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Will president Trump's possible, impeding arrest be a 'crossing the rubicon' moment for the States and result in a civil war?
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H'whats the problem? Did they run out of fried chicken, watermelon and grape soda-pop?!


To be fair, he did win the second election.


Most Trump supporters think protest call is a January 6 ‘trap’ – online poll


Taking to the streets to protest the predicted arrest of former US president Donald Trump would be walking into a trap similar to the January 6, 2021 ‘Stop the Steal’ debacle, according to a whopping 85% of respondents to a poll posted by conservative commentator Paul Joseph Watson to Truth Social on Sunday.

“Is the potential protest against Trump being arrested a J6-style trap?” the poll asked 1,580 Truth Social account holders. Describing the results as “interesting,” Watson implied that respondents not using the former president’s own social media platform would be even less likely to trust Trump’s calls to “take our nation back.”

Mike Cernovich, another ostensibly pro-Trump conservative commentator, advised the ex-president’s fans to stay home on Tuesday “unless y’all really want to become stars in a sequel to January 6th.”

“The last time Trump’s biggest fans protested on his behalf, he left them all to rot in jail without so much as a penny from him in legal fees,” conservative author Jesse Kelly reminded Trump fans. “Do NOT go into a blue area and protest for this man.”


File: 1679362731853.mp4 (9.4 MB, 1280x720, Jewmp supporters rotting i….mp4)

is he rite?




File: 1679365920060.jpg (104.27 KB, 1200x810, zion-jewsantis.jpg)

JewSantis takes shot at Zion Don for Stormy Daniels' payoff after saying he won't block extradition


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis served notice on Monday morning that he won't use his powers to block the extradition of Donald Trump to New York if the former president balks at turning himself in following an expected indictment.

According to Zac Anderson of the Herald Tribune, DeSantis won't intercede, telling reporters, "We’re not going to be involved in it in anyway” after criticizing the Manhattan D.A.

"I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence over an alleged affair. I can’t speak to that.”

File: 1678929787650.png (97.55 KB, 939x444, human-bioluminicence.png)


2023 I caught the Rona

I am sure of it

I don't know how

But I've gotten all my inoculations

I have not been tested for the Rona

but the person I live with has been hospitalized with the Rona at the beginning of the pandemic...

They also have had all their inoculations.

According to them this feel like corona-LIGHT
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Stop posting jailbait you mong


op dead


File: 1679334844892.mp4 (8.09 MB, 1280x720, Michael Jackson - Thriller….mp4)

It's me, the op.

I am still alive.


Good shit nigga


File: 1679342553419.gif (1.96 MB, 314x418, ezgif-2-9593357b53.gif)

Y-you too!

File: 1677185889278.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20230223_205741….png)


is this real
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Shut up you ugly cunt


never shut up (you) beautiful human


thx I will continue telling everyone how gay avid is


Not nice


File: 1678663703477.png (163.19 KB, 787x561, A0BF9801-4714-4F4B-A59E-95….png)


Wtf this place is still around? With people I remember? That’s crazy. Love you guys. 4chon changed my life, I had so many friends from here, met the love of my life, had my heart broken. Literally the formation of my life. I stalk some of you still on Facebook. Enjoy your lives.
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>no violent uprising option


I swear theres been a 'this place still exists' thread every couple months for a few months now


Being on 4chon is meeting up with friends tho.


its odd, isnt it


Same person probably has some mental probs

File: 1677094964815.png (353.75 KB, 585x887, 1676928495774397.png)


This site is fucking shit
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File: 1679261617109.png (600.67 KB, 1440x2242, 1679250466636.png)



stop doxxxing meeeeee


i fard and shit on dwarfs faec


you can only do this if you have a BBC


Epic, me too, her face is caked in shit now

File: 1679024905829.webm (3.88 MB, 176x144, korn-did-my-time-official….webm)


Official dwarf here.

Ask away.
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File: 1679135698645.jpg (93.1 KB, 780x1040, d52a7f444d2c19b2ef39f05008….jpg)

hehe 😉😉😍 thats is a great 😍😍may smell to me have?? On nose please for me to comes cock


Tits or GTFO



File: 1679164412158.png (600.67 KB, 1440x2242, Screenshot_20230318-012547.png)


File: 1679267020558.jpg (20.11 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpg)

>i posted it again lol

File: 1678409483947.png (238.95 KB, 512x768, public (1).png)


Newest AI honeypot is out
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You crop out the mangled shit, retard. Make it look passable.


Stacy oops! Misspelled CHANSEY!


>Make it look passable.


You crop out the mangled ai shit that isn't passable.


Requesting pics of Chansey

File: 1679039883831.jpg (97.47 KB, 1080x526, Screenshot_2023-03-17-18-5….jpg)


>the most popular dog breed in America is one where half the animals are slowly suffocating to death
Why are Americans like this?
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Nah this is bull. Dogs have always been living with people, even in golden ages. In fact I would say bigger part of modern problems comes from faithlessness and disloyalty. If ppl were truly doggie this wud be heaven on earth. Dogs are implicitly natsoc


Oh nvm I misread, u were talking about the de-evolution of dogs coinciding w/ human one, but I thought this was some pro-cat anti dog thing


Dogs lived around people historically in the same capacity that rats do. As vermin.


U aren't white, don't refer to your ancestors as people pls



File: 1665683748717.mp4 (681.32 KB, 270x480, me farting.mp4)


hey boys, vag00 here, please rate my video! I worked really hard on it :)
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it smells like...? go on


Ur mom


File: 1678917932156.png (776.43 KB, 672x882, snort.png)

i highly doubt that!


U be surprise



File: 1668394342376.jpeg (68.66 KB, 415x415, 42D0F054-80B9-4898-95B1-9….jpeg)


>I’m fighting for no free healthcare at home
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File: 1678879911399.jpeg (10.94 KB, 194x260, images.jpeg)

>"im fighting so you can call people retard in the street"


File: 1678880264257.jpg (161.53 KB, 1400x1051, 488f82_1_pavlo-kazarin_mai….jpg)

>"im fighting for my right to party"


If you play to this narrative, you're falling for a psyop perpetuated by [redacted]s. Soldiers in WWII/etc would not have known the world would become the state it is today (that's anachronistic) and they certainly would not have eventually become culturally Marxist. That was a post WWII invention. The people pushing this narrative that want us to eventually become a shithole want to demoralise you with it though; that grandpa was always woke just less woke and we should always be marching, ever marching towards a lolcow esque Great Leap Forward where you will be [redacted] and you will own nothing and be a debt slave forever, and you will be happy about it.


I hate niggers.


I farted and it smells of shit

File: 1678757251510-0.webp (22.64 KB, 584x389, man who destroyed his bod….webp)

File: 1678757251510-1.png (1.41 MB, 961x600, Screenshot_1.png)


>Lets take a group of 70iq indigenous people who live in the freezing cold and ice shacks and eat a high calorie, almost-all meat diet, get sunburnt all the time and extrapolate from them what your lifespan would be like on an all-meat diet
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File: 1678909725625.jpg (117.9 KB, 858x1000, 61AfcMkHzML._AC_UF894,1000….jpg)

DD is the best!


He was great in Matilda but it always bothered me how they also had him do the narrator's voice. Really weird decision.


File: 1678913954203.jpg (50.69 KB, 500x400, s-l500.jpg)

It was especially weird because the character DD played in that movie was as an evil, mean, dumb, abusive, neglectful, dead-beat dad to matilda...





Before society collapses, somebody needs to use AI to replace the voice. Literally, aside from that one thing, Matilda is a fantastic movie.


File: 1678919349172.jpg (80.44 KB, 640x796, 424.jpg)

I just don't understand the writers thinking in all of that.

I am a huge DD fan but...

why would they do that?

File: 1646655520111.jpg (437 KB, 877x1922, Screenshot_20220302-085243….jpg)


I want a soft wet pussy to envelop my cock until I'm just a squirmchad with an amazing sense of self respect
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Too bad you will never get that because you are a skitzo weed and porn addicted loser.




File: 1678880084289.png (380.33 KB, 701x891, Screenshot_20230315_113424….png)

What is it to you what I do with my life?


>another cute girl ruined by awful tattoos

File: 1653049228234.jpeg (6.18 KB, 300x168, images (1).jpeg)

 No.10675[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

recent cops
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Moght col a laptop


Copped converse all star hi whites other day


File: 1678879612408.jpg (302.3 KB, 1524x2200, 24777e0ccc94461bb2012499a1….jpg)

Pic not me


File: 1678879685918.jpg (2.2 MB, 2560x1440, 1645144806478.jpg)

Going to use them in place of the plimsolls i used to wear, they stopped making them in the style seen here, going to try these joints and see what the look like run through


>these joints
Meant the converse

File: 1678607576483.jpeg (756.27 KB, 2455x3000, C6C44B43-BB01-4B05-8975-6….jpeg)


I’ve known for a long time le chans were not good for my development but I stayed because of their addictive nature + FOMO

Now, with renewed interest and hope in sorting myself out and becoming the man, husband, and father that I am called to be, associating myself with a bunch of depressed skitzos (no offense) doesn’t seem like the best idea. The fr*cked up shit we read and post here in a joking and casual manner really messes with your head and your heart and desensitizes us to a lot of evil. The internet in general has robbed me of my innocence. For the sake of my own personal growth I cannot take part in any of this anymore. I’m sorry to all that I have made fun of or said mean things to. I’ve been a real jerk to all of you and you all deserve better.

I truly wish you all the best and hope that you would find the true joy that comes from knowing God. No matter your current life circumstance or the mistakes you’ve made in the past the redemptive power of Christ to transform you into an unstoppable force of good is limitless.

>inb4 see you next week attentionfag

You won’t actually I think I’ll come back to check this thread once on the offchance someone wants to have a conversation that I could be helpful to

>inb4 cringe gay christcuck

Jesus loves you anon. Aren’t you tired?
> Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
>Matthew 11:28-29
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File: 1678861185097.png (316.02 KB, 929x467, Screenshot_20230315-011845.png)

There's no proof dwarf posts here and banning trolls does nothing.

>being toxic to most people here

Give an example, schizo.


Uh. When did you decide that your scapegoat and boogeyman is harmless?

>Btw pic related is samefaging cuz you apparently don't know what that means.


File: 1678861314593.png (407.07 KB, 1440x550, Screenshot_20230315-012126.png)



File: 1678861606768.jpg (20.5 KB, 500x500, artworks-000189483721-dr18….jpg)

Getting asked by autistic fucktards what my persona is and having no clue what the fuck their talking about.

Thanks for fucking with my heads you autistic scum.

No I don't have autism, personas, I'm not being mysterious and FUCK YOU!


i can see through your act, wont work on me, try baiting someone else more gullible like NELvid


File: 1678862687434.jpg (122.59 KB, 503x1032, dfe.jpg)

Act? What the fuck are you talking about?
Guantanamo Bay style..

Broken record

Keep telling a person that they're autistic when they repeatedly tell you NO

...they snap and start sobbing about how they're autistic because you won't stop

File: 1678461766050-0.jpg (54.12 KB, 350x447, 1ef.jpg)

File: 1678461766050-1.jpg (51.04 KB, 625x400, 5rh125.jpg)

File: 1678461766050-2.jpg (36.2 KB, 620x522, d5e.jpg)

File: 1678461766050-3.jpg (110.45 KB, 680x627, 5rghkf.jpg)


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People who fall for soyence scams and invest in tech are absolute retards and I've been telling this truth for years.
>What do you mean 99.999% of tech start-ups are a mony-sink that produces absolutely nothing of value? I BET YOU ALSO DOUBTED THE WRIGHT BROTHERS!


stock market is a zero-sum game like the lottery, so it's about winners and losers, not "retards"


>not "retards"
Those would be the losers who bought a bunch of tech stock, because someone told them it would be the 'next big thing', and they didn't want to miss out on what was sure to be the next Apple, for real this time!




File: 1678848155772.jpg (41.55 KB, 960x640, bade4c087e.jpg)

Google over-hired talent to do ‘fake work’ and stop them working for rivals, claims former PayPal boss, Keith Rabois


The thousands of layoffs in Big Tech are thanks to an over-hiring spree to satisfy the "vanity" of bosses at the likes of Meta and Alphabet, according to a member of the so-called PayPal Mafia.

Speaking remotely at an event hosted by banking firm Evercore, Silicon Valley VC Keith Rabois said Meta and Google had hired thousands of people to do "fake work" to hit hiring metrics out of "vanity".

Rabois, who was an executive at PayPal in the early 2000s alongside Tesla CEO Elon Musk, said the axing of droves of jobs is overdue. "All these people were extraneous, this has been true for a long time, the vanity metric of hiring employees was this false god in some ways," Rabois said, according to Insider.

"There's nothing for these people to do —it's all fake work. Now that's being exposed, what do these people actually do, they go to meetings."

The DoorDash investor added Google had intentionally hired engineers and tech talent to stop them from being snapped up by competitors.

The downside, Rabois said, was that the new hires just had to "be entitled, sit at their desks, and do nothing." Rabois suggested that this was not a bad strategy, even going as far as to say that hiring skilled workers to keep them out of competitor's offices is "pretty coherent".

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