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i need /new/ back in my life
/lounge/ is just a stupid gay circlejerk
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Yep! The 4chon death cult wins again!


Kill yourself


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No U!


Kill yourself


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Should we remake /new/? I've enjoyed the one board chon experience but it feels like we've grown a bit and could perhaps handle a multi-board community again. I want to know how you feel-and what potential challenges we may face if we were to do that. Is /new/ too rowdy for the modern chon and the new legal environment governing the internet at large? Comment below!
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What if i told you that people have free will and can choose whether or not they would like to eat breakfast


Much amaze, neo!


File: 1676490354677.png (1.02 MB, 1440x1259, Screenshot_20230215-134501.png)


File: 1676492112595.png (1.19 MB, 1440x1000, Screenshot_20230215-141436.png)

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4chan jannies suck, I get banned from /pol/ whenever I make a thread

i remember when it was total freedom of speech

i wish at least the golden years of 8chan/pol/ was back

or og 4chon glory days back
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Fat old jew tits


gay hands typed this post





Get bent JIDF

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When did you last visit a beach?
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Your kink is the exchange of women as property... Are you shit posting from a Romanian jail cell, Top G?


>[ - ]


Women being essentially property (dowries, arranged marriages, no frivorces / no-fault divorces) is how virtually all civilizations have functioned and maintained stability since recorded human history. Imagine just a few hundred years ago Ireland for example, which we all know now is populated by libtard cucks who have a low birth rate and no national pride, had a legal system known as Brehon Law which was on par with today's Sharia Law.

Are you really going to say that all your ancestors were wrong, but today's enlightened liberal democrats have got it all right on how society should function?


wtf i'm islamic now


File: 1676062555597.png (1.17 MB, 1392x1076, Glowd0x.png)


You will never be a woman Agent tr00n
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File: 1674593319956-1.jpg (261.05 KB, 900x900, pepe angery.jpg)


"Everything in moderation"

Explain to me WHY something bad is good if have a little bit of it. There are NO BENEFITS to giving your children chocolate. Another example of absurd things people will do because the group does it.
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I re-read it & it sounds like ad copy for a GMC pickup truck commercial


Your reasoning is causing extra pain in my heart. I have remind myself how and why people like you exist.

I guess you are right in that you have no idea about disease or health unless you've read about it like I have. Maybe it's too much to expect the average person to into critical thinking they just need to be hammered with propaganda


This thread has given me some desire for dark chocolate but I will resist. Been going 1 1/2 yrs strong no caffeine no CHOCOLATE but lots of DXM


You're a sussy baka.


Just found out Vince McMahon was reluctant to hire Gail Kim bc he wasn't sure he could market a Japanese woman to an American audience, so JR had to tell him Asian porn is huge, & Vince couldn't believe Asian porn existed

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does lounge liek Thor!?
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Thor can't hold a candle to the star of this dreft commercial.




you probably fap to thor, you degenerate


nonces get bashed




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Is there a 4chon or KC group or something? Nobody wants to talk to me aaahh
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fuck off circlefag


Post your dick



post an invite link



File: 1674086487462-0.png (897.04 KB, 961x516, Screenshot_3.png)

File: 1674086487462-1.png (666.06 KB, 750x491, Screenshot_1.png)


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They are both very cute to me



As if you wouldn't get so hard if you had a girl like that
>>42487 turn and whip her hair around and smile and laugh with you like that. Idk how he didn't touch her on the shoulder/arm right after that to escalate.



File: 1675978020558.jpg (426.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-02-10-08-2….jpg)


Post far left punk songs that would now be considered deeply conservative.
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[Verse 1 - Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus]
My mom, she's not a woman anymore
She dresses like
Dresses like
Dresses like a man
Dresses like a man
Oh how she's not as feminine as she
Used to be before
Oh how she's so damn masculine

[Chorus - Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, both]
I close my eyes
I close my eyes
My mom's not a woman anymore
She's wearing a disguise
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No time infinity


literally obsessed

File: 1675992592241.jpg (19.36 KB, 399x399, 3VJHUGJd_400x400.jpg)


opinions on kids that are into older adults?
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>hay guize why don't we compose an awesome melody and bass for this j-rock piece and then completely ruin it with a blaring reverb meme in the background so we stay a permanently obscure niche band >:3


>let's make a beautiful painting and then plaster crudely-drawn dick n balls all over it >:3


my opinion is that redx is a nigger XD


He deserves to have his entire body dipped in a vat of cooking oil


moar liek fedx

File: 1675832422405.jpg (65.32 KB, 960x952, FB_IMG_1675832201148.jpg)


Women will sneer at and actively claim to avoid dating traditional and conservative men and then get mad at the downstream effects in culture of doing this, like Leo being creepy and not settling down and having children with someone his own age.
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We kno ur dum. U dun need 2 tell us.


lmao I clicked it. Jej


Silly vol, 8ch died years ago.


I will date a 16yo girl at 32, watch me. I will make mad all


Give up trying to astroturf 4chon with your shit, post 2012 kohl memes, you faggot tourist.

File: 1648657045412.jpg (186.21 KB, 1286x1241, 1648576456630.jpg)


we're all friends here
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I don't understand why an Android is a "red flag"

What am I supposed to do? Be a good goy?

They fucked up the iPhone which should've been impossible but Tim Cook managed to do it almost as soon as Steve Jobs died. No way I'd pay $1000 or whatever when for $25-50 I can get a phone that does the same shit I'm Jewish btw


File: 1675987517320.jpg (52.44 KB, 724x544, FoYoCBuXEBIxRQN.jpg)

it's an arbitrary status thing conceived and promoted by women. andrew anglin points out that western soyciety is entirely controlled by women who are the standing army (whether unwittingly or not) of the jew


>Western men grow up in a situation where their survival is dependent on woman approval. Their brains are then wired to seek woman approval. They live their entire lives defending and promoting women. It's a very basic kind of abuse-control relationship.
>It should be understood in context: we have a society that is based around pandering to female sexuality.
>It is not natural for little boys to be forced to please women in order to avoid emotional or physical abuse.
>It's all about status. It's just that women associate ultra violence with status, because women's sex drives are primitive.

just look at dwarf's board where women feel safe to admit what their actual fetishes are, most of which are so revolting they could only be thunk up in the minds of ted bundy and chris-chan, it goes far beyond just normal basic stuff like height, status, wealth, etc.
and yet we allow these freaks to run society, plummet the birth rates, steal half our crap with frivorces, make us waste money on worthless ZOG surveillance status symbols like iphones, etc.


>What am I supposed to do? Be a good goy?


File: 1675988686401.png (786.24 KB, 1440x960, Screenshot_20230209-182417.png)

>dwarf's board
Give me a break lol.



File: 1675114894482.jpg (37.99 KB, 602x521, f5b139b30a2fe043f836dc070e….jpg)


>today i'm going to accomplish things
>oh wait
>crippling depression again
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How did this loser get famous in the first place?


he refused to use some tranny's pronouns a few years back


I remember something I found odd from when he 1st caught on. On his website his lectures were archived & curated as if he were already a great thinker

Why is this odd? I studied philosophy & esp 20thC Continental. In France from the 1930s thru 1990s there was a whole culture surrounding the great thinkers & their spoken words.

Kojeve, Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze, Derrida.... Ppl attended lectures, recorded them, transcribed them. There are even major lawsuits over unauthorized or pirated lectures.

Nowadays you can find recordings of the old masters & institutions like the European Graduate School post every lecture on YouTube

This is all very European & I'd never seen anything similar catch on in America. We don't have public philosophers & we consider ANYTHING remotely intellectual to be useless. But JBP presents himself like he's already a great intellectual, he's his own historian which is very postmodern of him


Stunning and brave. What a hero.



File: 1675580785138.gif (1.55 MB, 380x672, 1675578228148355.gif)


All active chuds and femcel sleepers we are requesting immediate nigger death in vc right now
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hi avid


>norman: hey a young girl i want to hug her if she was my daughter i would cherish her
>animeooor: hey a young girl i want to WEAR HER SKIN she is so FEMININE literary meI ME LOOK LIKE THIS my rgbt led-lit room is ikea aliexpress TOYS FOR ME and retrooncomputers i too have cats just like her

i went to /g/ dey ruined them lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to fo me


Avid is DEAD you dolt


File: 1675691473307.jpg (24.69 KB, 320x375, e6bcae2fa7022edc7b18138680….jpg)

not avid


what? nooooooooooooo!

did you kill him?

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