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Because that's gay, duh


.. nah



c'mon.... be our bukkake slut

I'll just have to cum double if you're not coming

yea this guy wants it



My favourite thing about leftists is how they'll say they're more creative and better than you and then make music genres like folk punk
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File: 1690049909734.webp 109.3 KB, 1440x1649, Screenshot_20230722-131809.webp


File: 1690049994549.webp 194.51 KB, 1439x1910, Screenshot_20230722-131932.webp


File: 1690050024695.webp 187.51 KB, 1440x1726, Screenshot_20230722-132008.webp


File: 1690050051670.webp 145.77 KB, 1440x1726, Screenshot_20230722-132035.webp


File: 1690058142391.webp 263.68 KB, 1440x2468, Screenshot_20230722-153452.webp

File: 1688943033584.png 1.47 MB, 897x900, eclipse.png


>get home after a long day swimming
>excited to see what the internet has in store for me
>open my phone
>everything is exactly the fucking same
>where the fuck is everyone
>am I the last man?
>pretty sure we had like 10x the people online a decade ago
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Society is prolapsan


They're still around.


Jus keep walkin


File: 1690039083724.webm 3.98 MB, 282x500, When you give indians firs….webm


give indians and other 3rld word "civilizations" of hyenas access to agricultural antibiotics, i'm sure they will use them responsibility and nothing will go wrong

File: 1689045973788.webp 37.31 KB, 480x480, alex-jones-meme.webp


do you guys believe in supernatural stuff? i always took it for granted but i've met some dogmatic materialists in my time.
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I WANNA taek a BATH with a CUTE GRIL


it's over rated


Did someone shit out a fruity draft?




File: 1690034315983.jpg 244.3 KB, 1120x900, 446795.jpg

File: 1673100106180.jpg 172.02 KB, 1360x768, so close.jpg


i found this on an old flash drive. i almost got it.

ps lazare is still a fucking faggot
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File: 1689552998673.png 97.43 KB, 743x727, Screenshot_2023-07-16_20-15….png

Stay on 4chan, subhuman.


When was 4chon made


File: 1689793589593.jpg 52.3 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg

>Look ma i can use google xD Everyone is da same person

Kill yourself schizo subhuman permavirgin lol


File: 1689793913993.png 57 KB, 192x136, le subhuman turkic genetic ….PNG

>This is the subhuman calling you "subhuman" on the ded 'chon



Look on the home page.

File: 1688099295356.png 33.84 KB, 255x239, 1688096986317.png


>biblically accurate angels
>soul vs soulless
>nintendo is the only developer making games not movies
>immersive sims
>____: a critique
>the rise and fall of ____
>a good __ but a bad __
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File: 1688240547217.webp 47.4 KB, 1094x1284, Screenshot_20230701-144150.webp


Hiding this NEL thread rn👍🙂


File: 1688306632921.jpg 200.95 KB, 750x1151, 1483036797027.jpg

Ha 😂👌 !
Funny, love


File: 1689794022315.png 14.82 KB, 802x178, screenshot.PNG

Stay on soyjak, subhuman


Guarantee foky only came back here in the first place, because he was having issues with that site for some reason. What a loser.

File: 1679018843216.jpg 41.2 KB, 499x425, 1411410269919.jpg


I want dwarf to die
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Wat dis heh


>Your friend
Are you and your same fagging self >>61305



literally who



She's truly a subhuman eggcel

File: 1688887511063.png 51.95 KB, 163x163, 255.png


I've been made aware of two things since my release from prison a fortnight back.

1) the existence of this site
2) that I am being impersonated by homosexuals

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File: 1689697354178.png 140.5 KB, 238x496, schizo kike mod lol.PNG

Ah nevermind, the schizo kike mod is still at it lol

He censored my post in this thread and anchored/locked the thread right afterwards. I wanted to post a bort suggestion in there right now when i noticed this

No wonder the site is as dead as it is, this kind of modcuckery always kills off altchans. Sad!


Nope. Altboards die because the userbase gets older and has better things to do with their life. That's an inevitability, while it's hard to attract a steady flow of new users. The reason this board is as dead as it is though, is because some of the Internet's biggest retards, primarily yourself, made it unbearable to even lurk, scaring away most of the people who only came here for nostalgia's sake, the only niche this board had. You should have been banned from day 1. Don't you get tired of ruining things for others out of your own pettiness?


File: 1689701865247.webp 663.45 KB, 1042x8043, 1687792175696.webp


Smiley demanded to have all his threads removed or he'd floodspam the board (which he did soon after), I compromised with him by anchoring his threads. That's one thread I forgot to anchor.


File: 1672875342817.webp 206.67 KB, 1200x900, D2A2BFED-50A7-46FE-A1AF-58….webp


My mom is somehow watching a Jesse Lee Peterson zoom debate of some sort, the most frustrating thing is the person he's debating is a total self-righteous midwit faggot (he literally keeps saying "citation!?" lol) with easily btfo'd libtard textbook arguments-but Jesse himself is literally too dumb or uninformed to respond properly.

How can anyone stand to watch anything like this it's just awkward heh
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File: 1684161752089.jpg 188.99 KB, 1440x1802, 334119989_736962421384888_4….jpg


Would South Asian (e.g. Indian), Arab / Middle Eastern and Latina women be allowed in a h'White Nationist Soyciety?
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File: 1688486263683-0.jpg 72.93 KB, 735x895, d4090e484fa4.jpg

File: 1688486263683-1.jpg 153.95 KB, 726x1280, 1019099fb77f1.jpg

File: 1688486263683-2.jpg 80.29 KB, 711x903, FDv3I6dVEAYheN4.jpg

File: 1688486263683-3.jpg 123.98 KB, 954x1438, babilona-hot-pink-saree.jpg


File: 1688491756174.webm 2.77 MB, 460x816, 1688487246255630.webm


File: 1689523851020.mp4 2.04 MB, 576x1024, fernetconcoquita_7211377075….mp4

Would not finding the correct size jacket be allowed in a size small nationalist soyciety?


File: 1689524058331.mp4 2.45 MB, 576x1024, d0ughnutdisturb_72075689094….mp4

Would Muslim wymyn be allowed on TikTok even though TikTok is banned in the Taliban-run Afghanistan soyciety?



File: 1689524763138.mp4 2.14 MB, 576x1024, ailuramon__7170378395581254….mp4

Would TikTok thirst traps be 'lowed in a post-sex-trivialization post-pornography-trivialization neo-noir cyberpunk hypercommodified neoliberal dystopia?

File: 1685481319375.jpg 92.22 KB, 520x520, Crab_Nebula.jpg

 No.57547[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is a thread to be nice to each other in and to talk about things that are /nice/ like cool stuff you've done or have planned or have watched or listened to 🙂👍
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File: 1689285810383.png 1.05 MB, 1072x1500, 1fd1cc6d384cb4deb550804d104….png

walking home with friend is /nice/


I've been thinking about making an electric moped of sorts. I don't really want to spend the money right now, but a 2kW engine is only like 100 bucks and they come with a throttle and everything. For a battery I'm looking at about 200ish. As for the vehicle itself, I've got tons of old bikes rotting in my garage, I'm sure I can manage something. It's way cheaper than I expected all considered.


That's really cool, keep us posted my nigga


Where'd h'wint go btw


There's a lot of stuff I want to do that I just don't have the time for.

File: 1688457734505.jpg 6.04 KB, 250x100, 20230529_182749.jpg


This board used to create memes that swayed elections, now it spends all day gossiping about egirls.

What a sorry state of affairs.
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File: 1689063055674.jpg 100.91 KB, 1024x1536, 1689051118910227.jpg


I don't think we "talk about" women we just want to fuck them


go back to /new/ dumb nigger


you talk about male penis and also suck it


File: 1688999442275.jpg 172.69 KB, 1024x778, 1688825359216151m.jpg


>notice people in gamefowl thread on chicken boomer forum are speaking in weird terms
>"ye he go hi t'start"
>I think they're talking about fighting chickens in thinly veiled code
>these fucking fart sniffing retards are literally fighting chickens for entertainment
>I'm the only fucking retard raising gamefowl and not fighting them
>look more at thread
>realize that no one has interacted with my posts
>bub347 said the same thing as me, after me, but in a significantly less charismatic manner
>everyone liked his post and is talking to bubba
>>>they're ignoring me because my username is Sanskrit
What the fuck white people

Also disappointed in myself that I ever wanted to interact with these people
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My good sir, please allow me to provide you with the full song, but let me also inform you that if you've never seen the actual song that goes with that footage then you are missing out.

You tease. Baka.




File: 1689100929248.jpg Spoiler Image, 84.29 KB, 850x779, sample_8df5d524733e8bbeb3f6….jpg

Vtubers are a hell of a drug.


File: 1689199847184.webm 543.27 KB, 650x368, this is a children's anime.webm

File: 1689128034266.webp 61.67 KB, 768x768, 3668ca56-ff1f-4eda-8167-c5….webp


70 dollars for a little over a pound of meat! You'd think buying shitty freeze-dried meat in a can would be cheaper, but it's a total rip-off! "Emergency food" is a total scam, just buy chef boyardee or something!
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As long as it's not rice and beans. Imagine being the loser who eats rice and beans everyday. I'd sooner take a page from Alex Jones and eat my neighbors.

I don't know. Serving size is 39g, so probably like 2 pounds.

With some salt and ketchup I could eat it by itself. Taco seasoning just ruins perfectly good ground beef.


I just pan seared a steak the night before yesterday and I really want to do it again. I can get a whole ass pound of steak for the same price or cheaper than I can get a <4 ounce burger for so wtf am I doing not cooking every night huh? heh


Good point. I just hate the cleaning.


I think it might be a good idea to make a ton of burgers and freeze them. The Hispanic lady that used to live next door to me would spend a whole day making tamales to shove in her chest freezer. Maybe that's the best way.


takes less than a minute to clean your stainless steel pan with a stainless steel scrubber and hot water. you rack disciprine

File: 1689044083320.jpeg 26.66 KB, 628x603, 010AFB26-2462-4EBF-AB82-0C….jpeg


My neighbors asked me to take care of their cat over the weekend on Saturday and I partially forgot. The cat can only eat half of its wet food* at a time without getting a tummy ache/possibly throwing up. I gave it half of its portion intending to come back and give it its other half later and I never did. The really bad thing is the cat has some meds it takes as well which I'd intended to bundle in with that second portion. I'm pretty bummed and a little worried even. I can't imagine the cat missing its meds for one day would hurt it all that much but I could imagine a company full of (((veterinary scientists))) making it so a medicated animal indeed would turn into a ticking time bomb without getting its hit.

*=the cat has a dry food dispenser that goes off every few hours I think. The cat was in no real danger of starving or becoming dehydrated

I texted the dude saying I wanted to meet up with him (jury's out on whether they noticed or not but I want to do the right thing and accept the potentially ruinous responsibility) a few hours ago and haven't gotten a response of any kind so my imagination is running wild with a lot of negative possibilities.
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inb4 ded cat

4 rizzle tho, this. It's not like you left it to rot for a week. You're better off not saying anything if there's no indication they know about your dark, dark, monstrous secret.


lol sh*t up dude heh


File: 1689102895569.png 338.09 KB, 675x780, 1593535685838.png


Domesticated cats are BAD! They kill wildlife. Otherwise they are kind of cool I admit


I got two cats a few weeks ago specifically for murdering things. They just live outside here now with one job: kill

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