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say what you want about sam hyde and his crew but this is some gold standard vfx, editing, sound design, 3d animation, pacing & direction, i wish i had their skill
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le shrinkdicked loser
le yesman kek


sam "gassed within first minute of fight" hyde


They're both gassed. Not that I'd be any different.


links dead

File: 1661560071790.jpg (252.22 KB, 1200x800, 42680f5ac26c155082b9b2e719….jpg)


Living alone is so addicting, I guess after wasting my 20's in a room at my parents I don't think I can ever go back willingly. I can't even imagine getting married or some shit either. What a loss of freedom!
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You know, the internet thingy in the wall.

Also, after being an hour late they gave me the wrong mattress yesterday (rolled it over when I got home and saw it was a smaller one) so I had to go back there this morning. I'm never ordering online to pick sh*t up again, shake my darn head!


do you want your knob gobbed, FoKy? my hot gay mouth is ready and willing

you'll be next, love, FoKy spunks rather quickly


A coaxial, you zoomer scum!


fuck off KIKE


im not foky, im avid, you retarded kike, dom is foky

i should have never shown you fucking mongs this website


The Victorian government is now advertising 170,000 a year for someone to watch drug addicts inject themselves with heroin and make sure they don't die
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File: 1661429045370.webp (54 KB, 865x1300, 28199156-businessman-with….webp)

>"the patient appears to be fucked off his nut, his levels i had printed out confirm this"


File: 1661429125694.jpg (520.44 KB, 1067x1668, Screenshot_20220825-130425….jpg)

>"whats that word you said?"


File: 1661429190052.jpg (259.33 KB, 1065x914, Screenshot_20220825-130539….jpg)

>"i'll throw him a squishy ball and leave, i will log all this"


File: 1661470882092.jpg (45.6 KB, 800x418, W-4Rvq4f.jpg)

>Young, underaged girls are having their uteruses cut out for “gender-affirming care”
>@ChildrensNatl admits in damning audio recording that they do “gender affirming” hysterectomies on minors including 16-year-olds and “younger kids”



Sounds tedious.

File: 1661313676326.jpg (156.25 KB, 709x595, pepe-wipes-sweat.jpg)


Whew I am totally done with frenschan finally. Absolute glowing shithole. I hope the feds leave me and my family alone for being a dumbass and posting there too much this past month
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No. I met one other chonner over there and I assume some of our userbase uses other small imageboards. I think frenschan is a genuine honeypot given all of the official artwork resembling other honeypots like atomwaffen

They're also humorless, autistic spergs. Some dude made an anime thread and the harmless, worksafe image was instantly deleted despite not breaking any rules


Whats the addy


a moldy bag full of fruits


File: 1661315165547.png (278.84 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20220823-215048….png)


>in gardening group on facebook
>someone posts about the Cuban tree frog, a supposed invasive species
>hundreds of boomers start talking about their favorite methods of killing frogs
>some smash them with bricks, others use hammers, some melt them with acid
>one old lady just puts boots on and stomps on them, causing them to explode
>I call them a bunch of sick, disgusting freaks and start a huge argument in the thread
>expecting ban
>mods just nuke the entire thread
>I can't believe I'm not banned after all of the other gardening groups I'm banned from
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i personally dont ride my bike on the road, i use the paths


File: 1661408194173.mp4 (981.36 KB, 640x352, video-1637788573.mp4)

bi-cycle fags on their chinese bi-cycles believe they are 'equal' against 15 ton bus or a truck or car traffic in general and it's worth to test that on the hurry to make money for mr. shekelstein

urbanite's life is worth one day's salary or a grocery run


File: 1661419012851.jpg (243.08 KB, 2027x1080, oie_7rQ4ZTUut0w1.jpg)

yeah, i prefer to joomp


Riding a bicycle is perfectly fine. "Cycling" on the other hand means wearing gay tights and blocking traffic by biking in the road

That's where people should bike logically. If a bicyclist hits a pedestrian the worst case scenario is a broken bone. If a car hits a bicyclist death is guaranteed

Yet our retard society makes people bike on the road


Do you think that was his head skidding down the pavement?

File: 1661397788163.jpg (82.15 KB, 568x505, f2dba2801e2d-1246891250.jpg)


Canuckistan's bolshevist NWO ‘climate ministry’ will have arms storage and detention rooms

>The facility for Trudeau’s new climate cops includes a massive firearms storage space and interrogation rooms



>The “enforcement officers” are essentially climate police, endowed with equivalent authority by the 2019 Impact Assessment Act, which purports to be legislation aiming to reduce the impact of energy, farming and other large projects on indigenous communities and the environment. They may enter any property without a warrant in order to verify compliance with the IAA, taking photos, accessing computers, phones and other devices, giving orders to anyone operating machinery, or even demanding the premises be vacated and future access prohibited.
>Canada is currently hiring these “enforcement officers” to enforce pollution regulations. They are given a secret security clearance and restricted weapons, which they carry – along with handcuffs – into whatever environmental conditions Ottawa calls for them to inspect.
>ECCC agents were spotted earlier this week on private farmland in Saskatchewan, where they claimed to be taking water samples in order to measure nitrate levels. Premier Scott Moe demanded to know what the agency planned to use the samples for and why it was being done without the permission and knowledge of the farmers.
>Many farmers fear the PM could follow in the footsteps of his counterpart in the Netherlands, whose planned restrictions on fertilizer usage threaten to put the majority of Dutch farmers off their land. In 2020, Trudeau announced plans to reduce fertilizer emissions by 30% over the next 10 years, which will not only reduce crop yields and make it impossible to continue growing food, but, fertilizer industry advocates say, won’t even lower carbon emissions.


And nobody will do anything to stop it.


There won't even be anything to eat.


yo foky are you still using windows 7?


File: 1662212067432.png (1.58 MB, 768x719, 1640677907393.png)

My dick use ur mum's ass pucci lol

File: 1661449364644.png (42.13 KB, 1133x455, tard ips.png)


how to activate tards?
what are some tard activation codes?
what will tards metastasize into?


File: 1661450324291.jpg (278.58 KB, 1510x800, Donald-Trump-Reptilian-sha….jpg)


Just make up some kosher schizo conspiracy nonsense and add some christcuckery to the mix.
>"Apple is a satanist company, and using apple products is an allusion to when Eve was coerced by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit. These devil worshipers operate in the open, and they think you're too stupid to notice!"
It's that easy.


Man these corporations are really keeping us down, huh.


Well at least that much is true.


I knew it.
I knew it.


have any of you had covid?
what was it like?
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t never had it
t been with people who have had it on 2 occasions, even shared a coke snooter with one, nothing

t. picks up cigs from the ground and smokes them


im either extremely lucky or the missing link


I had it, lost my taste and fucked me up for about a week solid. I didn't even have the energy to get up from my bed and would want to pass out just taking a poo. I was never that sick in my entire life.


Wife and I got covid august of last year

First night of real sickness felt back pain and a slight fever for like an hour
After that night I had a few days of mild cold symptoms. A few days later my taste and smell left for about 2 weeks. She felt the same thing, minus the back pain. We've both had way worse colds than memevid


based stronk genetics stock

File: 1661378282816.jpg (144.13 KB, 1024x989, 1661375897161957.jpg)


It's over for White boys



jk probably some kpop stans botting the voting system


File: 1661381861705.jpg (270.38 KB, 1080x1856, 1661379052128967.jpg)

Wh*toids are truly the most pathetic race


*grabs crotch and shuffles toward you*


soys of the coast


does that thing even have a penis?

File: 1661347335961.jpg (266.98 KB, 635x954, 16613183885310.jpg)



I ain't clicking that shit nigger. Too old


someone click... I'm scared but she's cute.


It's some totally harmless pictures of the same girl, not even naked


u have worse stuff saved in ur drive


not really. I'm not the craven sex maniac you seem to think.

File: 1660936167451.jpg (162.56 KB, 1200x800, https _pbs.twimg.com_media….jpg)


heh, u thought whiny rich people were annoying?

try whiny poor people (especially when they're your parents). these fucks outright enjoy perpetual state of misery and inconvenience.

>whyyy everything sooo expensive

>muuuh deteorating health (why yes i buy and eat mostly carbs and processed garbage)
>i caant work with computah we didn't have computahs
>my minimaal wage work fuukced up my health
>you got to get a higher education university degree any university degreee so you can do minimal wage teaching job like meee instead of earning money in webdev for those 4-5 yaers
>you accidentally damaged that appliance / wasted that food??? that's horrible like how will we survive nooow waah
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neighbor on the floor above has decided that the 2.5m low ceiling really could do with added fresh layer of plasterboard

there is always some obsessive renovation going on in a dump that is a glorified military barrack


or the rich


those on substandard referrals must be masked several stories even lower.




I like when you have them come over and they make a point of pointing out EVERY single speck of dust in some hidden corner like it's the end of the world and generally act like they've entered some kind of biohazard zone even though your place is reasonably clean and ordered all things being considered

They just nag and complain for the sake of it/to elevate themselves while pulling down others. And then they wonder why you don't talk much to them lol


does /lounge/ have a position on mickey?

do you agree that he is fine? does he blow your mind?
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you don't have a raw physique


I do. Women are extremely weak.


post a body shot with abs and bulge visible


eat shit and die you rottenchested cunt


bumping this for teh lulz

File: 1659653189040.jpg (31.43 KB, 600x449, e4pr7j9w1qf91.jpg)


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File: 1660014520519.jpg (74.6 KB, 548x730, 1658751362498233.jpg)


File: 1660021281450.gif (499.45 KB, 345x247, 1326071714797.gif)


File: 1660076760974.jpg (74.65 KB, 600x479, 1272084202241.jpg)


still wating on those willy pics


File: 1661255641081.jpg (92.5 KB, 1200x1200, 0_EHP_CHP_011119JEREMY-KYL….jpg)

File: 1659468319285.jpg (39.63 KB, 446x369, Suck my cock dude.jpg)


Remove the ability to delete posts.
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What the heck is your problem, buddy?




it's just another family sales trick!


Suck it, dawg.


you can no longer delete your post after a time limit


The irony is that these people will a) try to tell you they're enlightened and that b) they're not a cult.
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Extremely bad opinion



I like this kind of content, post more pls. Political discussions etc

This guys stuff is sometimes interesting



as do you, spergNEL


fucking try it

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