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Heh I lost


foKy leave and NEL


foKy detected


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*slap slap*

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Does 4chon support Ukraine?
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that's Tajus.. a boy.


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Why are they like this?


File: 1664993785329.webm (2.84 MB, 720x1280, gaykraine.webm)


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File: 1664997383101-0.mp4 (12.65 MB, 576x1280, 9837371972.mp4)

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gore thread/dump


Nah [-]




Imagine being these nibbas smdh

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RESOURCE 》》》 https://newsmap.ijmacd.com/



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Holohoax-tier. Is Russia masturbating Ukranians to death too?



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>Ingraham: “Pot use, especially among teens, can trigger psychosis and increase the chance that the young person will develop behaviors”

>Association of Combined Patterns of Tobacco and Cannabis Use in Adolescence With Psychotic Experiences
>In this study, our findings indicate that while individuals who use cannabis or cigarettes during adolescence have an increased risk of subsequent psychotic experiences, epidemiological evidence is substantively more robust for cannabis use than it is for tobacco use.

Why do stoners act as if marijuana is a harmless plant that doesn't alter your thinking and behaviour? Look at all of the violent crime in nigger neighbourhoods. The vast majority of them smoke weed and they shoot each other like it is a national sport.
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she looks like my neighbour


like not my neighbour some l-lady down who-who lives down f-from me


Lives down the street from you? So a neighbor?


a neighbour is someone who lives next door retard


While the word neighbor might literally mean someone who lives next door, it also applies to someone who lives close by- like on the same street, or in the same neighborhood. You must have autism.

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Post webms.
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very lolcowish reaction


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Rare footage of white woman being baste


someone add the doom sfx

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OOGA BOOGA, go back to Africa.
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I know right


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I wonder how many times a day Jews have to tell themselves that antisemitism is irrational and not a consequence of their actions.


Most of them know it's perfectly rational; that bullshit is a lie they tell us.


File: 1664656054286.png (20.38 KB, 357x483, 1567184398166.png)

Oy vey, goy. We only want what's best for you! We mean you no harm.


I wonder why they never have documentaries about Jewish slave ships on Fox or other networks.

File: 1664925114049.png (2.61 MB, 1032x1280, 1640124843872.png)


Coming soon to the west: Power Grid Collapse In Bangladesh Leaves 140 Million People (basically the entire country) In The Dark
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Holy shit nvm was liking the idea of the jackery one, got to the end of the video and he said its 16 hundo? Gtfo of here



Got mine on sale for about 300 dollars. Only 500wh though. I use it for power outages and camping in my car, which happens fairly often. Useless for things like a full size fridge or AC, but stuff like a fan, laptop, or phone will last basically forever. Not good for heating either, as it takes a lot of energy. Gas generators are just way cheaper for the power you get unfortunately.



Can you fuck off with this spam nigger

File: 1664878141964.jpg (153.67 KB, 1280x1117, 1280px-Gavrilo_Princip,_ce….jpg)


Honestly, I've been reading about the causes of World War I and all the historians coping and seething by trying to say that it happened for complex reasons but I really can't find any; the whole thing was started by Austria coping because of an even dumber student, because they couldn't hack that not everyone wanted to be ruled by them and their rule was beginning to wane over Europe.

What an absolutely retarded reason to kill 17 million people.
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Germ-men did it because they have an insatiable need to destroy white (anglo-saxon) civilization and plunge the world into darkness. Thankfully the forces of good keep beating back the germ tide.


File: 1664924813570.png (1.02 MB, 1044x753, 9c52ce76bd14bf2a45fcef9691….png)



File: 1664934497475.pdf (281.96 KB, full the protocols of the ….pdf)

If you only look for causes and explantations on a surface level you wont find much and you will be easily mislead.The main event and reason of the war was the violent uprising of the third estate, to crush the last remainders of monarchy aristocracy and order around the world, you might be familiar with terms such as "the war to end all wars" or the crusade of democracy and so on. And if you look at the effects you can clearly see the traces of the hidden forces at work, even more so their devastating results, the hellhole we live in today. Given, WW2 was a last upheaval or more of a immune reaction of the all to quick rise of the fourth estate, but ultimately that too failed.
Also >muh x million people... I dont want to sound insensitive, but there have never been so many people on here and there where never supposed to be that many, arguing in quantity like that is confusing at best, rather one should look at the damage in quality, the drop in level, which even led to far more lives lost.


>The main event and reason of the war was the violent uprising of the third estate, to crush the last remainders of monarchy aristocracy and order around the world
I do think you have a point though I do think it's what would termed a serendipitous conspiracy that could have definitely been avoided; it's really interesting how understated the role of fledgling Marxism/Communism was in starting WWI; many members of the Black Hand organisation and the like (including the naive Princip and his friends) already had Communist sympathies, even in in 1914, 3 years before the Russian Revolution. Couple that with the power vacuum of the Ottoman Empire and the 'powder keg of Europe'.


File: 1664855391388.webm (3.89 MB, 500x438, Akina Nakamori - Kaze Wa ….webm)


vaporwave, retrowave, 80s/90s pop, classic j-pop, k-pop, canto-pop, chillwave, classic hip-hop, chillhop, lo-fi, eurodance, vgm, anime ost/bgm, tracker and demoscene music thread

plz include artist name & song title or no one will click your embed. spam gets deleted
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Bye [-]


>most recent thread was wiped randomly by a bug with no archive

Audio is whatever but the animation is bretty gud. Was that an OVA or series?


nvm i see what happened, the janitor accidentally deleted all posts from one of my older IP's i used several months back and the thread got caught in the crossfire lol. i don't blame him for this, it was dumb of me not to at least archive the thread monthly with archive.org which i will try remember to do so from here on. i should have most of the youtube videos in my firefox history anyway, will repost the best ones that i don't get bored of too quickly, i got bored of probably most of them anyway, i tend to get bored very quickly listening to the same song after a few times


>the janitor accidentally deleted all posts from one of my older IP's i used several months back

Le frick? xD


File: 1664129238447.jpeg (59.7 KB, 1200x641, 1664129009243160.jpeg)


>italy may elect first far right leader since 1940's

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being born to parents who never wanted u or being with foster parents must suck as well


I'm going to rape you


File: 1664143918681.webp (43 KB, 807x690, israel first.webp)



File: 1664932654493.png (924.68 KB, 510x736, 234324.PNG)


File: 1664570099404.jpg (59.67 KB, 450x450, 1583872922570.jpg)


Jewmp again warns of WW3 (he did that just the other day)
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>Globohomo art style
Protip: I'm not watching the video and he's wrong.


File: 1664769613743.jpg (206.31 KB, 798x743, 20210813_105916.jpg)

>america in general


File: 1664924543742.jpg (87.82 KB, 700x875, 0a067d70e47bd106c9407a36b8….jpg)

"(...) There is direct radar evidence that US military helicopters that are normally based in Gdansk were circling over this area"


File: 1664932451404.png (365.35 KB, 564x300, hehe meme.PNG)


File: 1664931630022.jpg (201.99 KB, 770x658, 645.jpg)


First-hand testimony of the brutal and inhuman brainwashing techniques of Bolshevism in soviet-occupied Romania

People, specifically the best and brightest in romanian society, were beaten until they ate their own feces, were forced to lie about their parents and faith, were sexually humiliated, raped, crushed under fellow prisoners

To destroy a man’s soul in order to recreate him, the destroyers would try to crush everything that the victim found sacred.



File: 1664931864712.jpg (38.95 KB, 640x446, 1984_3016Pyxurz-e143835958….jpg)

>The idea behind “unmasking” was to completely destroy whatever morality of the soul was left. After a student’s most preciously held beliefs had been thoroughly mocked and trampled, then the Communists felt that the student could be a trustworthy person (...)
>The horror of this process produced such a scar on their psyche that they would perform anything asked of them in order to avoid undergoing a second unmasking. Nevertheless, some unfortunate students were forced to go through a second unmasking. Every student ­— with exception of those who managed to commit suicide — would become the re-educators in this experiment. The fear of going through the experiment again was too great to not turn every patriotic Christian student into a monster. For once a student was finally re-educated, he became a re-educator.
>The experiment to remold any man into a Communist only succeeded in showing that anyone can be broken down to behave like a monster. As noted by gulag survivor Alexander Solzhenitsyn, it was “the most terrible act of barbarism in the contemporary world.”


File: 1655951118302.png (300.15 KB, 575x589, Herschel Krustofski.png)


I'll be moving out of my parents' house soon to a very nearby apartment (as long as there's vacancies-I've got an inside man working on that rn). I just can't close out my 30s getting scolded for "leaving the fridge open too long" and shit like that every day. I love my parents but their constant fighting and bitching at eachother in particular has undoubtedly had a profoundly negative affect on me that I'll never recover from, I still want to be somewhat nearby because of the dog and to help out around the house on occasion. In many ways it's already over, I'm a sub-8 male in [current year + 7], childless, sexually impotent incel, living in my own filth and sleeping on my parents' couch for the past three years. Maybe it's more pragmatic to just give up at this point but I don't know.

I feel like maybe there's hope for the future if I just start living for myself without (as much) concern for others, for once.
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File: 1664558652804.jpg (164.83 KB, 765x512, 1664558452405741.jpg)


who is this friendly looking man?


File: 1664930983577.jpg (124.33 KB, 1280x853, Jeelvy-120721.jpg)

>(...) Man is a creature whose total maturation period is the longest among animals. I’ve seen research which seems to indicate that the male prefrontal cortex isn’t fully formed until age 30, although a very religious scientist recently told me that the age of full maturation is probably 33, which is why by tradition that was Jesus Christ’s age at the time of the crucifixion.
>Much of human developmental biology is handled by the surrounding society; social epistasis, as the HBD crowd would call it. >Growing up and maturing in a malformed, sick society is in this sense analogous to being carried to term by a crack-addicted mother.
>The great mind, when undeveloped by the surrounding society, is nothing but an impediment (...)
>(...) My parents, who provided minimal and grudging assistance to help establish my own path in life, received every possible manner of assistance from their own parents (...)


File: 1664931235669.jpg (44.11 KB, 644x362, 128023574-95e8.jpg)

Man who’s never been on date buys billboard advert to find girlfriend



Hey goes by the name of avid on some corners of the web. He will also suck your peen with the force of a dyson if you let him. Be very careful.

File: 1663876916015.jpeg (87.62 KB, 688x490, adem202200211-fig-0002-m.jpeg)


Germanic Scientists develop 3D printed glasses with the potential to cure color blindness



Wasp-inspired drones can 3D print a building



File: 1664344843577.webp (33.22 KB, 1200x675, CguKfMk2l24jtTBhnXAqM6aNn….webp)

For the first time, stainless steel can be 3D-printed while maintaining its characteristics



File: 1664926744856.png (257.89 KB, 500x272, 2022-10-03_15-46-53.png)

Man 3D-Prints Guns For New York Gun Buyback Event, Makes A Whopping $21,000 (massive ROI!)

Inb4 the kikes get wise to it and shut dem programs down/exclude 3d-printed guns from (((buybacks)))

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