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I have amnesia and can't remember most of my life and what I can remember is slipping away. I only have feelings to go on about most things now as I just can't remember shit. It's really odd when you interact with someone who knows you, and you know that you know them, but you don't actually remember anything about them / anything we've ever done in the past. I got hit over the head several months ago and I don't remember shit from my life... but I have feelings about it and what I feel about it is that it's for the better that I really had nothing going for me that was worth remembering.
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That would be a LITTLE OOPSIE! in minecraft


His childhood bff had to cut off contact or he wouldn't have been able to control his urges and kill smiley in Minecraft-I assume.


File: 1681935850763.webp (33.34 KB, 1243x821, Screenshot_20230419-15232….webp)

Is smileys REIGN OF TERROR finally over?!


Smileys childhood bbf is cool af!

He did us all a service in minecraft!

File: 1681778842215.png (62.07 KB, 233x208, Screenshot 2023-04-15 1246….png)


Hi I'm new here? is this place better than youarenowbannedfor3daysfornoreasonChan?
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File: 1681942807669.webp (78.02 KB, 905x1135, Screenshot_20230419-17082….webp)


post address and I will


I feel lonely, I feel as though I will never find love and I have no way to combat this thought


H'whats that? You want anal sex?.


Love is just a meme. It isn't real.

File: 1679979631549.jpg (139 KB, 945x2048, FB_IMG_1679979459879.jpg)


How do you reconcile your belief in the afterlife if human consciousness can be distilled so easily to a set of easily definable attributes? For example, this person is so common, so definable that they appear to be a set of deterministic neural processes, repeatable across many other individuals like her. How then, could she live on after death?

Does everyone die, and then live on as the same archetype?
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genocide abos


I think I'd rather live on the res than in victoria/melbourne, where the cops break down your door if you don't post a selfie every 20 minutes to prove you've locked yourself in your house.


Camera holder is cucked. The correct response to the question of whether genocide is good is that it depends entirely upon whether it's good for the people who are doing it.

E.g. if colonising Australia was good for the Brits (future Aussies) then it was good for them. Colonisation and genocide and slavery being similar stuff ofcourse.

Basically cultural relativism or maybe perspectivism


File: 1680663771614.jpg (654.51 KB, 1438x1102, canadian democracy.jpg)


How does this shit not terrify you people

File: 1679720247749.jpg (38.73 KB, 389x500, 1475587507653.jpg)


My nephew just turned 16 and has become an absolute Chad - great fuckin bone structure, huge jaw and developed cheekbones, hunter eyes etc. I'm so envious of him. But he's dating a mystery meat hapa - half Maltease half Asian or something. I'm gonna give him a talking-to. He must not be political. I haven't had much involvement in his life because his mother is a whore who had 3 other kids from a different man, a mutt.
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Ahh, the big thing i forgot is whether he is vaxxed. Going to find that out discreetly


Also, you niggers better not doxx me but are you aware ive been posting on /fa/?


Kinda realising now he'll see this thread eventually if i bring him around. It's cool.

Also i can approach with this 99.85% White black nigger king Chad. The dynamics would be so interesting I want to see how many iois he gets from girls.


And I'm not keen dding about thr white thing btw I'll post my 23andme if U guys want


I am not gay. I am absolutely not a homosexual man. I am a straight heterosexual man.

File: 1681459329689-0.jpg (84.27 KB, 468x701, 1681312480066845.jpg)

File: 1681459329689-1.png (1.66 MB, 1249x1292, b15d3f1bcbb09f9450d14a3a77….png)


Fucking love this body type. Skinny, tall, sometimes with a relatively higher waist to hip ratio which makes their silhouette from the front or back look flat or rectangular. Hot. Cara Delevigne has an exaggerated version of this which is too much but still hot
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File: 1681760902371.png (362.49 KB, 1440x731, 1672595877625.png)

lol jew


File: 1681761247184.webp (135.01 KB, 1440x1034, Screenshot_20230417-14504….webp)


File: 1681761787127.webp (119.28 KB, 1440x2041, Screenshot_20230417-15023….webp)


File: 1681817791958.jpg (492.71 KB, 1415x1000, fcb709280683e5d075b2784e2d….jpg)

Girl drew herself with the body I like


I hate that fucker. Fuck you smiley.

File: 1681794991912-0.png (514.91 KB, 611x618, Screenshot_5.png)

File: 1681794991912-1.gif (1.3 MB, 311x240, 1394380184837.gif)


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You hit that crackpipe really hard, fren?


File: 1681847626329.webm (534.41 KB, 640x360, tyler1 banished to the ch….webm)


File: 1681859956227.webp (21.65 KB, 832x1300, 20046072-young-business-m….webp)

Thats Tyler1


File: 1681864806138.webp (78.79 KB, 1440x1063, Screenshot_20230406-23203….webp)

>Tyler 1


That faggot looks like Justin Trudeau.

File: 1681565140486.jpg (238.38 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1681564986367.jpg)


Capeshit is starting to be not as profitable so the new cash cow will be adapting cutscenes into feature length films, probably live action like The Last Of Us.

How do you feel about this?
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I stopped watching TLOU show after I heard theres homosex in the 3rd episode or something. I only watched the first ep but I thought it was okay, good production value. Did I make a mistake by stopping?


File: 1681805505578.jpg (67.67 KB, 1280x720, 1670441871315.jpg)

>watching any jewish entertainment


Time to grow tomatoes and defeat the zog.


File: 1681852962858.mp4 (848.32 KB, 856x468, dangerous to our democracy.mp4)



File: 1681421063753.jpeg (432.04 KB, 847x1580, CFE30811-B598-40F1-9B04-1….jpeg)


Redpill me on the Mr. Beast situation

1. Who tf is Mr. Beast?
2. Who is the troon?
3. What's their endgame?
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That man looks like he needs a bud light tbqh.


File: 1681779384206.webp (112.31 KB, 1440x1481, Screenshot_20230417-19552….webp)

Ew. I will stick to pure PewDiePie and marzia-THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


That amount of tension. That's a guy who needs to get laid BADLY. Yo Mr. Beasts gf, where you at?!


File: 1681780265118.webp (9.98 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230417-20103….webp)



File: 1681781389898.webp (7.9 KB, 1299x364, Screenshot_20230417-20291….webp)

File: 1681489370211.jpeg (21.47 KB, 357x413, download (1).jpeg)


GS log thread
For posting abjectively and for reasonal and debate purposes, they are non confrontative edition
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I have no idea what you're talking about.


Me neither anymore


HDV op here, could you delete this thread please


Would be appreciated


HDV is a strong man who don't listen to no anon!


File: 1681419395624.webp (125.28 KB, 1440x2710, Screenshot_20230413-15553….webp)


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Okay, retard.


Im not retarded


Yes, you are.


File: 1681484282131.png (975.94 KB, 481x981, Screenshot_3.png)


What do my elf eyes see
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Stop saying that please


I will suck your cock to prove that I am not gay.


Not that, the other thing.


Extremely gay.


I extremely farted ecks dee

File: 1666255179005.webm (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, rosemarys baby cute rose.webm)


My Aryan wife when she find out shes pregnant
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File: 1681493416688.webp (176.03 KB, 1331x1801, Screenshot_20230414-12294….webp)


File: 1681493429949.webp (94.41 KB, 1440x1159, Screenshot_20230414-12284….webp)



Me in the center


You spoiled the film bro, kind of


I'm sorry for everyone who doesn't know what that movie is about. That other person kinda ruined it. R.I.P

File: 1681165373818.gif (1.37 MB, 500x303, anigif_sub-buzz-22489-1510….gif)

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My father...

She could get a job being a jeweler or putting together watches maybe as a caregiver at visiting angels on the phone to someone and I flipped tf out.

He's like...

Worst case scenario is...

I give her a backpack


Other day to my brother...

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stop talking to me please


>hurr durr being a celebrity shitfuck


Trust me when I say this i could score multiples over you all


You said that you were avid, with no proof and now you're saying that your levakama.
Wat dis mean?!



File: 1681305845873.webp (247.16 KB, 956x1275, abortionist-women-1.webp)


Whites are disappearing because white women are whores who lock cock but not the end purpose of cock, unless it be black cock.
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Women of any race are disgusting. Trannies are gross too because they aspire to be women.


Tranny's chop off their cocks&balls as a form of suicide with a-hole that the body wants&needs to heal/close but they keep shoving things in the infected-smelly-puss-stabbed-hole to prevent the body from doing so.


inb4 i farte and e zneller shit


I fart and it smells okay



Former President Donald J. Trump: 'It will be worse than losing a war if America loses its currency standard to China'

Is he right, 4chon?
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Rough years ahead, brehs
How much longer before le chickens come home to le roost?


File: 1681421330055.gif (2.09 MB, 380x239, ezgif-4-7b4310815a.gif)

Higher-ups are letting...

The TV-surveillance-show BURGERLAND..

- float cuz they are entertained by the amerilards and all the bullshittery&drama.

They don't want to ruin a good thing tbqh.



>It will be worse than losing a war if America loses its currency standard to China
jekyll island stockholm syndrome. current year currency standard not doing anyone any favors.

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