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73015 get
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you wish dogi had a big fat cock for you to suck and ride


check em


No thats actually what you wish for, as you are the one that always brings it up


check em


we all wish dogi had a massive cock for you to suck and ride


Roman spitting pure facts about christcucks. Still very true 1800 years later.
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I'm not smiley
can give LORE and backstory if needed otherwise L O L ur brown


That's right. You're not smiley. You're JS.


I never said Jesus wasn't real. The gospels are a huge cope however.
>Jesus knew what would happen all along. He's just playing 4D chess and is actually the son of god and came back to life. Trust the plan!


File: 1706321708963.webp 49.78 KB, 1440x927, Screenshot_20240126-201433.webp

>Came back to life
He is an alien and got beamed back up into a UFO. H'what don't you understand?


File: 1706321989597.webp 324.96 KB, 1440x1431, Screenshot_20240126-201922.webp

File: 1705981628393.png 201.51 KB, 957x891, apu_drinking.png


>my refund is only going to be $2800

sigh...i should start prepping the amazon cart....it will be a light haul this year...
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u wagie?


I am about to be.


that was my entire income last year rofl


My condolences


Why don't you cry more about it, betacuck.


My lawyers have advised me not to share my opinions on America and Americanism after watching this video.
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We have a service economy, time-based wage is what makes most sense for most jobs. And in my current job even if I'm WFH I still have to get frequent input from coworkers, I can't "work faster" when I have to wait for the team and we can't be working (or at least available) at random hours.


This probably wasn't as much of a problem when you were something like a tradesman or selling your own produce, not working a "service sector" job. Of course people would still rush or half-ass things.
>i'll take my time based wage and do the work at a sane pace
That's the thing. Most people don't have the luxury of a "sane pace". Employers generally expect you to break your back for them. They want to squeeze as much as they can get from you for as little money as they can get away with. They get more time and more work out of their employees with this arrangement.


>Employers generally expect you to break your back for them. They want to squeeze as much as they can get from you for as little money as they can get away with.

Generally true. Employers have this attitude that a wagecuck is "stealing" their time unless he's actively engaged in work continuously.

>They get more time and more work out of their employees with this arrangement.

This is not true. Employees work a lot harder if you treat them well and end up doing a lot more real work. Most of the time when managers try to squeeze wagecucks they just end up doing pointless busywork to "look busy". There's only a certain amount of work a human being can do in a day before he mentally just checks out and his productivity tanks.

Employers generally know this. It's been well discussed in the business community a long time. But they'll still torture and squeeze their wagecattle even if it makes them less productive because being an employer isn't about making money. It's about power, and a boomer lording it over a bunch of slaves. That's also why workplaces tend to be filled with people who don't seem to really do anything at all useful, like secretaries and HR people. They're just there as toadies for the boss to make him feel more powerful.


>That's also why workplaces tend to be filled with people who don't seem to really do anything at all useful, like secretaries and HR people. They're just there as toadies for the boss to make him feel more powerful.
The American corporation works very similar to the mafia, to the point where it imports itself to other countries, like the Cosa Nostra.

Your CEO is the mob boss, and his directors are capos, and you kick up to him, and he kicks up to them. Your HR people are the made men, they're thugs, they're enforcers. You're an associate. Some associates will become made men (aka, will go the corporate route where they will enter the HR/director/stakeholder sector), but it's very rare. None of these people actually do any of the 'street level crime' of production, etc, or at least don't do most of them; that's you. The closest HR people do is their protection rackets; HR is literally a protection racket - 'you better hire us, you wouldn't want anything bad to happen, like someone accusing the company of being racist and getting sued, right?'

You're the associate whose job is to keep the whole ponzi scheme afloat, because corporatism puts growth over profit and inflates itself, like the mafia, which is just a crime ponzi scheme. This is why the Yakuza in Japan run like literal shadow corporations with (what used to be) thousands of members.

The issue is, these people will inflate and tank entire economies and use you, their associates, their low level street thugs, to do it and toy with your livelihoods over theirs.


Good metaphor.

File: 1692370994017.png 759.63 KB, 680x680, unknown-42.png


Why don't we have pony flags yet?
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File: 1692911770380.webp 59.36 KB, 1440x943, 1687225753900.webp

No u!


File: 1692914458347.webp 69.27 KB, 1023x995, Screenshot_20230824_225856….webp

shut up ponyfaggot


File: 1692924311939.mp4 6.34 MB, 720x1280, 1692885750579.mp4


File: 1706027549226.jpeg 278.03 KB, 1024x1024, _162eee3d-20a7-42ac-96cd-5….jpeg

List of flags we need
>Character - Anime - Konosuba - Aqua
>Character - Anime - Konosuba - Darkness
>Character - Anime - Konosuba - Megumin
>Character - Anime - Moomins - Stinky
>Character - Anime - Tenchi Muyo! - Mihoshi Kuramitsu
>Character - Anime - Tenchi Muyo! - Sasami Jurai
>Character - VG - Warcraft - Sally Whitemane


File: 1706122426421.jpg 374.93 KB, 583x1300, be0a07c8af583a48281a3cfab54….jpg

I need more coom anime thot flags

File: 1705427171896.jpg 69.01 KB, 680x661, 1705241748519850.jpg


Delete /new/
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gonna vote biden because he likes jews slightly less


I don't even want to know who the president is for as long as possible. I would like to be free from the system's mind virus.


You are gonna hear about it the day of. Anyway, it's going to be some fucking zionist puppet either way. Just don't worry about the outcome. Just don't care that we have no voice and the machine will continue chugging on with or without us. :)


File: 1706027092634.jpg 104.41 KB, 692x1024, 1705793292775212.jpg

Your vote is irrelevant. Trump will be the next president so conservatives hylics will enlist to die for Isreel


I have no concern for the outcome, but I will quickly grow tired of electoral politics enthusiasts frothing at the mouth over something they have effectively no control over. The ultimate slap in the face to modernity is to be ignorant of the system's narrative altogether. Your opinions on something don't matter as long as you think about what they want you to think about. I've come to believe organic culture cannot be created so long as we are a slave to their mind virus, because everything "important" gets dictated from the top down. Mass media supplants the thoughts a person should be having through observing their local environment. They are no longer free to ask their own questions or come to their own conclusions.

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File: 1695755766840-1.webp 3.83 KB, 224x240, header.webp

File: 1695755766840-2.webp 3.83 KB, 224x240, header.webp

File: 1695755766840-3.webp 3.83 KB, 224x240, header.webp


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us dotmes are secure in our masculinity,unlike those endchan queers

das rite! head on over to endchan and do some totally macho rapin'


File: 1705954592072.webp 168.01 KB, 1440x2959, Screenshot_20240122-103857.webp


File: 1705954634306.webp 129.8 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20240122-103953.webp


This is peak entertainment as far as zoomers are concerned.


endchan user life sim

File: 1705124272770.png 13.41 KB, 556x774, 03011E6D-8E10-41CF-8813-33E….png


I can’t relate with humans.
Males pretend to be sex obsessed but can barely fuck once a day.
Females pretend they find “nonsexual-romance” more attractive than sex

These are the biggest bullshit things about humans but im not gonna bother complaining about every single thing i don’t subscribe to
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if true then that is one hell of a woman. Hats off. Cheers.


File: 1705860951029.mp4 1.34 MB, 434x500, ezgif-4-2df760e3d7.mp4

>If true
Yeah, it's SUS af.


proof or gtfo


Realistically, when do you ever see other races be absolutely fecund like this in a non-dysgenic fashion? Whites seem to be the only ones with conservative trad-caths, amish and other upper class and wealthy types that consistently have 6+ kids each.

I honestly think we might've been psy-opped into thinking the white birthrate is lower than it actually is.


File: 1705903134479.png 956.52 KB, 828x552, Trump's granddaughter celeb….png


Check out this mumma

File: 1695436217864.png 266.55 KB, 1302x1685, draw1.png

 No.66696[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Let's learn how to draw, m'fellas.

Drawing is a meditative, cathartic activity in which we attempt to interpret the world around us, or create a world our very own with every line and every page.

Give it a try, it's never too late to learn something new!


Drawing Software:

Drawing Tablet:
Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or any regional facsimile

Look for
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File: 1705531040261.jpg 2.21 MB, 2749x4023, 20240117_170746.jpg

The file size limit is killing me.


File: 1705531618891-0.jpg 1.02 MB, 2525x1677, 20240117_171349.jpg

File: 1705531618891-1.jpg 1.87 MB, 2773x3673, 20240117_171309.jpg

Last ones for now.


Based towerchad

Pretty good control of the nuances of the media, drawing skills need work but obviously teachable.



Grotesque heh. Stick to furries.


I would like to get my eyes fixed before I start drawing again. I suspect I have an untreated astigmatism. I can't even drive at night anymore.

File: 1705336121949.webp 34.7 KB, 1440x776, Screenshot_20240115-102725.webp


Omg what the fuck
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File: 1705543787337.webp 50.44 KB, 1440x450, Screenshot_20240117-164553.webp

They don't like me very much. I've noticed.


File: 1705585928781.webp 14.07 KB, 975x1022, Screenshot_20240117-212358.webp


Nigger are you serious?


File: 1705586228859.webp 31.93 KB, 1440x1190, Screenshot_20240118-075648.webp


File: 1705586423640.webp 115.81 KB, 1439x1601, Screenshot_20240118-075952.webp


File: 1705586502022.webp 138.68 KB, 1440x1365, Screenshot_20240117-163956.webp

I'm already back on there and there's also nothing that seething power tripping mod can do about it.


is smoking still cool?
do any of you guys smoke?
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I'd rather contain some big fat cocks


this kid makes it look cool.


You see, White people instinctually feel pity for self-loathing retards. If OP wants to die so badly, he needs to be more hateful or hang out with niggers.


File: 1705369015632.jpg 4.63 KB, 102x102, 1700455252414681.jpg

im so shy ><


File: 1705508571885.webm 1.59 MB, 1280x720, 1702685862644599.webm

Hey 4chon. It's me the official vag00 and I made this video for you all to enjoy.

File: 1704954159077.jpg 57.89 KB, 720x528, 1669758267379902.jpg


the jew thing is just a sock puppet to misdirect from the real conspiracy which involves extra terrestrial/interdimensional aliens/beings
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humans can be deserving of death or exile



Then it s the semites, still. For being a dumbfuck mostly.


Jews are absolutely the enemy and that doesn't stop other things from being possible beyond them. In one sense the tru enemy is just duality itself, if it weren't the jews some other opposition would have to crop up to ensure eternal strife and thus improvement. Also when I say jews I would put almost all white ppl in that category as well, it is a real mark of distinction for one to remain pure and spiritually clean and I'm not there myself. I think groups undermining whites like that helps remove the weaker links that fall for their shit although that doesn't absolve them from evildoing. Tbh the Js that are actually in control are the products of harsh eugenics in some directions by Eastern gothic ppls and are admirable in that sense.


Hands off my LOOSH jews


File: 1705412123852.jpg 95.33 KB, 600x600, 1704475213095393.jpg

>Also when I say jews I would put almost all white ppl
Israeli's are not white European. White Euro's and Israeli's are two different breeds. Knock it off shlomo.

File: 1704532572537.jpg 21.82 KB, 320x320, peness.jpg


kill all nigggots

patrician supremacy now
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Chinese can basically be defined by their cheapness. Everything is cheap and shitty there


If it s not under the sea then it is fine


The third one looks like charlie kaufman movie


File: 1705205602958.jpeg 27.19 KB, 468x655, images (33).jpeg

>the second one
>in general
>also the fourth


I really hate that second video.

File: 1663993245407.jpg 9.37 KB, 235x230, 1578155637277.jpg


I can't stop farting bros
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r u ok m8


Surprised anyone still reads that site. If Sperglin had an online presence outside of his website he'd probably have a lot more people trolling him right now. Sucks that he closed comments and made registration nearly impossible for this very reason.



File: 1705179267235.webm 227.43 KB, 480x480, 1705160089991243.webm


no, he died

File: 1703649148699-0.jpg 251.24 KB, 1000x561, 2617139_wide-dbde4e13569f03….jpg

File: 1703649148699-1.webp 40.11 KB, 1136x852, 5bf80b5d48eb121c48560dd2.webp

File: 1703649148699-2.jpg 142.77 KB, 1080x610, 9b82cae69a012c6eb519a6b9838….jpg


The bugs meme is a clever psyop because it demoralizes Westerners by claiming we'll be eating bugs, which is really an Asian practice mostly, which we see as gross, and is probably not going to take off, whilst the food we're already eating is probably much worse - grains, sugars, other carbs, artificial sugars and most of the plant oils are quite bad.
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You VILL eat ze (sea) bugs and you VILL like it.


Nigger, No.


From watching Western food tourism vlogging, terrestrial arthropods seem to taste completely different from shellfish, even when you're just eating soft stuff like larvae. I wouldn't mind trying snail, though.


I wouldn't trust the tastes of a white person. They think everything tastes like chicken.


goyfeed should be renamed to soyslop

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