these 'I fucked ____' posts


FoKy... if you're jealous, come round to the house and we'll all fuck you. this feud has gone on for too long




you won't be laughing when my big fat cock penetrates all your orifices and fills them with cum... you'll be crying tears of joy and saying "thank you, daddy!" with each thrust

File: 1686853220544.webp (156.27 KB, 876x1077, Screenshot_20230615_19190….webp)


is this real?
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Good to know and cheers that you're okay.


File: 1688429906550.webp (220.34 KB, 1440x1796, Screenshot_20230703-19175….webp)


File: 1688429980070.webp (82.96 KB, 1440x901, Screenshot_20230703-19165….webp)


Happened to me too stripping copper wiring from the plastic sheath, went into my thumb and stung like a motherfucker


File: 1688430553835.webp (53.82 KB, 1072x1469, Screenshot_20230703-19285….webp)

That's horrible. I'm glad you guys are okay.

File: 1688321717960.png (1.43 MB, 1200x697, 1681388611361.png)


I go swimming regularly at a local river
When my family gets here we first pick up trash
It feels like an offering to the river

Anyways, this place is regularly swarmed by Christians that trash the place and leave shit everywhere. I know they're Christians because they're backwoods redneck types in the very deep south. 99.9% chance they all profess Christ as Lord

I would like to make anti-littering propaganda and stick it around the place in a few spots with the one and only goal of getting people to stop throwing their trash on the ground

Are we capable of making something like this here?
>green background of some nature thing
>green because everyone loves it and see it associated with either nature or money
>white lettering over it all
>simple message to stop littering
>these people are worse than animals because no animal intentionally destroys it's own home
>propaganda must effectively coerce selfish retards into not littering
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Yours truly- Big Man in the Sky


Put up a sign that says bears in area


File: 1688371648585.jpg (28.64 KB, 237x341, Faggot.jpg)

Hang this fuckers face up, the area will be free and clear for aslong as you wish


File: 1688413276178.png (12.45 KB, 66x124, 16884130378482983 (1).png)


File: 1688417687634.webp (63.2 KB, 588x1792, Screenshot_20230703-15535….webp)

File: 1687715775361.jpg (142.56 KB, 680x1200, 94eb50e769efd5fd35b96f33bd….jpg)


I wear tight pants in public and I don't care if you don't like my dick bulge.
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Fake and gay


File: 1688411939906.webp (102.21 KB, 1386x2250, Screenshot_20230703-14182….webp)



File: 1688412149471.webp (155.28 KB, 1440x1888, Screenshot_20230703-14215….webp)


File: 1688417658423.webp (63.2 KB, 588x1792, Screenshot_20230703-15535….webp)

File: 1673929197264.jpeg (239.38 KB, 982x1920, received_520380956856462.jpeg)


Let's revive the book thread fams
This just came in the mail; imma start collecting them.

What'st are you reading atm? I still have to finish 'Abigail Schrier - Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters'
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I have permanently and irrevocably fucked myself by reading anything outside of the top ~15 titles or authors.


File: 1688306772870.jpg (112.17 KB, 887x1102, 1685155463518891.jpg)

Mmm... 😍😍


File: 1688314395446.png (10.44 KB, 932x80, Screenshot_6.png)

Reading the first and second around the same time, third is next. Kinda slow with them, with B. Lipton I'm skipping whole parts because hes become increasingly progressive and its annoying me, I'm just gonna read what he says about Darwin etc. I watched some Kastrup videos on YT its interesting. Easier to watch/listen to YT when eating or cooking than read a book ofc.


That B. Lipton guy sounds like some kind of globohomo transhumanist faggot.


He pulled out the peace and equality baloney on page 235 etc of his original book, rather annoying, pretty much came out of nowhere

File: 1679705201469.png (640.9 KB, 1079x774, Screenshot_20230322_191945….png)


me and me gf rate
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Still getting more pussy than avid




File: 1688318264293.webp (25.41 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20230702_18172….webp)

Still more attractive than dogisaga

File: 1687680345473.jpg (106.33 KB, 1079x1618, FB_IMG_1687680282013.jpg)


Admin is asleep post HDV greentexts
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What's your point?


>She sounds like she believes in gangstalking.

but gangstalking is real
Example and point made!


What the fuck are you on about?

Yes the paparazzi are essentially gangstalkers, what is your point???


File: 1688166218808.gif (5.62 KB, 220x220, ezgif-1-6964a32c8d.gif)

>Yes the paparazzi are essentially gangstalkers
Yes. You got it.
>what is your point
That was the point.


File: 1688308815213.jpg (183.09 KB, 800x1200, 800px-AUT_vs._TUR_2016-03-….jpg)

File: 1688003316008.png (1.58 MB, 1724x975, Untitled.png)


Opinions on the current status of AVGN's hairline?
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File: 1688078189949-0.jpg (75.58 KB, 800x800, 1397957631858.jpg)

File: 1688078189949-1.jpg (40.86 KB, 1100x636, an-infographic-of-the-norw….jpg)

I started taking Finasteride at 23 when I had about a norwood 1 with slight recession at temples. Then I realized it was a TRANNY drug and stopped taking it. Now I'm 33 and I stopped taking it around 27 and my recession slowed massively or virtually stopped. So my hairlines about a 1.5 now.


File: 1688079115096.jpg (293.91 KB, 1500x1500, 819 -KLReAL._SL1500_.jpg)

I never used finastride, but that's pretty much me. I'm 33 and my hairline hasn't really moved since my mid-20s. I do use this shampoo though. While I can say it's probably can been effective, I don't how if it's sissfying me. What I do know is if you want to keep your hair don't ever use a shampoo with sulfates, and don't ever wear anything that restricts blood-flow to your head, including head phones.


a receding hairline does nothing to harm his image as a nerd

if anything being uglier is a plus in that role


Imagine caring about another man's anything lmaooo


File: 1688307496046.jpg (109.02 KB, 736x1104, 1684797173732801.jpg)

File: 1688177064184.jpg (112.16 KB, 2400x1738, Ted-Kaczynski-lede.jpg)


Is it worth putting money into a laptop when the processor itself is the bottleneck? I just installed some ram into an 11 year old Linux laptop of mine and it did noticeably improve performance. I was considering putting an SSD into it as well because you can get one for <$50 these days, but I guess I'm not sure. Knowing that just typing in [redacted]cord can send my processor into 90%+ usage territory makes me think it's maybe not worth worrying too much about.
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windows iso to bootable usb flash tool

install activation patcher once installed

need 7zip to unzip that 7z file

disable telemetry etc.


Would you guys know why I have some flickering problem with my 2nd monitor? I replace it and I have the same problem. I'm running 2 monitors with duplicated screens, 2nd monitor flickers, I think its a gpu issue but idk.


NVM think I figured it out. I tried extending the display instead and I didn't seem to get the problem.

But extending the screen is a pain in the ass for my use-case (watching films with the 2nd monitor on my bed) so maybe I'll need a new gpu or somethin if I actually want a good image. Or maybe choose to only show display on 1.

Bruh this is not a bot post


Maybe I'm getting the issue where it says my post is automated when I leave the page on for a while


did u bother trying any of the countless troubleshooting steps google/reddit gives u, e.g. making sure their refresh rates are set properly, ctrl+shift+winkey+b to restart gpu driver, updating gpu driver, ruling out cable issues, trying both hdmi and displayport if available, etc.
and booting into a live linux instance off your usb and trying duplicating your monitor on there to rule out it's a driver/software issue on windows. fedora is best for this since it has latest linux gpu drivers ( https://spins.fedoraproject.org/kde/download/index.html ). use unetbootin https://unetbootin.github.io/ to make the bootable flash usb with iso, select diskimage, navigate to your iso, select the usb drive.

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