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I just don't like US black culture. If I say I don't like it then I'm racist. So I just keep to myself so I won't be cancelled/fired/unpersoned.
So I don't watch TV and I don't listen to current music. I just watch anime and J dramas and I listen to selected music from the 60-early 2000s and jpop.
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>Please explain this chart.
Don't know what projected lifetime is supposed to mean here. The other fractions you can convert to percentages if you prefer. But the main point is the difference between the demographics.
Read: https://www.mathsisfun.com/percentage.html
e.g. (207.4/100000) * 100 = 0.2074% of all black males from ages 15-24 are convicted murderers, and (8.3/100000) * 100 = 0.0083% of all h'white males from ages 15-24 are convicted murderers.


File: 1680984283186.jpg 74.72 KB, 500x642, 1521646050931.jpg

>I just don't like US black culture. If I say I don't like it then I'm racist. So I just keep to myself so I won't be cancelled/fired/unpersoned.
As shown by these threads
THESE THOUGHT CRIMES ARE UNACCEPTABLE. you will be hunted down and destroyed


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Any other advice you would give a 16yo? He's becoming an electrician I guess he seems okay in that department. I'm not sure how smart he is, maybe just average but I wouldn't really know.
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Venting feels good. Get all that shit off your chest,op.


He'll yeah




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nooooo....;! I'm?.? cumming!!2(22(

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New gl*wie welfare bux just droppped.
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File: 1680899557308.mp4 2.34 MB, 640x352, ARYAN GOD RISE UP.mp4

anti slide to stop the kikes, evropa wins again kys niggers 1488


File: 1680900007523.png 1.55 MB, 1440x1193, Screenshot_20230407-153915.png

Body-builders have a fetish for obese women. That's what I've learned from/fit/.


my aryan goddess fertility idol fuckpillow we must reproduce and u feed luxurious fatty milk to babychads


File: 1680900204766.png 1.05 MB, 1416x1407, Screenshot_20230407-154303.png

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File: 1678436413625-1.webp 28.39 KB, 747x747, outlaw-daygame.webp


This guy Tom Torero killed himself a year ago or something, he was a self proclaimed day game expert. I've been reading through him and Nick Krauser's stuff recently. Their stuff is too quirky for me, e.g. "hi I saw you walking and you looked like a flamingo walking down the street" etc etc. Anyway I wonder why he did it
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File: 1680604003759.png 356.9 KB, 321x698, Screenshot_3.png

I've been reading Krauser nonstop this guy is smart. I did this exercise today because I was out and about but need to fix up my crib before I pull girls there


Sounds like too much work.


What does, the exercise or everything? I'm basically dedicating this whole year to day game, probably the next as well. I consider it all to be training so that I can approach younger women (16-17) to eventually find one to marry.


All of it. I guess it's no problem if you're having fun though.


It's definitely hard I understand giving up. I like women too much though

File: 1665723151234.jpeg 40.14 KB, 450x338, 0843CB54-B214-417D-ABE1-F7….jpeg


I got to suck the cock of my house mate recently, it was uncut. Best cock yet.
I dont want to touch jewed cock again
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I am going to kill myself if everybody keeps saying my name and speaking to me


do it, FoKvid


Get help


Great goal guys be evil and uncaring for money and respect from a retarded sperg cunt why dont you, you guys are going to literally hell for your involvement anyway

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There are some people, when there is some sort of tyrannical change or shift in culture for the worse, who will not think, unquestioningly, not even blinking, when asked 'when do you think it will return to normal?' They will look you dead in the eye and say 'it has always been like this.'

When probed further, they will give you some variation of 'never. We will never return to normal because this is the new normal'.

These people, when there is regime change, are essentially meat. They are meat to be put into the grinder, who will either through inaction, maintain the status quo, or worse, through action, work as useful dogs and idiots for the establishment.

They are the very people who go first when the march towards further restrictions inches forwards, as predatory people further push your boundaries for profit or sadism. They will rat out their neighbours, who will then go next, and so on, and so forth.

Until, through much pain and suffering, there is regime change again, for the better.

Then these same people, who have been derided as fence sitters, or NPCs, will turn around and say they always believed the new position. Eurasia was always at war with East Asia. Again.

Unfortunately, the solution is to openly spot these people, to mock and ridicule them, and, first and foremost, to never give them the impression that they are special. Or important. Or are doing the right thing by acting as the dogs of elites. But, as we are now obsessed with the next great dopamine hit, and of acting like these sanctioned rebels, this is next to impossible without some sort of technological change.
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File: 1680225147860.webm 2.19 MB, 720x720, abbyshapiro-peterson.webm



The brazenly-named "RESTRICT Act" (aka "the Ban TikTok bill") which effectively makes it impossible for VPN providers and cryptocurrency exchanges to operate or do business in America (because of the threat of multimillion dollar fines and 20 years in prison for doing whatever the executive branch of the government, with zero oversight and total secrecy, arbitrarily deems to be against "national security"), among several other privacy and policing issues against Amerilard citizens, is so bad that even Fox News is against it


e-Patriot Act


File: 1680765732101.jpeg 4.09 KB, 299x168, download (14).jpeg

I win

File: 1680146005413.jpeg 119.83 KB, 720x922, received_162443219692741.jpeg


Why does Hollywood hate gingers so much?
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hollywood does not hate gingers, gingers are no longer a bullied minority (its gone back to blacks since the early 2000's)


Hollywood is run by Anglos whether you like it or not


File: 1680739685789.png 532.52 KB, 663x811, Screenshot_20230406_010243_….png


you didn't get dubs


Omg no

File: 1680609272106.jpeg 190.64 KB, 1284x1894, Fs2YU5LagAA_i0f.jpeg


White women are a total disaster.
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>cops just follow orders
False. At the end of the day cops get to choose what to enforce and what to ignore. Law doesn't exist without enforcement. The buck stops with them.


>pig sucker


File: 1680739543329.png 532.52 KB, 663x811, Screenshot_20230406_010243_….png


If I shir why does it sting


File: 1680740044571.png 532.52 KB, 663x811, Screenshot_20230406_010243_….png

File: 1679770363671.jpeg 679.58 KB, 756x813, German Child Soldiers.jpeg

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I might come back here once Dwarf is dead or has too many real life problems to be wasting any time on here obsessing over me. This sounds so mean typing this out but she clearly won't change except when absolutely forced to by circumstances (death or homelessness). Shouldn't be long before she gets robbed when she's homeless, I was robbed MANY times while homeless, and that's whilst being a giant of a man with martial arts skills. She's just a fat silly woman she'll be robbed constantly every week instead of it being a once every couple of months thing like with me. Her cellphone will probably be taken from her too which will help keep her off of here, though many people on the streets sell shitty cell phones for between $20 to $50 that are very old or stolen or both and if she learns to pick up cans or something she might get back on here... but that requires not being lazy and avoiding spending the money on food/alcohol/drugs and avoiding being robbed of your cash lol.

If it happens I come back though I want tor enabled, proxies enabled, forced anonymous (get rid of namefield), and a rule against creating identities on here. All discussion will be about ideas not persons.

If that can't be done, then at least make a separate board which has these rules, and you can have one board for your cancerous identity-based circlejerk and one where us anons can be free to post news and discuss ideas and do whatever we want free of the tripfag/namefag menace and identity-based drama.

4chon would be HUGE today if it did this earlier on but instead it intentionally chose the path of decay and self-destruction by nurturing the drama.
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Smiley doesn't drink but he does smoke crack.


Smiley would light that crucifix on fire, burn down the whole forest and act like he's at a KKK rally.


File: 1680622100041.png 2.43 MB, 1262x1633, Screenshot_20230404-102741.png

Would you 4chon?




File: 1680622890314.gif 2.64 MB, 328x384, ezgif-5-dabd830714.gif

File: 1680362172836.png 2.28 MB, 1440x2212, Screenshot_20230401-101531.png


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Smiley's the one who started calling her dwarf. She didn't give herself that deprecating-loathsome nick-name.


File: 1680543873535.png 905.38 KB, 1271x1795, Screenshot_20230403-124400.png


Its a fitting name for the midget hambeast we call dwarf. Compared to smiley's impressive stature and erect posture you must seem like a mouse.


Have you seen smiley's chin before the surgery?


You have terrible english.

File: 1679928804264.jpg 384.02 KB, 1280x1969, 3.jpg


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>smiley got pegged
What the fuck does that mean?


dwarf fucked him in the ass with a big black dildo


Intellectually curious about henterino again


Kind of lame compared to the first one posted.


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