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File: 1671939420472.png (1.4 MB, 1024x1024, VRParadise_202112503824245.png)


hey i missed 4chon especially the tinychat. heres a pic i took at a VR stripclub
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I used to hang in the tinychat a lot!
best friends I ever had


I'm happy 4 u m8 that you had a good experience!

File: 1651486471429.png (13.76 KB, 552x555, 5B9AAB79-5806-444C-AAA5-71….png)


Hello fartychesticles here

I really like like listening to nazi bunk music all day while group chatting about raping yentas.

Its hilarious that my antiwhite enemies flthink im serious about raping jewish women just because i am a literal nazi. Those idiots fell for it lol.

I listened to yenta rape jokes for 5 hours straight on the secret bowel patrol episodes. ITS A JOKE, im not really a rapist heh.
Who the fuck would ranna fuck ugly jewesses anyway.

Im going to look at asian porn now.

T. fartychest
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Seething gayreek


Seething Foh-Ky


bro you had so much talent why did you give up on let's plays?


avid killed himself a month ago


trips of truth!

File: 1663246698662.jpg (56.55 KB, 640x686, 1663085479128840.jpg)


How did the first human baby survive in the wild
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by sucking monkey tits







he sucked his monkey mommy's titties for nourishment and when he grew up he creampied lots of monkey pussies to make more humans

nature is amazing

File: 1672029407190.jpg (592.84 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-12-26-15-3….jpg)


>play 'Living on a Prayer' once on Spotify
>Press next
>Whole radio looks like Gold 104 great classic hits, Spotify shuts down, get penis strength of HDV and high blood pressure, wife divorces me, cops called, property negatively gears
Woah, this algorithm is real good
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File: 1672110575278.gif (1.85 MB, 498x373, paris-hilton-thats-hot.gif)





God dang it Phantasm where's the heckin' video?!


present breats

File: 1663725339492.png (77.17 KB, 268x169, dsdasasdasd.png)


boatchan is a save haven for all of the cool peeps
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it has a board dedicated to a stupid nigger


so does 4chon





nice s


Remember when they said that it was backwards and uneducated to teach abstinence only in schools? Remember when they cried slippery slope fallacy at you for wanting standards about sex ed in schools?
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File: 1663780764296-0.webp (70.47 KB, 654x800, 1663776549237395.webp)

File: 1663780764296-1.jpg (88.65 KB, 768x900, tim-tool.jpg)


You tell -em, Tim.


File: 1663809998740.jpg (57.23 KB, 1024x558, 1663809594076545m.jpg)


File: 1663815528868.jpg (164.38 KB, 2048x1152, 1663814898999230.jpg)




I forgot this board and people on it existed. Like completely forgot. Today someone mentioned wizchan and I decided to check it, and then I remembered 8kun exists so I decided to check it, and then I remember this place exists and so I'm here. I think I last looked at / posted on this board like 5 years ago? I don't know. I tried reading one thread on here called "It's Over" and I liked the idea of mass eugenics and was going to participate in the discussion there by suggesting it won't really work out that great because it's not being applied where it should be (on non-white populations). Saw a couple of posters in there whose names and existence I totally forgot and I... felt the following:

• Disturbed
• Unsettled
• Weary
• Surprised
• Disappointed

I am surprised that you people have not grown as individuals at all since I last left this place. I can tell you've been going in circles for years now like you like in a time capsule and just throwing hate at each other forever. I can see also that there is some sort of mistaken idea that I still post here, at least, I think some of the weird nicknames you were using here might have been referencing me but I'm not sure.

I feel weary about this place. I get this kind of feeling I felt today when I saw a fish stuck to an intake pipe. I helped it get free and it was still alive but it was blinded in one eye and one side of it damaged a lot. It's probably dead by now. I got the fish free and told it to live, I haven't checked on it yet, but I don't have much hopes for it and I can't get too invested in trying to give the silly little fish lifeforce to regenerate... its life really doesn't mean much. What I should have done is just taken it out of the water and put it out of its misery. Well, when I check up on it next, it'll probably be dead. Even its misery isn't really that big in the scheme of things, though it didn't have to die (?) such a long and drawn out death, when I could have delivered it from its misery sooner. That said animals have a consciousness only of outside things, they do not know that they know, they do not self-reflect.

Well you guys are like that fish. You are on a lower order of consciousness and going in circles. I know the way you can be free, and I could plant that seed in your minds, but are you receptive to such? Are you ready to shed the illusion of personality for the reality of individuality? Even if you are; given the state of mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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>What is the deal with rhythmic breath and it enhancing intentions?
Breath and mind are one. When the breath is still the mind vanishes. When the breath is racing, so is the mind. The Shiva Sutras states "when the breath is even, one beholds all things with equal vision"

>What is the most success you've had in the occult so far?

"Sadhana is fulfilled by secrecy". The energy of sadhana needs to be hermetically sealed by silence

>What can I do to ensure higher consistency and a sustainable energy level for the use of psychic abilities?

First four stages of the Yoga Sutras have granted me the best results in this field. Yama, niyama, asana, pranayama


Try not to waste your time+energy= LOOSH(his legit definition) on the cringewiz.


File: 1672199764458.png (121.42 KB, 251x255, 1573643850909.png)

you don't sound okay


File: 1672201838008.jpg (296.25 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg)

Everyday I pray he ropes.


...or gets violently murdered, hit by a truck... Ya know..

I'm a big dreamer...

What can I say?

File: 1672010005268.jpg (90.32 KB, 634x800, ganeshblk4-634x800.jpg)


>be me
>Brenton Tarrant happens
>CSIS investigates me
>8chan gets killed off
>start losing my mind because no more 8chan
>start shitposting IRL with stickers and posters
>get entwined with activist bitch "free spirit open soul" that does rap songs about freedom of speech and protecting the environment and such who manipulated me
>first kisses with her in the rain on a day when there is simultaneous sun and rain out near some gardens near columbia lake
>one day she gets naked and starts kissing me again and then convinces me to 69
>am disgusted with myself, never wanted to do that, but did it anyways to please her and because she is a blond and I hope to impregnate her and have aryan children
>find out over time she did meth, weed, alcohol, etc. and is a serial killer who has killed multiple people including killing someone outside of ray of hope with a rock while drunk on vodka
>find out she is partially Native American, a MUTT
>she kept pushing me to do more and more stupid activist stuff and not practice any OpSec at all, doing it in front of cameras, etc.
>get banned with her from the market near end of August, cry a bunch, never returned home
>she doesn't want to take me in so I get a tent and sleep in Waterloo Park and sometimes I sleep at random other peoples houses
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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You have no proof. This is a ded anonymous imagebort. Get over yourself.


deva shrii ganesha deva shrii ganesha


File: 1672167951573.jpg (129.76 KB, 600x400, i-do-not-think-it-means-wh….jpg)


What is another word for anonymously?




not known

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File: 1672168012968.jpg (76.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)



File: 1672171887383.png (21.7 KB, 366x72, 167217129334488481 (1).png)

File: 1672002548197.jpg (86.24 KB, 768x484, Plan C.jpg)


Can someone give me the backstory on what the butthurt bitch has been doing the last couple of years that I've been gone?

I don't want to talk to her directly as if she were a human it's better I talk to her handlers here to get an explanation.

Has she always been this salty every single day I've been gone or has the salt only started flowing because I just showed up?
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He didn't teach her anything...not even how to ban evade.

t. Insider knowledge source


It could have been anyone.

This is an anonymous image bort!

...but cringewiz believes he has magick computer powerz..amongst other things!


File: 1672098930871.jpg (144.25 KB, 399x1251, Archive81~2.jpg)

>Early 2000s

.... it's almost like she's trapped with the other millennials in some sort of-I WON'T WRECK OR SPOILER THE SHOW!

.. Archive81


10/10 I recommend it!

You're welcome, in advance!


File: 1672099372601.png (458.22 KB, 1160x593, Screenshot_20221226-180158.png)

She talks like a bot because she's holy3.



...oh and that whole social anxiety thing and whatnot.

File: 1671907456376.png (46.16 KB, 424x240, 167190736396741132.png)


Uh. Oh. Okay.
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File: 1672089628574.jpeg (77.97 KB, 720x558, 31D22136-5BE9-47EE-B6A4-6….jpeg)

Uh. Oh. Okay.


File: 1672093440967.jpg (31.87 KB, 325x355, Kek_Statue.jpg)

i thought that was a group of Kek statues facing away from the camera in the thumbnail


That's one happy doggo! I wish+hope that we all face the world with such happy doggo perseverance! That doggo is an inspiration & legend!


Thaz right white wome-WHAIT H'WHAT?!


File: 1672097916059.png (162.32 KB, 400x549, 167209787250471093.png)


File: 1672074853447.jpg (203.59 KB, 640x335, 1672015290944525.jpg)


Hi guys contact me @

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File: 1672082358356.png (30.25 KB, 408x607, 167208229418575741.png)








File: 1672082894236.png (92.15 KB, 404x745, 167208282930470289.png)



File: 1671933273499.jpeg (222.82 KB, 1044x803, 9AB80E16-6BE3-4788-861A-D….jpeg)


To mods: Please don't use the delete all function without really good reason heh
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and again it's literally every imageboard, not just u, read >>35652


I don't think I'm special and I don't care that he posts elsewhere, I just want to put hands on this retard. Can you really blame me? I'll take your word for it though. One reason I'm getting frustrated is because I have people DMing me telling me they are becoming more and more pensive about using the site in general because of this freak, which I'm sure is at least a tertiary goal of this stuff being posted to begin with.


Ok but please stop spamming. You can post the same thing across multiple threads as long as you don't repeat it over and over again, aight?


i cant add the report karma system any time soon (which would autospoiler & autolock threads from posters w/ no posting history after receiving reports from ppl w/ certain conditions) cuz i hav to figure out michael's spaghetti code, read the last line in >>35853

take a quick look this ban code in vichan from mid 2013
if you scroll down you can see a "ban" function and "unban" function defined. just two functions neatly laid out, and it's all in one file "ban.php". great. pretty simple, right? takes maybe 5-10 mins to figure it out and use those two functions anywhere else in the software.

that's the way code SHOULD be written. short and simple, making it easy to understand and maintain. keep a defined task in one file if possible, and it would be even better if you can keep it in one function (without having redundant lines) but ok fine that's usually harder to do so we can let that slide if you at least keep your logic for one task in one file instead of the logic bouncing around in different files. the US navy has an important acronym they stress called KISS that they tell their engineers to follow which stands for "Keep it simple, stupid!" don't try to be fancy, don't try to overengineer.
the unix & bsd folks also have similar sayings
>Make each program do one thing well. To do a new job, build afresh rather than complicate old programs by adding new "features".
>Write programs that do one thing and do it well.
terry fucking davis of templeos agrees with this. you have to watch this short clip because it applies in many other things in life, not just programming:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


forgot to mention what ban code has to do with spoilering and locking... he abstracted his ban code so now it's all just one "mod action" abstraction but it's not really abstracted that well because there's still ban-specific code in these several files that calls that mod action abstraction, and so i have to untangle this web to figure out how to do a spoiler or lock and not a ban and vice versa. he went from a clean procedural style to a really awful disorganized object-oriented style. most (sane) programmers today realize object oriented programming was a mistake.

File: 1671931341722.gif (597.62 KB, 300x300, D0564014-B079-435F-802B-24….gif)



How are you celebrating this year? What’s for dinner tonight? What’s for breakfast tomorrow?
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No I just decided to have breaded fish. I'll have the usual stuffed bird tomorrow and celebrate.


I want to fuck the one on the left I hope she's secretly a boy and will flop out her huge willie.


File: 1671949398258.png (949.78 KB, 1440x966, Screenshot_20221223-163644.png)

Y-you too!


File: 1671975242412.gif (745.7 KB, 254x254, E59D4AFF-5FDD-4F57-82FC-71….gif)

Merry Christmas bros! What do you have under the tree?


File: 1666548429276.png (44.61 KB, 768x512, TalibaNazi.png)


"The Mohammedan religion would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?"
- Adolf Hitler

>According to Speer, Hitler wished that the Umayyad Caliphate had won the Battle of Tours against the Franks in 732. This particular battle is credited with stopping the influx of Islam further into Europe and saving Christianity in Europe.

"Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers — already, you see, the world had fallen into the hands of the Jews, so gutless a thing was Christianity! — then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies heroism and which opens the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so."
- Adolf Hitler

>According to Speer, Hitler was convinced that had Islam taken root in central Europe at this time, the Germanic people would have become the “heirs of that religion” with Islam being “perfectly suited to the Germanic temperament”. Hitler said that while the Arabs, on account of their “racial inferiority”, would have been unable to handle the harsh climate and conditions of the region, and that instead the Islamized Germans would have “stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire”. A “religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith”.

>As per the book “Islam and Nazi Germany’s War” written by David Motadel, Muslims fought for both the Allies and the Axis in World War II. However, only the Nazis and the Islamists had a “spiritual romance” sharing mutual hatred of the Jews, the Bolsheviks, and liberal democracy.
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File: 1670389268711.jpg (24.35 KB, 250x250, 1668472663344923.jpg)

>Women's lives under the Taliban has hit rock bottom

And here's why that's a good thing


Do not slide


File: 1671214839673.webm (2.86 MB, 320x240, yemeni explaining why wom….webm)



File: 1671826507091.jpg (57.89 KB, 640x352, a3gJu6v.jpg)

One thing that does not change across any culture: women are total whores and their only mission is to guzzle cock like a cock-guzzling machine.

>Apparently, there are “men” supporting these vaginal terrorists.

>I do not understand this at all. In Taliban’s Afghanistan, you can get married when you have money.

>In such a system, what would be the purpose of supporting women?



File: 1671921162613.jpg (31.65 KB, 650x360, Screen-Shot-2022-12-24-at-….jpg)

UN Wants to Ruin Afghanistan Because They Won’t Let Sluts Go Buckwild All Over the Place

>The United Nations’ special envoy for global education has called on Islamic countries to condemn a move by the Taliban banning female students from universities, the latest in a series of restrictions imposed on women in Afghanistan.

>“This is one of the saddest days for those who are concerned with women and girls’ rights,” Gordon Brown said about the decision this week by the Taliban-led Ministry of Higher Education.

>In the short run, the decision could lead women who have gotten used to being “independent thinkers” would either try to leave the country or submit to these rules, he said.

>“The way we can deal with this is for all our leaders in Muslim countries to protest and to say Islam does not require this,” he said.

Seriously, think about it: who are these people to go around the world and tell sovereign countries that they are required to implement a very specific and very modern moral order? The Taliban is not threatening the West, or telling them they have to start putting sluts in check or they will destroy them.

We all know the “I can save her” meme, mocking the ridiculousness of men who think they can turn a whore into a good girl.


File: 1671807282336.jpeg (13.85 KB, 192x263, images.jpeg)


Merry Christmas 4chon




File: 1671817965296.jpeg (292.1 KB, 544x521, .trashed-1674184736-16714….jpeg)

People like to pretend NEW YEAR NEW ME but it never lasts. Just accept it for what IT IS! They just party hard and on the first couple days into the new year their like I AM DIFFERENT NOW AND EVERYTHING HAS CCHHHAAANNNGGGEEDDD! Bruh, just let it go. Leave them alone to enjoy their vacation.




So you have OCD or Austim thats all, not a big deal tbh


File: 1671916160813.jpg (125.1 KB, 466x700, 100f50015fdcd0e694d8ae1072….jpg)

Merry Christmas.

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