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File: 1685272700576.png Spoiler Image, 5.96 KB, 169x168, IMG_4141.png


Palestinians killed Jesus
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From what I gather Jesus was basically a stoic. He didn't get into arguments or tell people what to do. He was able to get followers through living by example. When people asked him questions he'd use his high verbal IQ to dazzle the goyim with a metaphor and they could take it or leave it.


Jesus was a hard-core gamer/weedsmoking shitposter, he used to trip fag on /z/ back on stonechat, way back when we used to use roosters to clean our back


Sounds legit.


File: 1686511418494.jpg 58.28 KB, 568x384, 1686508307432682.jpg


steel beams made the frogs gay

File: 1645967624079.jpg 123.52 KB, 880x880, ..jpg

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In this thread we will talk about anything related to sleep, dreams, nighttime, etc
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File: 1706533476546.jpg 54.37 KB, 1170x663, F64sBZWXEAApadn.jpg

>do this ritual to banish him

they were but wee ones. tiny balls of fur and hope




pipedream andy, europa is never going to be a thing that exists outside of your fragile little head


Had a wet dream last night, went like this
>is it in? my ass is so loose
>I just made it past the crust hair barrier and I’m entering the crust hole, feels like I’m poking a breaded chicken cutlet with my dick
>break that fucking crust hymen
>im through, its in, crunchy on the outside soft on the inside
>oh your dick in my ass is making me need to shit
>shit on my dick…
>im shitting *BRAAAAAAAAAALPH*
>fuck shit right into my urethra…
>I did blast the shit-dick spaghetti down my throat!
>im shit-cumming! *long strand of shit from his dick laces his lips*
>the brown stache… i needed this
>im gonna shit, I’m shitting out my ass and dick at the same time

File: 1667089493196.webm 740.94 KB, 480x480, 0073b7cde41909abd57572f2b4….webm


how do you think you'll die /b/ros?
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Is that dog Travis Barkers


I'll die the same as everyone in 2028 when the comet apophis hits earth just off the Swedish coast




File: 1710728094638-0.jpeg 28.44 KB, 720x720, IMG_1162.jpeg


is this just 4chan with slighty more features and less boards
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put a bag over that head and enjoy the juicy funbags


File: 1710908451000.mp4 94.1 KB, 854x480, thatsapenis.mp4


est shit goblin


We say nigger.


kill yourself you ugly fucking monster

File: 1702627221763.png 1.05 MB, 1716x836, 1702624484.png


what is that synthetic "retro" web larp them keeeds be dooeeng today
(akchually millenial weeb bisexuals trying to approach 11 year olds through all-encompassing roleplay gamification, to live out their chinese cartoon fantasies, hopefully, going to prison sooner than later)

like look at that shit, no one talked like that, this is some weird cargocult of what never was, or maybe they did and i don't remember, i recall some blingee autogenerated vomit in places

in early to mid 2000s i would be messing with a nokia or sony erricson camera phone with video recording and playback (w/ other kids trying to do 'cool' tricks with bikes and recording them, importing to pc and converting to avi or something like that), mp3s, a wap web browser and also j2me opera mini or opera mobile showing full web pages, even doing mum's online banking that way, on pc playing doom iii or half life 2 or cs:s or samp, running virtual machines, replacing crt boxes with larger lcd monitors, learning graphic design on pirated adobes and making them userbars or trying to make windows xp themes to somewhat resemble windows vista/royale themes, having replaced stacks of dvd rw+s (mostly pirated mp3s and family photos) with usb flash drives and external hdd (usb or firewire), using rss to read news and blogs, watching shit on early youtube, forum software had rounded corners and looked somewhat modern with glossy finish and tech-y and sans serif fonts so basically like nowadays, using skype every day for chats, audio and video calls, between playing online multiplayer games, working from home on print and web design odd jobs etc. for increasing network of people, looking at 3d accelerated compiz ubango linux v6ish spinnan cubes gnome 2 or kde tango icons stretchy windows with glossy orange borders and brown birb wallpaper desktop too

it all was there and is still there in some form

almost nothing but some random jank ms windows utilities would resemble windows 3.11 crusty w/ 16 color icons + dancing 3d baby gif vomit geocities shrines, although i wasn't on myspace where dem millenial keeeds and boomers probably littered their profiles with that sort of stuff

anyway it's weird when these things that are still in the present, avaiable in their original form, one search query away (older software, modern source ports, forums, torrents on rutracker etc), but they still insist on some kind of alt-reality larp
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some forums and chatrooms i member participating in were about installing videogame mods and making drifting videos in san andreas mp with nigger weed rap playing in the background and "how to ugprde pentium 3 ? ?? ubutu 5.0 preformance ! ! !" not grown up adults coming in there and doing this shit >>70013


>based streaming chads
Was this post made by an autistic zoomer tourist?


>Textboards still exist
Can you give us links for some of them that are still alive and not hijacked by autistic spammers?


>And their "dead internet theory" was stolen from wizardchan
WRONG! It was stolen by 4chan's /x/.


File: 1708052569863.mp4 2.05 MB, 720x1280, Snapinsta.app_video_4280465….mp4


normoids be like
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looks like alanis morisette




isn't it ironic



File: 1711527148621.png 1.63 MB, 1122x747, HfXSX7aCmn7s.png

New retarded whore twitch meta just dropped


would poop be allowed in a /lounge/ nationalist society?
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Would horse auctions be allowed?



this shit belongs in the /v/ thread


yes but any horse poop must be sold to iraq war veterans at a discount

we say poop in this thread, bucko!

File: 1711178229239.png 184.22 KB, 513x430, uno6vc.png


easy money, the streisand effect is going to blow this one up many times bigger
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I think you need to look in the mirror, Tyrone, and see reality.


File: 1711314854128.png 9.7 KB, 300x168, tyrone jackson.png


if you use a 4chan clone you're an even bigger faggot


It's true! I use a 4chan clone and look at me.


File: 1711486143790.jpg Spoiler Image, 57.23 KB, 430x318, Screenshot_20240318_021911_….jpg

fake avid

File: 1667030833472.jpg 569.45 KB, 2000x1334, sarah-silverman-1.jpg


since 4chon is an ironic gay site and HDV is simping for dogisaga lets have a sexy jewess thread
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STAnd betWEEN me and the JEWBS an I mite juss RAEP ((YUO)) intsead!!


dat'll beh $8 hehe



File: 1711435784987.jpg 478.82 KB, 1024x1536, 1711244149813838.jpg


Sounds like you need an oily massage from a guy with a strong grip babe.

Not me then unfortunately!


fake avid

File: 1709366304366.jpeg 47.92 KB, 720x567, jesus was a jew.jpeg


whats NEL mean?
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whether she's a woman or a tronn doesn't really matter to me, that's a kike and I hate kikes


File: 1709680029671.jpg 39.96 KB, 453x604, 1709676754099321.jpg


File: 1711439518368.webp 57.93 KB, 1078x566, Screenshot_20240326_074919….webp

File: 1704647279390.jpg 336.61 KB, 1024x1700, 5c38de5909a7dea0b8ef9bed105….jpg

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Last one hit bump limit and this board is even more dead without a blog thread. Bought a bunch of ESP32s with a built in OLED screen for around 4 dollars a piece. You can even find 8266s for under a dollar sometimes. I'm pretty sure they would all cost cents if I were to order these by the hundred. Meanwhile on Amazon everything is like 3X-10X the price.
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Any Samsungcels itt? I'm tossing up between the Galaxy (tm) s23+, s23 ultra and the s24 versions. Favoring s23 ultra right now. I don't really feel like paying $1500 for a new phone but w/e and I'll have it for 3 years minimum so that's 500 a year for a piece of essential tech. I think the camera upgrade from the redmi note 5 will come in handy fwiw




ordered a compatible remote yesterday 👍


File: 1711289828204.png 212.79 KB, 716x641, 60EA79F0-440A-4C03-A3D8-2F4….png

my friends just graduated university or are finding lucrative corporate jobs and have at least a relationship and a hobby going on and a decent car and probably at least 5 figures in the bank and an everyday liveliness to them that doesn't make them feel weird to talk to contrary and I'm sitting here in a moldy Home Depot carpet studio apartment jacking off to scat porn without any skills or experiences making pennies bagging groceries. i dont know why i just said fuck it and never took life seriously but i guess the only thing i learned was that im a loser. why did i spend 15 years here


Hmm I got a 4 month old s23 ultra, 512tb for $1120 but now I'm seeing a listing for s24 ultras, 256gb for $1200, brand new, though they dont have black. That's annoying, I don't think that listing showed up earlier today and it doesn't show when I change the search sort order. So eBay is hiding things depending upon how you use the search function - i.e. it's broken. That being said I don't think there's really that much difference between the s23 and s24. If I really want to bother I could resell but I cbb probs

File: 1691289936532.png 13.96 KB, 300x100, 1572499801663.png


how come this banner isn't in the rotation?
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41% yourself, gaysatsu



steesatsu says he was 19 at the time


yea 19cm flaccid

goddamn he better let avid suck that thing before he cuts it off


kill yourself

File: 1710093660157.jpg 180.93 KB, 875x984, oie_agL3lDc0Xotq.jpg



Nice promotion of censorship btw
free speech btw

fucking faggot, probably a kike too with how permabutthurt and weak they are

>words on screen

>I is kill

HDV you're a loser, fight me IRL, I'll break your fucking skull you jumped up little moron
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>spam is freeze peach!!1
kill yourself lmao


File: 1710103976868.jpg 10.6 KB, 252x311, Durst.jpg

shut the fuck up FAGGOT
you first kike


HDV would flatten your AIDS-riddled ass


you have aids too nigger


you caught AIDS from licking nigger erections


Would Damaged Femcels Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?
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File: 1710950330728.webp 95.26 KB, 1440x1741, Screenshot_20240320-105819.webp


>women/girls screaming when they see her ass

dyke as fuck, they can't possibly be straight cheering for that, by definition that's exactly what a lesbian would do, yet they probably tell themselves they are straight, what psychological reasoning for this is there


Well, he is Turkish after all heh


File: 1711047344475.mp4 1.62 MB, 640x360, Taylor Swift - Vigilante Sh….mp4

Here's the song that was being played.


File: 1711047700741.jpeg 98.68 KB, 736x491, 8d16522bcd24c3215d6cd78c01….jpeg

She has gay fans. The GAYlors.

File: 1710722281257.jpg 97.37 KB, 524x397, Screenshot_20240318_003735_….jpg


remember this bitch lol
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File: 1710902767703.webp 135.4 KB, 1404x2094, Screenshot_20240319-214435.webp


Keep all settings default except for these three:
Preset: veryfast
Audio Codec: aac_he_2
Audio Bitrate: 64

Ideally try to make sure resulting filesize isn't more than 20% larger than original WebM, or exceeds 16MB.
Increase Constant Quality (CRF) value to reduce filesize if needed.


File: 1710904118937.jpg 200.57 KB, 968x1222, 1510014440561.jpg


File: 1710905886725.webp Spoiler Image, 56.53 KB, 1440x761, Screenshot_20240319-223604.webp


File: 1710905897260.webp Spoiler Image, 58.67 KB, 1384x1089, Screenshot_20240319-223633.webp

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